Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone!!! I hope everyone enjoys their time with family and friends! Will be going to CVS probably tomorrow and will post my deals but until then have a safe and very happy holiday!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

CVS 12/21

Wow what a day!!! Ok, so they were out of about half of it all but hey, I got rain checks and with the new comp system I can still use my coupons so it is all good!!!!

1 Listerine (2.99)
1 Crest Pro health (2.99)
1 Right Guard Prof Strength(6.00)
2 Loreal (7.99- will explain in a min)
2 Planters Peanuts (2/$5)
1 EAS Bar (1.69)
1 Halls Maturals (2.59)
1 Excedrin (3.99)
1 Zip Fizz (5.99)
1 Sally Hansen nail (5.99)

-1 Listerine CVS
-1 Crest
-1 Planters CVS
-.50 Halls
1.49 ECB
Total: 2.97 OOP
Ok so then I recieved:
2ECB crest, 2.99 ECB listerine, 1.69ECB EAS, 2.59ECB Halls, 6ECB Right Guard, 3.99ECB Excedrin, 5.99 Zip Fizz, and 5.99 Sally Hansen. I noticed no ECB on the Loreal- turns out I got the wrong ones so I went to exchange but they were out so the cashier put the $17 and change back on my atm card. So - the 3 for OOP makes the grand total a little over -14!!!!! Woohoo!

Trans 2-4 at the other store(not my fav store but they had a few things in stock. They made me do sep trans on the things I had CVS coupons for which made no sense but it still ended up the same just more work for them.

2 Loreal Eye Shadow (6.99ea)
1 Sally Hansen (5.99)

$5 off a $15 purchase (from my trans 1 reciept!!!)
2.98 ECB

Total:0 OOP! and recieved 5.99 ECB and 13.98 ECB

Trans 3
1 JandJ First aid to go(.99)

-1(adjusted to .99)

Total:0 OOP

1 Listerine (2.99)

-1 CVS

Total 0 OOP and recieved 2.99 ECB

Grand Total: 43.24 ECBs in my possesion now, 14 plus in my bank, 46.74 ECBs used, so really still a gain of around $10! Sounds good to me!