Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!!! I hope everyone enjoys their time with family and friends! Will be going to CVS probably tomorrow and will post my deals but until then have a safe and very happy holiday!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

CVS 12/21

Wow what a day!!! Ok, so they were out of about half of it all but hey, I got rain checks and with the new comp system I can still use my coupons so it is all good!!!!

1 Listerine (2.99)
1 Crest Pro health (2.99)
1 Right Guard Prof Strength(6.00)
2 Loreal (7.99- will explain in a min)
2 Planters Peanuts (2/$5)
1 EAS Bar (1.69)
1 Halls Maturals (2.59)
1 Excedrin (3.99)
1 Zip Fizz (5.99)
1 Sally Hansen nail (5.99)

-1 Listerine CVS
-1 Crest
-1 Planters CVS
-.50 Halls
1.49 ECB
Total: 2.97 OOP
Ok so then I recieved:
2ECB crest, 2.99 ECB listerine, 1.69ECB EAS, 2.59ECB Halls, 6ECB Right Guard, 3.99ECB Excedrin, 5.99 Zip Fizz, and 5.99 Sally Hansen. I noticed no ECB on the Loreal- turns out I got the wrong ones so I went to exchange but they were out so the cashier put the $17 and change back on my atm card. So - the 3 for OOP makes the grand total a little over -14!!!!! Woohoo!

Trans 2-4 at the other store(not my fav store but they had a few things in stock. They made me do sep trans on the things I had CVS coupons for which made no sense but it still ended up the same just more work for them.

2 Loreal Eye Shadow (6.99ea)
1 Sally Hansen (5.99)

$5 off a $15 purchase (from my trans 1 reciept!!!)
2.98 ECB

Total:0 OOP! and recieved 5.99 ECB and 13.98 ECB

Trans 3
1 JandJ First aid to go(.99)

-1(adjusted to .99)

Total:0 OOP

1 Listerine (2.99)

-1 CVS

Total 0 OOP and recieved 2.99 ECB

Grand Total: 43.24 ECBs in my possesion now, 14 plus in my bank, 46.74 ECBs used, so really still a gain of around $10! Sounds good to me!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wags Free 8x10

Go here and enter the code FREEGIFT and you can get a free 8x10!!! You have to do this by 12/20 though.

Finding the right Candy

Did you ever find the candy that was just what you were looking for??? Maybe that sounds silly but we go to Sprouts about once a month or so and they sell bulk nuts, candies, granola, etc. I love going to the candy bins- I think as much as the kids do!!! Anyway, we discovered choco covered malt balls there the last time we went. We got just a few to try them to see if we liked them. Well, let me tell you we did! They are so much more than Whoppers can ever hope for. They have at least triple the chocolate around the malt ball center and talk about yummy- I had no idea I was finding a perfect candy but I did! So today we went back and needless to say I bought a bunch of them!!! They remind me of when I was in jr high(that was long past) and a friend and I went to the mall together to hang out. My friend had a cousin working at the candy kiosk and so we got a little candy. He gave us some double dipped choco malt balls and I remember how good they were but haven't seen them since and really forgot all about them until one bite into my new find at Sprouts. It brought back those carefree days when the most that you had to worry about was did you get all your homework done and does he really like me???? :) LOL Anyway, I found my long lost candy favorite and Sprouts is now my favorite candy store!!!
BTW they have some really good food other than candy there as well- they are a lot like Whole Foods if that gives you an idea of what kind of store they are!

So, what is your perfect candy....or have you found it yet?????
I am attempting to make truffles this Christmas and I will share the recipe as soon as I find it ;)

Wags Turtles

OK so after a few adjustments- cashier was lots of help :) here is what I did:

5 Boxes Turtles


Total: .44 OOP and really it went on a GC so nothing OO my P !!!!

I took 4 boxes of turtles and added a santa coal candy but the third coupon would still not take so I had the cashier take off the coal and add one more Turtle and it took!!! So just make sure your amount (dollar amount that is) with the coupons is equal to the turtle purchase- the 1.50 of has to come off of Turtles so if you just have one coupon buy 2. So, now I have turtles for my mom and hubby and a couple of extra boxes to use as additional pieces in gifts. Maybe a box for myself?????

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


IF you haven't redeemed your Pampers points, now is a great time- they are offering free shipping! I had forgotten I still had some and redeemed mine for a spanish number book (the kids have been learning Spanish this year and an Elmo book about eating healty. Best part of all it ships free and that saves a lot!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

CVS Dec14th

Went to get the 3 Free after ECB items but they did not have all 3 so I had to improvise- and had the kids with me so ended up getting them a snack to take to Nana's house while my hubby and me went to his work party.

1 CVS Cookies (3.49)
1 6pk Water (2.99)
1 Nova Max (9.99)
1 Sleep MD (7.99)
2 RightGaurd Extreme Deod (2.99 ea)
1 J&J First Aid Kits

$5 off $30
-2 water CVS
-1 Cookies CVS
-1 J&J CVS
(2)-.50 Right Guard
10 ECBs
8.99 ECBs
2 ECBs

Total .44 OOP and recieved 9.99 ECBs Nova Max, 7.99 ECBs Sleep MD, and 4 ECBs Right Guard.
Woohoo!!! However I really did want to get the Ear Rinse (my hubby uses it) but I forgot to ask for a raincheck. Oh well, maybe next time!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


3 Planters Peanuts
4 bags Hersheys Bliss
2 Maybeline Lip gloss
2 Christophe leave in conditioner
1 Multi Purpose contact solution
1 J&J First Aid Kit

-1 J&J CVS
(2)-5 Christophe (peelies)
-7.99 BOGO CVS Christophe
-1 Complete Multi Purpose
- 4 Maybeline
-1 Planters CVS
(2)-2.50 on 2 Bliss
13 ECBs
Total: .77 OOP and recieved 5ECB planters, 8.99 ECB Complete, 10 ECB Candy


Ok, did this in 2 transactions:

2 Sure
1 Entertainment book
26 bags of cough drops
2 3pks of scotch tape

Paid around 21 OOP using -1 MQ from Sure (times 2) plus the Wags sure Q and the wags q for -10 on entertainment book and the q making the cough drops .39 each- I recieved one 5RR which I used to buy the next 16 bags of drops (bought 10 the first trans). Will submit for $10 Rebate on Wags cough and 2 rebate on tape so put 9 OOP but was on GC from last month's rebates so I spent nothing OO my P :-)

Monday, December 8, 2008


Well, hubby watched the kiddos tonight so I could go to CVS.

5 bags dk choco kisses (2.00 ea)
2 Bic Soliel (6.99 ea)
2 Planters Nuts (3.00ea)
1 Crest weekly toothpaste (4.49)
1 Powerade (1.59)
5 pk Duracell Batteries (3.00 ea)
2 Maybeline Lip Gloss (5.79 ea)
1 Brut Deod (3.49)
$1 donation to St Jude

$5 off $15 crt
(5)-1 Kisses dark only
-3 Bic
-1 Planters CVS diabetes book
-4.49 Crest Vocal Point
-5.79 Maybeline BOGO CVS
-1 Duracell
(4)-.75 Duracell
(2) -4 Maybeline
-1 Brut
5.98 ECB

Total: .90 OOP and recieved 13 ECB from BIC (raincheck), 2 ECB from Brut, 1.59 ECB from Powerade, and 5ECB from Duracell and also have $10 towards Hershey ECB deal and $6 towards the planters deal. So I did lose a lottle over 7ECBs in the rolling of them however I had so many from Thanksgiving it really did turn out to be a good deal. I did forget one bag of candy, so I will go back tomorrow and see if I can get it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ruby Davis Jonas Johnson

Ruby went home to be with the Lord today. She was a lovely lady and a true blessing to all who knew her. She is now in God's presence, preceeded in death by her mother, father, first husband and two sisters. Left here on Earth, meeting her one day in Heaven, are her children, grandchildren, sisters, husband, nieces and nephews, otherfamily members, and many friends.
We are sad because we are at a loss but we rejoice that she is no longer suffering and has met with her Heavenly Father who she will spend eternity with.

New background

OK, is the newbackground ok??? I know it is a little dark so if I use bright colors can you see it alright? Let me know if you have problems- I want my readers to be happy!!!

Kohls doorbuster deals

Well, Kohl's was having some good doorbuster deals and since Russell Newman in Denton is not having their annual pajama sale, the kids need a couple of pajamas.

Set of 2 Footie Pajamas- Minnie Mouse (11.90)
pair of black slacks (7.60)on clearance- just realized the size on the hanger did not match the pants so I will have to exchange tomorrow
jewelry set kids (4.99)
Gloves (1.75)
2 Gloves (3.20)
chapstick (2.89)set of 6
trouser socks (3.15) for a set of 3
pajama pants- boys(7.49)
purse (9.20 - on clearance from 48!)
cute outfit for the 3 yrs old (10.40- sale from 30)

Total minus an extra 15% off a nice lady in front of me gave me and then a $5 off any trans from the email: 52.94 and 2.93 (2 transactions)


Well, went out for some couponing fun...

3 J&J Travel First Aid Kits (.99 ea)
1 Schick singld razor pack (5.79)
2 Universal remotes (9.99)

-$3 off 2 J&J First Aid
-1 CVS J&J
-4 Schick
(2)-9.99 Remotes (raincheck from Thanksgiving)

Total: .97 OOP and recieved 5ECB from Schick and a coupon for $3 off $15- must be used in 3 days though

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ruby came out of surgery and all went well. She is not out of the woods as far as the surgery goes but they were able to do what they needed. The dr said she has a chance now so we now have to wait and see how she does and if she becomes responsive. Thank you for your prayers today and please keep praying for her and the family.


Okay, I am loving Victoria Secret these days almost as much as CVS. Let me tell what I just got...

I purchased a v neck sweater and recieved a free scarf then I had a cert with $10 off anything and a bday cert for $10 off so I paid only 6.22 for a sweater and scarf from VS.

Wow!!! I am so excited.

Urgent prayer request

My hubby's aunt (Ruby) is about to undergo brain surgery to drain the fluid that she is having aournd the brain- she also between last night and today had a stroke. The dr said there is some brain damage but they are not sure how much. The family has not been able to see her today bc they have been running tests. So, if you could say a quick prayer for her the family would really appreciate it.

Took a Break

Ok, sorry for the few day vacation but things have been a little crazy around our house and I haven't been able to blog.
First of all I want to ask for prayer for my hubby's aunt. She is in the hospital in the ICU and they are not sure what all is wrong. She is not breathing on her own and is on a ventalator. She will be on this for max of 12 days and then they have to decide what to do from there. She was resposive to pain yest. so that was a good sign but otherwise has been unresponsive. She has a major infection in her blood which is attacking the white blood cells and they are not sure where that came from. Also they think she might have had a small stroke. She is septic at this point. They will run some tests today to see if they can figure out what is wrong. Oh, and when they wre putting in the tubes for breathing they accidentally broke her shoulder. Anyway, just prayer that God's will be done. My hubby's mom died less than a couple of months ago and so this is going to be a hard Christmas regardless and the family is really praying that she can pull out of this and have a full recovery. Hopefully we will know more later today. We went to the hospital yest to see her and be with the family. She did not look good- very swollen but our God is greater than anything and if it is His will she can fully recover. I will let you all know as I know.

I did do some shopping- after this weekend I really have taken quite a break. I went to CVS and started the Schick deal- I will go back Fri night to finish and did the energy drink deal. I paid 8.99 ECBs and used (2) 4 off Schick- the single packs were only 5.99 and paid 0 OOP.
Have not been to Wags this week. I am waiting on the recharge of my GC- I did give my hubby the 6RR I had so he could get some Red Bulls on Sun. We took the oldest daughter and her friend to Six Flags and Magic Time Machine on Sunday for her 16th bday. We all had a blast. Captain Jack Sparrow was our waiter and he was truly magnificent!

Well, I hope all is well with all of you and hopefully I will get some more posted tonight...thanks for your patience.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Well, first off I had a very nice Thanksgiving and hope you all did as well.
Today started at midnight with a trip to Grapevine Mills Mall- My hubby and I split up to get things done- he and my daughter headed to Gamestop and my son and I were off to KB toys. My hubby was the second in line and I was the first. KB opened just a little early and I was in and out- stopped by the Disney Store and put things in the car. Off to Gamestop where my husband was in line about 6 deep. He proceeded to tell me a grown woman (the one in front of him- probably in her late 40s early 50s) pushed our 3yr old in the face to get in front of my hubby. I was apalled- You know we weren't after any big ticket items and it never ceases to amaze me how low people will stoop to be first. My husband made a comment to her and just got in line. After that- our daughter was in our arms at all times in the crowd.
Anyway after that it was on to Build aBear where we got 2 Moose and a story book for $24 and then they had given us 5 off any animal so we got $10 off making it around 15 for each of the kids to make a new friend.
After that off to Whataburger for some fod and then on to JCPenney- the kids tookan hour and a half nap in the car with the seats folded down. When they opened we all got our snowglobe (this has always been a trandition on Black Friday and I have one from each year since they started giving them out.
Next stop a quick trip to Walmart and Target to get a few items(some clothes on a great sale, barbie dolls, a new phone for my hubby- his has reached its life expectancy) and a few other small items.
After that dropped my hubby off at work for an hour and we ran by Toys R US- I got 2 of the slow kids at play signs on sale BOGO so I paid 10 for both plus had a -3 coupon so only paid 7 plus tax for the two of them. This is something I had been wanting and since the lines weren't terribly long we went ahead and got them.
Back to get my hubby and then off to the house to sleep. Got up around 4. (the 3 yr old fell aseep at Walmart and never woke up until a little after we did at 4). We had a lot of fun and despite some fairly grumpy people we didn't let it get us sown. The buzz of shopper's and the spirit of the the holidays was in the air and we ate it up! :-)
We have never done the all night thing and I am not sure if we will in the future but it worked out fine this year and we all slept good when we got home!!!

I was going to post pics however due to the nature of the shopping and sneaky little eyes I cannot. We got everything we were after though and did well on our budget of spending so all things worked out. I think we will go to a movie tomorrow.
Hope you all did well on your shopping excursions- feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog- I would love to see how you did!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading. I appreciate you visiting my site. I hope you all have a nice day and get to spend it with those you love and if not I hope your day is still beautiful. We have a lot to be thankful for in this country.
I am thankful for a lot of things: for the relationship we are allowed to have with our Heavenly Father, for my family, for our soldiers fighting for us and for peace, for the many simple blessings God gives us each day, and for being able to wake up each day to many possibilities.
Oh, and let me not forget Couponing!!!! :)

Have a good evening and a great Thanksgiving Day tomorrow (or today- however you look at it). I will not be posting tomorrow as I will be spending time with my family and getting ready for Black Friday. I will be posting on Friday with the great deals I got. If I do hear of some extreme value I might just snag a few minutes on the computer to blog it in otherwise I will see you again on Friday!

God bless!


CVS at night

WOOHOO Great time at CVS. WHo new CVS at midnight was the happening place (certainly not the shoppers just going to get a few neccesities! We let them cut in line. As for me, I arrived at CVS at 11:30 transaction list in hand. I was greeted by two of the nicest CVS workers and I began my trip. Others were before me and many others came after. No Bic Soliel razors and no remotes- I snagged the last ear a little modification and I was set. I did end up giving some of my extra coupons away- hey if someone else can use them to get a great deal I love to share! Got a couple of rainchecks and Taadaa the list is in:

Trans 1

Schick Quatro Razor (7.99)
Colgate Total (2.99)
2 Loreal Juice Lip color (6.99 ea)
1 Philips ear phones (6.99)
1 CG Smoothers Liquid makeup (7.99)
(2)-1 Loreal
-1.50 Colgate
-1 CG
-2 Schick
-5 off a $30 purchase
10 ECB
17.98 ECB
Total: .46 OOP and recieved (3)6.99 ECB, 2.99 ECB, 7.99 ECB, 6ECB
Trans 2
2 Mentos Gum (.99 filler)
2 Aussie shampoo/cond (2.99 ea)
1 Platex (3.99)
1 Johnsons soft lotion (5.69)
1 Colgate(2.99)
1 5hr Enerfy (3.99)
1 Garnier Nutrisse towlettes(5.99)
1 Maybeline foundation(8.99)
1 Sally Hansen (adjusted to free bc was not ringing up right)
2 Gatorade(1.49 ea)
1 CG Smoother powder (5.99)
1 Hershey King size (1.00)
(8) -1 (2) Aussie,Playtex, Johnsons, Garnier, CG, Gatorade, CVS coupon
-1.50 Colgate
-2 off $10
2.99 ECB
-3 Maybeline
-3 Sally
6.99 ECB
7.99 ECB
13.98 ECB
Total: .12 OOP recieved: 5.98ECB, 2.98ECB, 5.99 ECB, 8.99 ECB, 3.99 ECB, 2.99 ECB, 5.69ECB, 5.99 ECB, 3ECBplus still have 6ECB left from 1st trans
Totals: .58 OOP and got 51.60 left in ECBs after all trans. Considering I only brought 27.98 ECBS that makes a profit of 23.62 in ECBs or if you minus the OOP too then a profit of 23.04!!!! Yippee!
I have to say I had a lot of fun chatting with the other shoppers and being out so late, everyone was extremely nice and I am so glad I got to go. If you have not been yet my advice is to go early- things are already starting to run out here. If you have a non 24 hr CVS honestly I would get there at least 30 min if not an hour before they open in the morning. These deals are too good to miss!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It is just hours away are strewn about the floor being shuffled as calculator is pressed rapidly adding and figuring. 27.98 ECBs to start the day off with and now which way earns the most with the least OOP...hmmmmmm...I have a plan- maybe- that is considering all items are in stock, CVS is not overrun with crazy CVS addicts like myself.......that is my worry, I will get there and see coupon book after coupon book and nothing left.....LOL. Yes this sounds crazy but the excitement of it all is so much fun. A plan, a list actually a couple of lists and a copy of the ad from CVS online just in case they don't have anymore. Thanksgiving Day in my house will begin with a CVS run and most likely 3 transactions rolling ECB after ECB. The end result to bedetermined but alas readers you will be the first to know. Heehee so dramatic. Ok, but really I am excited the rush of anticipation of one of the best CVS days is upon us....are you ready???? Check out the ad here. Oh what fun it will be!!!
A lot of the stuff I get tonight will be going overseas to the soldiers- we are doing soldier boxes next week with our homeschool association so I am getting a bunch of stuff together for the boxes.
Anyway, will post more later with pics of the goodies. Good luck to all the CVSers out there!!!

Oh and Happy early Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The countdown begins- 2 days left. Can you tell I am excited????????
Checked my email and guess what is making this deal even sweeter??????? A $5 off $30 purchase! WOW- I am truly excited now.......
Yes I get excited over sales and yes I love the black Friday shopping! It is crowded and there are plenty of rude people- as if the lines will go faster by being rude. But, the thrill and excitement is so worth it. I love shopping on Black Friday.

I just want to remind my readers that Thanksgiving should not end on Thurs night as you go to bed or as you prepare for the start of the midnight sales, but keep Thanksgiving with you always. Carry it into Black Friday. Don't get annoyed by long lines and crazy shoppers they will be there and there is nothing you can do about them.However if your attitude stays one of thankgiving then none of this will truly bother you. I am not saying I do not get annoyed at all but I have found by keeping this in perspective when shopping on the BIGGEST shopping day of the year it becomes a lot of fun and something I truly look forward too. I think even if I had no shopping to do I would still get out and enjoy this magical day!!!

Have fun everyone and remember we are all God's children and if we can show His grace to at least one person a day we are leaving an open door for Him to use. Smile, be cheerful and make sure and stock up on sleep tomorrow! :-)


Trip by the Salvage place:

1 17lb dog food (5.50)
6 Miss Vickies chips single serve (.10 ea)
2 Eagle Poppers single (.10ea)
2 Ritz bits singles (.10)
2 Fruit bars (.10ea)
2 single serve jalapeno kettle chips (.10ea)
2 Sweet Leaf Tea (.25 ea)
3 Plum Nectar (3/$1)
3 3pk apple nectar juice boxes (.85)
2 boxes forks(.79 ea)
1 can dog food (.89)
2 pork rinds (.10 ea)
1 Organic Cheetos- well not cheetos brand (.50)

Total:15.05 OOP

Monday, November 24, 2008


Ran by CVS and exchanged my 2 8.99 ECBs for one 17.98 ECB and 2 bottles of the complete MPS!!!
Getting things reasy fro Thursday- Can't wait!!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


2 $25 GC Amex
1 $50 GC Amex
2 card fees (3.95)
1 card fee (4.95)
2 RightGuard (7.99 ea)
1 Maybeline Mineral Found. (8.99)
1 Complete MPS (8.99)

-2 CVS
-3 Maybeline
-2 Complete
10 ECB
(2) 1 ECB
3.49 ECB

Total : 119.32 OOP and recieved 10 ECB from Amex, (2) 8.99 ECB from Maybeline and Complete. No ECBs printed from right guard so the cashier refunded 15.98 fand then rang up again for 1.98. So at that point my OOP is 105.32 with a total of 27.98 ECB and only spent 20.49 ECB.
The gift card total is $100 and so really only 5.32 OOP minus the ECBS is a profit of 22.67 or if you count the ECBs lost in total is still a profit of 2.17!!!! Can't wait until the Thanksgiving sale!!!!

Wags 11/23


2boxes RS Chocolates (8.99 ea)
2 Sure Deod (1.99 ea)
1 Venus Embrace Razor (9.49)
2 Excedrin Migraine (2/4.49)

(2)-2 RS
(2)-1.50 Sure EScat
(2)-1 Sure MQ
-4 Razor
-10 RS Wags ES
(2)-2 Excedrin

Total: 9.23 OOP and recieved 6 RR from Venus

Friday, November 21, 2008

Video from Santa

Check this site out here to create you child a video from Santa's webcam :-) It is too cute. You have to sign up for the disney family site but can elect if you want emails or not.


Short Trip - not much I wanted and wanted to pay OOP for so:

2 Crest Pro Spin Brush (4.99 ea)
2 BioInfusion Shampoo (2/$20)

(2)-2 Crest
(2)-3 Crest Wags Easy Saver
(2)-5 BioInfusion Wags Easy Saver

10.80 OOP and will submit Shampoo for $10 rebate.


Picked up a few things with the sale:

9 cans Green Giant veggies (3/$1)- did not realize the 6 limit so I put 3 on a second trans
2 Rath Bacon (5/$10)
1 2liter DP

Total: 8.08OOP

CVS Trip 5

Yes another trip....that would be the CVS addiction!!!

3 J&J First Aid Kits(.99 ea)
1 Blade Body Spray(3.49)

-2.97 First Aid ( others were reporting overage but my Q rang up 1.98 so I got another kit so I could use the full well 2.97 amount of coupon)
-2 Blade Beauty Mag Q


Total: .48 OOP and recieved 1ECB

This Week

Spending this week:

CVS: 0, .43, .41, .66, .48

Wags: 10.80


Albertson's:1.24, 9.70 , 8.08

VS: 16.22

So the total thus far is: 63.30 OOP. And have a 10ECB, 5ECB, (2)1ECB, 3.49ECB to carry over to the next week and a $10 rebate. So if I subtract that amount it brings me to $32.81 OOP!
Check out the links to see how much I got this week!!!


This could make for a nice deal:

Use 25% off code GET25 (this code is only good through next Wed)
Use free scarf code CTNSCARF
use -$10 Code ( you have to have a VS card for this one) FA810189
and buy one sweater

so you could get a $20 sweater for $15 plus a scarf and then pay shipping (5.99) and get it all for 10.99 plus tax!

or use the free slipper code and get sleepwear 25% off (it has to be from the flannel collection or the most wanted gifts collection.)
Anyway, just wanted to pass onthe new codes!!! The Official Site of Victoria's Secret

the scarf and slipper codes are on the site- you can look for other codes such as free shipping and other -10 codes at this site: Victoria's Secret Coupon Codes - Find Victoria's Secret Online Coupons & Codes at Dealio

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yes, again! The trucks came in today so I went after the Loreal however they were still out. I asked one of the ladies stocking and she said that they would probably not have them for a couple of weeks- she said they usually do not get more of the sale item until the next few weeks after. So, no Loreal however I was determined to get to use the $10 off $50 I had just recieved from the magic coupon machine so here is what I did.

1 Skin Effects Eye Cream (15.99)
1 Skin Effects Cleanser (6.99)
4 Glade Glass Scents (yes they had more in!!!)(2.50 ea)
1 Glade Refill (2.99)
1 Glade Fan (7.99)
3 Candy bars (.50)(so I could use my ECBS- I had figured out the total wrong)
1 Crest Prohealth (3.49) (they finally got more of these!)
1 Biore Cleanser wash cloths (4.00 on clearance)

$10 off $50
-5 off Skin Effects CVS magic coupon
-4 off $20 Beauty Purchase CVS magic coupon
(4)-1 Glass Scents (from the others I bought)
-7.99 Glade Fan Buy a refill get a warmer
-1 Biore CVS magic coupon
-1 Biore MQ
9.99 ECB (adjusted to 9.97)
4.99 ECB

Total: 0OOP!!! WOOHOO and recieved 10 ECB from Glade, 5ECB from Skin Effects, and 3.49 ECB from Crest so yes, I lost 1.49 in ECBs however for all I got I think it is ok :-)

MY original transaction would have been:
1 Loreal (15.99) minus $2 CVS Q and $1 MQ= 12.99
1 Skin Effects (19.99) or (15.99 and 6.99) minus $5 CVS = 14.99 or 17.98
Glade Fan (7.99) minus BOGO =0
Glade Refill 2.99
Crest 3.49
This would total 50.45 or 53.44
or you could do another set of Glade Glass Scents 4 for 2.50ea- 4 for a total of $6 OOP

Anyway, on what I was planning (not knowing they would have more Glass Scents) I would have gotten 15.99 ECB, 3.49ECB. and (2) 5ECB or 10ECB and 5ECB if I wanted to add the Glass Scents too. ANyway it would have been better for me this way but I cannot do anything about supply :) I am not going to complain CVS has been really good to me!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shopper's Hotline

Ok, a while ago I had an entry about Shopper's Hotline. If you are interested let me know. You can read the article here.

ANyway, so I saved my points and am now getting via mail a $25 debit card- just for scanning groceries and other purchases when I go to put them away. Takes very little time and I get paid to share what I buy with the research group. It really is an easy way to make money- you don't earn a whole lot fast (40 pts a week plus they have a survey each month you can do - very short- for an extra 15pts and then every quarter they give you an extra 200 pts if you uploaded your purchases each week(it auto uploads through phone on Sun late night- I think you can set up to do it through PC if you don't have a landline). Anyway, I have been doing this since June and have made about 1500 pts which at 1350 you can get a $25 Debit Card, at 675 you can get a $10 card or you can save up even more to 2500 and get a $50 card. I wanted to get the card for holiday shopping so I went ahead and ordered mine. As I said it is not a whole lot of money but the way we spend it (via couponing) it really is quite a bit for something that doesn't take that much time. You have to put your purchases away anyway, might as well scan the UPC.

If you are interested leave me a comment and I can email you the info you will need to see if you qualify.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Victoria's Secret

Her secret? Online Codes!!! I got in my sweater and bra purchase from a couple weeks ago and I love the sweater. So the offer now is a free perfume set and a free scarf- wasn't sure if I could combine the offer but it worked!!!

1 Scoop neck sweater ($19) Victoria's Secret - NEW! Cotton rib scoopneck sweater
1 Purfume set (29.50) Victoria's Secret - Atomizer coffret (It appears this is no longer valid- I must have caught it on the last day!
1 Scarf (28) Victoria's Secret -

fa813765 for free scarf
scent08 for perfume set
FA810189 $10 off any purchase

Total:16.22 (5.99 ship and 1.23 tax) Great deal- this will be under the tree for Christmas!!! Also you have to have an angels card for the last code but if you don't use Get30 to get 30% off your order. You can google codes for free shipping on orders over $50 but 5.99 was cheaper to pay than give up one of my $28 offer codes! It only took about a week to get the last order (actually less than that I think) so I am looking forward to getting this one! You can't beat a good price on VS stuff.
In Dec there is also a code for 10 off (the above code is only good through Nov)
Other codes: free slippers with sleepwear purchase:Fa813753 (exp 12-21)
free panty and $10 off a bra FA813729(12-21)
free scarf (above good through 12-21)


Did this transaction thanks to ~ Coupon Nerd ~ . If you haven't checked out her blog you really should! She has some great ideas-BTW I am working on the signature thing- it is so cool!


1 Glade Refill twin pk (3.99)

1 Glade Fan (7.99)- about this- the tag said 6.99 so I went ahead and got the 2pk refill to meet the $10 but at the checkout it rang up 7.99 so I could have gotten the cheaper refill! Oh well I have credit on that one now :-)


-7.99BO refill GO unit

1.59 ECB


Total: .43 OOP and recieved 5 ECBs

would have done this again but couldn't find my coupon- found it after I got home so will try again on Thursday!
ALSO did this trans on my husband's card for my hubby:
1 pk Niccorette Gum 100 piece (39.99)
-25 CVS Nicorrette Gum from magic coupon machine
-10 from here
Total : 4.99 OOP (did not have any ECBs for his acct- should have done the energy drink at 4.99 with 4.99 ECBs and then this one (he drinks the energy drinks too) Oh well! Considering how expensive this is usually, this was a great deal!!!


OK, last day before the sale ends and really wanted a .39/lb turkey


2 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 4pk (1.19 ea)

2 Toaster Strudel (2.00 ea)

1 Kroger cheese 8oz (1.67)

2 Domino Sugar (2.00 ea)

2 Quaker Quick Oats (1.50 ea)

2 Carnation Evap Milk (1.00 ea)

2 French's Worchestershire Sauce (1.45 ea)

1 Listerine (3.00)

1 Gallon Milk (2.50)

1 Jenny O Turkey (almost 10lbs) (3.74)

1 Kroger Med Eggs (1.27)

Discount Loaf Bread (.79)

1 Quaker Rice snack chips (1.00)


-.50 Cellfire Cottonelle

-.50 Cottonelle

(2)-.25 Cottonelle

(2)-.50 tripled Cottonelle

(2)-.35 Toaster Stridel

(2)-.70 tripled Toaster Strudel

-.45 Shortcuts Kroger Cheese

(2)-.35 Domino Sugar

(2)-.70 tripled sugar

-1 off 2 Quaker

-1 off 2 Carnation

(2)-1.45 Free French's

-.50 Listerine

-.50 doubled Listerine

-5 Mega Event

Total: 15.28 OOP savings of 68%!!!


Great deal on brown sugar so I ran back by.


2 Bags C&H brown sugar (3/$5)

2 3 pc dinnerware sets (29.99 ea)


(2)-.35 sugar

(2)-.70 tripled sugar

Total:1.24 OOP

Monday, November 17, 2008


Great Kleenex deal at CVS!!!

4 boxes Kleenex with Lotion (1.49 ea)

-1 off 3 Kleenex CVS magic coupon machine
(4) -.40 Kleenex MQ

I went to CVS to try and find the loreal or more glass scents but they were completely out. Will try again at the end of the week when the truck comes.

Albertsons Trip

1 Jimmy Dean Sausage (2.00)
5 2liter Coke (4/$5 and get one free)
Iceburg Lettuce (.89)
Clementine Oranges (2.99)
2 French's Worchestershire Sauce (1.69ea)
1 C&H Brown Sugar (3/$5)
2 Dish Sets (29.99 ea)

-.35 Sausage
-.70 sausage tripled
(2)-1.60 Free French's
-.35 Sugar
-.70 sugar tripled
(2) -29.99 coupon books filled for free dishes
-1 Wags RR

Total: $9.70 OOP
BTW the clementine oranges are sooooo yummy!!!!

CVS 11/16 week

Well, went for several things- unfortunately they were already out of the Loreal deal- will try a different one tonight.

6 Glade Glass Scents (2.50 ea)
2 4oz Jar Candles(2.50 ea)
2 jewelry dress up sets- plastic (.29 90% off Halloween)
1 Treat Bags (.09 Halloween)
1 2pk Enery drink (4.99)

3 BOGO Glass Scents
-1.50 on 2 4oz candles

Total:.66 OOP and recieved 10 ECB from Glade and 4.99 ECB from Energy drink.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Total for the Week

Ok, here goes the totals:

CVS: .73, .01 total of .74 OOP

Wags: 1.84, .58 total of 2.42OOP

Kroger:22.43, .45, .57 total of 23.45

Purchase of GC from radio station- we are going to take my step daughter out for her 16th bday in a couple of weeks- 28.75

Grand Total for the week of all spending (minus of course bills)= $55.36. Not too bad!!!

Check out the shopping trips by clicking a link on the right side of the Blog!


1 Good Bites Dog Treat (3.79)
1 Danactive (2.00)
1 5lb Red Potatoes (2.99)
1 Loaf Bread (.88)
2 500 ml Listerine (3.00 ea)
1 1liter with bonus Listerine (3.99)
1 Tub Country crock Butter with calcium (2.49)
1 Blue Bonet Stick butter (.71)
1 Can Alpo Dog Food (.69)
1 Toaster Strudel (2.00)
2 Gallons Blue Bell (2.99 ea)
1 Crisco Veg Oil (3.00)
Kroger 16oz baby carrots (.49)
Special K Nutrition bars (2.50)
Special K Protien Water (2.50)
2 Hefty Freezer Bags (1.50 ea)
Domino Sugar (2.00)

-5 Mega Sale
-3.99 Good Bites
-1 Danactive
(3) -.50 Listerine
(3)-.50 Listerine Doubled
-.25 Country Crock
-.50 Country Crock doubled
-.69 Alpo
-.35 Toaster Strudel
-.70 Toaster Strudel tripled
(2)-1 Blue Bell
-.45 Crisco
-.45 Crisco doubled
-.45 Kroger carrots
(2)-1 Special K
-1 Special K Kroger Q
(2)-.20 Hefty Bags (this should have tripled but didn't)
-.35 Domino
-.70 Domino Tripled

Total:22.43 OOP saved 63%

Friday, November 14, 2008

CVS 11/14

Wanted to get the Listerine Agent Blue so I thought I would see if they were still sold out- thankfully they had gotten a few more in!


3 Listerine Agent Blue (3.99 ea)

1 Diabetes Nutrition 10pk mix (4.49)


(3)-1 Listerine Agent Blue CVS Q from Diabetes book

(2)-1 Agent Blue Printable

-.50 Agent Blue MQ

9.99 ECB

Total: 0 OOP and recieved 9 ECBs from Listerine and 5 ECBs from the drink mixes!!!

Wags 11/14

Had to use the coupon to get some rebate deals- had $20 GC and 10GC and 6RR to begin my outing.


1 Dr Scholl's Gel shoe insoles (13.49)

1 Dr Scholl's Memory shoe insoles(13.49)

2 Reach toothbrushes (1.79 ea)


-5 off 20

-2 DS Gel

-2 DS Memory

-1.79 BOGO Reach

-1.60 Reach Wags Q


Total:14.26 on GC will submit rebate for $10 for Dr Scholls (my husband really needed these!)

Trans 2:

1 Cottonelle (3.49)

1 Scott Tissue (3.79)

2 Reach Toothbrushes (1.59ea)

2 Libby Pumpkin (1.79 ea)

1 Orajel Kids Rinse

1 Profoot Insoles (7.99)

1 Energizer Rechargable Battery Kit (7.99)


-1 Cottonelle

-1 Scott

-2.28 Scott/Cottonelle Wags Coupon (making them 2/$5)

-1.59 Reach BOGO

-1.20 Reach Wags Q

-1off 2 Pumkin

-1.60 Wags Pumkin Q

-1 Orajel

-1 Wags Orajel Q (from color book)

-1 Profoot Printable

-1 Energizer

-5 off $20

Total:16.34 (15.77 GC) and 1.84 OOP. Will submit rebate for $5 on Profoot, $5 on Energizer and will send in rebate from manufacture on 4.99 for Orajel.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wags Coupon

Check your email! Wags is doing a $5 off $20 purchase this weekend. I will use mine tomorrow night! Check back to see how I did!

Go here to get your coupon!!!
Happy Shopping!


So, I went into Wags mainly to pick up the 8x10 I had ordered for free this weekend and get the free titanium razor.

Well, it worked out to 6.99 for the razor plus tax and they scanned one Q and then the other wouldn't go through because it was one cent over the total. Instead of just overriding the penny as they have in the past another lady was standing with this one and told me I had to purchase something else with it- not being near the clearance aisle I grabbed a Crystal Light Peach Tea single drink mix that was .59. So my total ended up being .58 on my GC. So nothing out of pocket but not as great as I thought. I did get my pic though of the kids at the pumpkin patch and it was cute!

(the Qs were -3 Wags q and -4 Q from Dec All You that I got in the mail today)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cute Give-a-way

Check this site out for an adorable give a way sure to delight that child in your life!!!
Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls: ImagiPLAY

and for that special little girl go to:
Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls: Hannah's Tutus Giveaway

Where does she get so many cute give a ways????
Check out this one:
Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls: Bored Inc Giveaway


Who could resist another stop by Kroger??? :)

4 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (1.00 ea)
2 Danon Activa Yogurt (2.00 ea)
3 Hefty freezer bags (1.50 ea)
Quaker 1 min oats (1.50)
Face Paint (.10)

(2) -1 off 2 Swiss Miss
(2) -.50 Danon MQ
(2) -.50 doubled Danon
(2)-1.00 Danon Kroger coupon
(3)-.55 Hefty
-.50 Quaker
-.50 doubled Quaker
-5 Mega Event

Total: .45 OOP Savings of 98%! Best Trip Yet!!!!! Woohoo!


Talk about a good deal! I got a $5 off $30 purchase so off I went!

2 Palmolive Liquid (1.49 ea)
1 Garnier Fructis Conditioner (2.99)
1 Nova Max monitor (9.99)
1 Always Infinity (4.99)
1 Smart Water (1.59)
2 Colgate Kids Toothpaste (2.69 ea)
2 Skin Effects Face Cleanser (6.99 ea)

-5 off $30
(2) -.25 Palmolive
-1 Garnier
-2 Always MQ
-2 Always CVS reciept coupon
(2) -.50 Colgate Kids
-2 Skin Effects CVS beauty mag
-5 CVS Skin effects email coupon
-2.69 BOGO Colgate
-6.99 BOGO Skin Effects
-1 ECB
-11.99 ECB

Total: .73 OOP and recieved 2ECBs from Palmolive, 9.99 ECBs from Nova, 1ECB from Always, 1.59 ECBs from Smart Water, 2 ECBs from Garnier- a total of 16.58 ECBs

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why do I do this???

Ok, over the past few weeks I have had people online and in person ask me why spend all that time organizing your coupons and going to the store just to save a few dollars. Let me tell you, it adds up. I am a stay at home mom. My husband is the sole bread winner for the family and you would be suprised on how much we can do on the amount he makes. It is all because of coupons and getting deals while we can as opposed to waiting until the last minute. I buy gift cards for rest. when they offer extra incentives and then we can go out to eat one weekend. (A lot of Radio Staions offer half price dining deals that are really awesome!)I have a couple of shelves with bday presents in my house that I keep stocked when we can find a good deal. These are great for last minute bday parties or for our own kids. I have gotten some really good deals on Christmas presents bc I either bought them in the toy mark downs after Christmas or bought them in the summertime when we hit sales or store closings. I go out shopping the day after Thanksgiving, getting as many of the freebies as I can as well as some great deals on things we just found out the kids wanted for Christmas. Our house- with 4 kids total cannot have an extravagent Christmas. We buy what we can and that is the way it is. I know many families spend well over hundreds to a thousand dollars on their kids for Christmas and while they may have the money, is it really neccessary? I know for Christmas my parents spend about $100 on each of us and yes I am sure sometimes a little more but the thing is that is what they want to do and if it changed that would be ok too- it is so not about the money. I am not a materialistic person while it is nice to occasionally have a few things in style, I have never been one to follow the masses. I think instilling value and good saving habits are essential over big over the top gifts. My son learned to save his money when he was much younger and suprised us when we went to Disney World bc he had saved over $30 in pennies from finding them in the parking lots and etc. He saved his own money for 3 yrs and bought a Playstation 3. Yes, he finds things he wants all the time but he has learned to check prices and find good deals over just blowing his own money.

So, why do I coupon? To save on things I can so I can spend more on things I can't get cheap.

Secondly, people say well what are you going to do with that? You don't use that! You are right, often I buy things I don't need or use but I buy them for 2 reasons. First is to get a deal on something else if you buy that item and in the end it is really cheap. Secondly I can get some items free that I don't use and that is where my friends, family, and charities come in. If I am not going to use it there is someone else who can. I have given things to friends and family this week bc there is no way I could use it at the quatities I got but it was free and I know people who will use it. I have got a box to take to the local crisis center as well with items that people need and will use that I spent nothing or next to nothing on- just my time. If I had the money I would give to these charities but bc I don't I can't give monitarily but I can give my time and items.

Last of all, I coupon bc it is fun(don't get me wrong I would love to have Samantha's nose from Bewitched to cut and organize all the coupons for me). It is like finding the needle in the haystack. I may not be able to go out every weekend shopping but I can go to CVS and Wags and other stores and find some really great bargains and it is such a feeling of accomplishment! It is my treasure hunt and with my goal being to spend as little as possible it is a lot of fun!

So, let me encourage those of you just starting out or going into it halfway- DIVE IN!!!!You won't regret it. You can cut coupons while waiting on your kids at one of their practices like I do and sort them at naptime and as long as you develop a routine it won't seem like to much work at once. Then, when you go to the store and you get a reciept like I did last night that says You saved:96% watch you face beam as you tell your friends, family, and the blog world!

Also, leave me a comment or question anytime! I will do my best to respond asap!


Our ad runs Wed-Tues so I stopeed at Kroger last night after going to my mom's and using her comp to print out a few coupons.

6 Evap Milk (1.00)
1 Quaker rice snacks (1.00)
1 Activa yogurt (2.00)
2 AlkaSeltzer (1.50)
2 Purina Dog Treats (2.99 ea)

(2) -1/2 Evap Milk
-.50 on 2 Evap Milk
-.50 Doubled Milk
-.50 Activa
-.50 Doubled activa
(2)-1 Alkaseltzer
(2)-3 Purina
-5 Mega Event

Total: .57 OOP and took the Evap Milk to my mom and gma.

Trip 2:

Who could resist another stop by Kroger??? :)

4 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (1.00 ea)
2 Danon Activa Yogurt (2.00 ea)
3 Hefty freezer bags (1.50 ea)
Quaker 1 min oats (1.50)
Face Paint (.10)

(2) -1 off 2 Swiss Miss
(2) -.50 Danon MQ
(2) -.50 doubled Danon
(2)-1.00 Danon Kroger coupon
(3)-.55 Hefty
-.50 Quaker
-.50 doubled Quaker
-5 Mega Event

Total: .45 OOP Savings of 98%! Best Trip Yet!!!!! Woohoo!

CVS 11/9-11/14

1 Loreal Revitalift 11.99

-1 Loreal
-6.98 ECB
Total: .01 OOP and recieved 11.99ECB

Trip 2
Talk about a good deal! I got a $5 off $30 purchase so off I went!

2 Palmolive Liquid (1.49 ea)
1 Garnier Fructis Conditioner (2.99)
1 Nova Max monitor (9.99)
1 Always Infinity (4.99)
1 Smart Water (1.59)
2 Colgate Kids Toothpaste (2.69 ea)
2 Skin Effects Face Cleanser (6.99 ea)

-5 off $30
(2) -.25 Palmolive
-1 Garnier
-2 Always MQ
-2 Always CVS reciept coupon
(2) -.50 Colgate Kids
-2 Skin Effects CVS beauty mag
-5 CVS Skin effects email coupon
-2.69 BOGO Colgate
-6.99 BOGO Skin Effects
-1 ECB
-11.99 ECB

Total: .73 OOP and recieved 2ECBs from Palmolive, 9.99 ECBs from Nova, 1ECB from Always, 1.59 ECBs from Smart Water, 2 ECBs from Garnier- a total of 16.58 ECBs

Saturday, November 8, 2008


3 Nyquil 12 ct (4.49 ea)
1 Theraflu Warming Liquid (3.99)

(3) -1.50 Nyquil
-2 Theraflu

Total:7.71 GC and recieved 6 RR

Friday, November 7, 2008


Well, I went to Kroger with plenty of coupons, printed some for the nail saver sponge and had at least 4 Tylenol -2 only to find that my Kroger was not doing the Tylenol at 2.50 or the Lint Brushes and sponges at $1. Luckily when I saw they did not have the sale price stickers, I went to customer service for a price check and sure enough they were not on sale- the tylenol was over $4 and the nail savers were 1.99, and the lint brush was not something they carry. These things were part of the $5 off deal but not with the great sale prices that others reported. Oh well, I still got some really great deals!!!


2 Carnation Evap. Milk (1.00 ea)
3 3liter Ozarka Water (1.00ea)
1 Milk (2.50)
I Colgate toothpaste (1.50)
1 4pk Red Bull (5.99 - for my hubby)
1 Kroger Bisuit (1.27)
1 Cheerios (2.00)
2 Purina Chew Eez dog treats (2.99ea)
1 4pk Cottonelle (1.19)
2 Dial for Men 3pk (1.50ea)
2 Dial Hand soap (1.50 ea)
3 Bic Silky Touch Razors (2.50 ea)
2 Danactive Yogurt (2.00 ea)
1 Keebler Grasshopper Cookies (3.17)
1 Toaster Strudel (2.00)
1 Orville Natural Popcorn (2.00)
2 Dannon Yogurt (2.00 ea)
1 Kroger Med eggs (1.27)
1 pk Mission Tortillas (1.00)

-.50 Cottonelle fr Cellfire
(2) -5 for Mega Event
-.35 Toaster Strudel
-.70 for the triple
(3)- 2.00 Bic razors
-1.00 Kroger Biscuits (store coupon from mail)
-4.99 Cheerios Coupon
-3.17 Free Keebler (mail Kroger coupon)
(4) -.30 Dial
(4)-.60 tripled coupon for Dial
-.25 Cottonelle
-.50 tripled Cottonelle
-.75 Colgate
(4) -1.00 Dannon
-1.00 Orville Naturals
(2) -3 Purina Dog Treats printable
-1 Red Bull (Kroger Mail Coupon)
-.75 Ozarka
-.50 Carnation Evap Milk
-.50 doubled Carnation
- 1 Activa Kroger Coupon

Grand Total: 9.74 OOP!!!!!
Wow that was cool- I even impressed the cashier! Let me give you the savings facts:
MQ savings: 28.29
Bonus coupon savings:3.50
Kroger Plus Savings: 30.15
Total Coupons:61.94 which is a saving of 84%
Trip 2
Trans :
Double Paper (3.00)
4 Carnation Evap Milk (1.00 ea)
3 Quaker Oats (1.50 ea)
2 Alka Seltzer (1.50 ea)
1 Colgate Toothpaste (1.50)
(2) -1 off 2 Carnation Milk
(3) -.50 Quaker
(3) -.50 doubled Quaker
(2) -1 AlkaSeltzer
-.75 Colgate
Total: 3.31 OOP!!!! Saved 85% - would have been just pennies OOP if I hadn't got the paper!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wags almost free razors

OK, not sure what happened here but it turned out rather nice. My intention was to get 2 pks of the Schick Quattro Razors for free. Here is what happened:

2 Schick Quatro pk razors (supposed to be 5.99 on sale, however they rang up 8.29. So after she had already scanned the Wags -3 coupon for them she went back to void and change them. So, she rings up 3 razors and scans the Wags coupon for -3 which rings up -9 then my BOGO coupon which she entered 2.99 for and I owed her .74. So then she realized that she rang up 3 and was about to try to figure out how to void it off when I owed less than the product would even scan. I told her not to worry about it and I would just go get another razor. She was so sweet and I shared with her about the couponing and gave her the money saving mom site. She is pregnant and will be staying home once the baby is born so she wants and needs to get into saving money.

So, with all that said, I look at the reciept and cannot figure out how I got all 3 for .74 but it is a good deal none the less and I used my GC so I didn't pay anything!

My Hubby's Bday

So, today is my husband's birthday. We are either going out to lunch or dinner not sure what he wants to do. I have free offers from quite a few places that he has recieved via email. BTW, go to your favorite restaurant site(s) and check to see if they have a newsletter or birthday program- most do. Then register and near your birthday you will get either free appetizer coupons, some entree or gourmet burger coupons, and some dessert coupons. It makes celebrating a little easier. Maybe I will be able to snag some pics of him blowing out the candles or opening his presents to put here. We shall see.
My kids made him a Longhorn at Build a Bear workshop since he has a room decorated with Texas Longhorn and Dallas Cowboy stuff (last year they made him a Dallas Cowboy Football Player Bear. So, Tex as the kids named him has a Texas Longhorn shirt and scarf. As for what I got him- well, his Longhorn hoodie has seen better days so I got him a new one and then a couple of Dallas Cowboys shirts.
We made him a chocolate cake last night (he had to work a late shift) and some dessert bars which are yummy. I had to try one since I had never made them before. :)
(BTW He isn't a computer person so I know he won't see this otherwise I would keep it all a suprise!)

So he wouldn't let me take pictures but I made him a nice big breakfast this morning (well 11am when he got up) and then we went out for dinner tonight. We also will have leftover chicken fried steak for sandwiches tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This week: Shopping Review

Target: 10.33, 2.71, .35 = 13.39

Wags : 0 OOP

Albertson's: 21.14

CVS : 1.18

Topline Salvage: 13.03

Victoria's Secret: 28.13

Kroger :9.74, 3.31= 13.05

Running Total: 61.79 on groceries and cleaning and then 28.13 on clothing - total of 89.92

I have earned a 1RR and a 6RR, and 4ECBs, 6.98 ECBs, and 1 ECB. For a total credit of:$20.98. So that bring my spending to $70.94.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dry Ice

Here are the pics of the kids having fun watching the dry ice in our experiments.
This is the dry ice in soapy colored warm water.

This is the dry ice in just warm water making big white bubbles that explode in a puff of gas.

Cheap snacks

So I found myself at a salvage store today ( I go about once or so a month) and found some pretty good deals both for my family and a friend of mine (who just went on the gluten free casien free diet). In the pic you will just see my purchases as I dropped hers by her house on the way home.


4 Kettle Chips single serving bag (.25 ea)

4 Dorritos Singles serving bag (.25ea)
4 Sun Chips Single Servings (.25 ea)

2 Big Bags corn tortilla chips (.50 ea)

4 Bags Veggie Chips (.50 ea)

1 Box Brown Rice Crackers (1.00)

2 Bags dries Cherries (1.00 ea)

1 OJ (.69)

3 Plum Nectar juice (3/1.00)

1 Hot Fudge Syrup for decorating (1.00)

1 box Choco covered cookie sticks (.34)

Total:13.03 OOP and considering a lot of my purchase was organics (some was not) this is a really good deal. It is about an hour drive so I only go here and there and they always are getting new items. They have a little of everything from food to housewares, clothes, toys, pet needs, auto, paitn etc...... They have just started over the past 6 months gettign organic stuff. The lady told me today they get a regular shipment at least once every two months.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Target Trip 2


4 Glade 4 oz candles (2.50 ea)
6 J&J Buddies Soaps (.97 ea)
Mighty Dog can food (.57)
2 Betty Crocker Warm Delights (1.62 ea)
2 Green Giant Baby Carrots 16oz (1.50 ea)
3 Lipton Tea 16ct (1.09 ea)

(2) -1.50 on Glade 4 oz candles
(2) -3.00 Buddies soaps buy 3
-.57 Mighty Dog Free coupon
-1 Betty crocker target coupon off 2
(2) -.50 Betty Crocker
(2) -1 Green Giant Target Coupon
(3) -1 Target Coupon Lipton ( I think he forgot to scan one of these)

Total : 10.33 and recieved a $5 GC

Trans 2:

4 Glade candle refils (2.50 ea)

-2.50 B2G1 Glade MQ
5 GC

total: 2.71 and recieved $5GC

Wags 11/2-11/8

Trans 1

2 Almay Mascara (6.99 ea)
1 Oral B Crossaction toothbrush (5.99)
1 Oral B refill (5.99)
Theraflu Cough and Cold (3.99)
4 Wriggly Gums (1.19 ea)
1 Schick Quatro (5.99)
1 Perfection travel steam iron (9.99)
1 Always Infinity (4.99)
1 Glade Wisp (5.99)

(2) -1 Almay
-5.99 BOGO Oral B
- 1 Oral B
-2 Theraflu
-2.38 Wags Coupon for Wriggly (BOGO)
(2)-1.19 Bogo Wriggly MQ
-3 Wags Coupon Schick
-2 Schick
-2 Always
- 3 Glade Wisp
-6.99 Almay Wags BOGO
-2 Loreal

Total: 50.63 on GC from last months rebates (still have 29 on it!) recieved 1RR from Always, 2RR from Oral B, 3RR from Iron and will submit rebates for 19.99 Loreal, 6.99 Almay, 2.00 Glade and will MIR on Theraflu (1.99) for a total of 36.97 which leaves my OOP (well, on the GC) at 13.66.

Trans 2

Lysol Nutra Air (5.99 with raincheck)
4 Wriggly Gums (1.19 ea)
1 Elmo Pop up book (.24)
1 Growing Dino Egg (.74)

-5 Lysol
-2.38 Wags Wriggly
(2)-1.19 Wriggly Bogo MQ

Total 0 OOP!


3 Nyquil 12 ct (4.49 ea)

1 Theraflu Warming Liquid (3.99)


(3) -1.50 Nyquil

-2 Theraflu


Total:7.71 GC and recieved 6 RR