Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Well, first off I had a very nice Thanksgiving and hope you all did as well.
Today started at midnight with a trip to Grapevine Mills Mall- My hubby and I split up to get things done- he and my daughter headed to Gamestop and my son and I were off to KB toys. My hubby was the second in line and I was the first. KB opened just a little early and I was in and out- stopped by the Disney Store and put things in the car. Off to Gamestop where my husband was in line about 6 deep. He proceeded to tell me a grown woman (the one in front of him- probably in her late 40s early 50s) pushed our 3yr old in the face to get in front of my hubby. I was apalled- You know we weren't after any big ticket items and it never ceases to amaze me how low people will stoop to be first. My husband made a comment to her and just got in line. After that- our daughter was in our arms at all times in the crowd.
Anyway after that it was on to Build aBear where we got 2 Moose and a story book for $24 and then they had given us 5 off any animal so we got $10 off making it around 15 for each of the kids to make a new friend.
After that off to Whataburger for some fod and then on to JCPenney- the kids tookan hour and a half nap in the car with the seats folded down. When they opened we all got our snowglobe (this has always been a trandition on Black Friday and I have one from each year since they started giving them out.
Next stop a quick trip to Walmart and Target to get a few items(some clothes on a great sale, barbie dolls, a new phone for my hubby- his has reached its life expectancy) and a few other small items.
After that dropped my hubby off at work for an hour and we ran by Toys R US- I got 2 of the slow kids at play signs on sale BOGO so I paid 10 for both plus had a -3 coupon so only paid 7 plus tax for the two of them. This is something I had been wanting and since the lines weren't terribly long we went ahead and got them.
Back to get my hubby and then off to the house to sleep. Got up around 4. (the 3 yr old fell aseep at Walmart and never woke up until a little after we did at 4). We had a lot of fun and despite some fairly grumpy people we didn't let it get us sown. The buzz of shopper's and the spirit of the the holidays was in the air and we ate it up! :-)
We have never done the all night thing and I am not sure if we will in the future but it worked out fine this year and we all slept good when we got home!!!

I was going to post pics however due to the nature of the shopping and sneaky little eyes I cannot. We got everything we were after though and did well on our budget of spending so all things worked out. I think we will go to a movie tomorrow.
Hope you all did well on your shopping excursions- feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog- I would love to see how you did!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading. I appreciate you visiting my site. I hope you all have a nice day and get to spend it with those you love and if not I hope your day is still beautiful. We have a lot to be thankful for in this country.
I am thankful for a lot of things: for the relationship we are allowed to have with our Heavenly Father, for my family, for our soldiers fighting for us and for peace, for the many simple blessings God gives us each day, and for being able to wake up each day to many possibilities.
Oh, and let me not forget Couponing!!!! :)

Have a good evening and a great Thanksgiving Day tomorrow (or today- however you look at it). I will not be posting tomorrow as I will be spending time with my family and getting ready for Black Friday. I will be posting on Friday with the great deals I got. If I do hear of some extreme value I might just snag a few minutes on the computer to blog it in otherwise I will see you again on Friday!

God bless!


CVS at night

WOOHOO Great time at CVS. WHo new CVS at midnight was the happening place (certainly not the shoppers just going to get a few neccesities! We let them cut in line. As for me, I arrived at CVS at 11:30 transaction list in hand. I was greeted by two of the nicest CVS workers and I began my trip. Others were before me and many others came after. No Bic Soliel razors and no remotes- I snagged the last ear a little modification and I was set. I did end up giving some of my extra coupons away- hey if someone else can use them to get a great deal I love to share! Got a couple of rainchecks and Taadaa the list is in:

Trans 1

Schick Quatro Razor (7.99)
Colgate Total (2.99)
2 Loreal Juice Lip color (6.99 ea)
1 Philips ear phones (6.99)
1 CG Smoothers Liquid makeup (7.99)
(2)-1 Loreal
-1.50 Colgate
-1 CG
-2 Schick
-5 off a $30 purchase
10 ECB
17.98 ECB
Total: .46 OOP and recieved (3)6.99 ECB, 2.99 ECB, 7.99 ECB, 6ECB
Trans 2
2 Mentos Gum (.99 filler)
2 Aussie shampoo/cond (2.99 ea)
1 Platex (3.99)
1 Johnsons soft lotion (5.69)
1 Colgate(2.99)
1 5hr Enerfy (3.99)
1 Garnier Nutrisse towlettes(5.99)
1 Maybeline foundation(8.99)
1 Sally Hansen (adjusted to free bc was not ringing up right)
2 Gatorade(1.49 ea)
1 CG Smoother powder (5.99)
1 Hershey King size (1.00)
(8) -1 (2) Aussie,Playtex, Johnsons, Garnier, CG, Gatorade, CVS coupon
-1.50 Colgate
-2 off $10
2.99 ECB
-3 Maybeline
-3 Sally
6.99 ECB
7.99 ECB
13.98 ECB
Total: .12 OOP recieved: 5.98ECB, 2.98ECB, 5.99 ECB, 8.99 ECB, 3.99 ECB, 2.99 ECB, 5.69ECB, 5.99 ECB, 3ECBplus still have 6ECB left from 1st trans
Totals: .58 OOP and got 51.60 left in ECBs after all trans. Considering I only brought 27.98 ECBS that makes a profit of 23.62 in ECBs or if you minus the OOP too then a profit of 23.04!!!! Yippee!
I have to say I had a lot of fun chatting with the other shoppers and being out so late, everyone was extremely nice and I am so glad I got to go. If you have not been yet my advice is to go early- things are already starting to run out here. If you have a non 24 hr CVS honestly I would get there at least 30 min if not an hour before they open in the morning. These deals are too good to miss!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It is just hours away are strewn about the floor being shuffled as calculator is pressed rapidly adding and figuring. 27.98 ECBs to start the day off with and now which way earns the most with the least OOP...hmmmmmm...I have a plan- maybe- that is considering all items are in stock, CVS is not overrun with crazy CVS addicts like myself.......that is my worry, I will get there and see coupon book after coupon book and nothing left.....LOL. Yes this sounds crazy but the excitement of it all is so much fun. A plan, a list actually a couple of lists and a copy of the ad from CVS online just in case they don't have anymore. Thanksgiving Day in my house will begin with a CVS run and most likely 3 transactions rolling ECB after ECB. The end result to bedetermined but alas readers you will be the first to know. Heehee so dramatic. Ok, but really I am excited the rush of anticipation of one of the best CVS days is upon us....are you ready???? Check out the ad here. Oh what fun it will be!!!
A lot of the stuff I get tonight will be going overseas to the soldiers- we are doing soldier boxes next week with our homeschool association so I am getting a bunch of stuff together for the boxes.
Anyway, will post more later with pics of the goodies. Good luck to all the CVSers out there!!!

Oh and Happy early Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The countdown begins- 2 days left. Can you tell I am excited????????
Checked my email and guess what is making this deal even sweeter??????? A $5 off $30 purchase! WOW- I am truly excited now.......
Yes I get excited over sales and yes I love the black Friday shopping! It is crowded and there are plenty of rude people- as if the lines will go faster by being rude. But, the thrill and excitement is so worth it. I love shopping on Black Friday.

I just want to remind my readers that Thanksgiving should not end on Thurs night as you go to bed or as you prepare for the start of the midnight sales, but keep Thanksgiving with you always. Carry it into Black Friday. Don't get annoyed by long lines and crazy shoppers they will be there and there is nothing you can do about them.However if your attitude stays one of thankgiving then none of this will truly bother you. I am not saying I do not get annoyed at all but I have found by keeping this in perspective when shopping on the BIGGEST shopping day of the year it becomes a lot of fun and something I truly look forward too. I think even if I had no shopping to do I would still get out and enjoy this magical day!!!

Have fun everyone and remember we are all God's children and if we can show His grace to at least one person a day we are leaving an open door for Him to use. Smile, be cheerful and make sure and stock up on sleep tomorrow! :-)


Trip by the Salvage place:

1 17lb dog food (5.50)
6 Miss Vickies chips single serve (.10 ea)
2 Eagle Poppers single (.10ea)
2 Ritz bits singles (.10)
2 Fruit bars (.10ea)
2 single serve jalapeno kettle chips (.10ea)
2 Sweet Leaf Tea (.25 ea)
3 Plum Nectar (3/$1)
3 3pk apple nectar juice boxes (.85)
2 boxes forks(.79 ea)
1 can dog food (.89)
2 pork rinds (.10 ea)
1 Organic Cheetos- well not cheetos brand (.50)

Total:15.05 OOP

Monday, November 24, 2008


Ran by CVS and exchanged my 2 8.99 ECBs for one 17.98 ECB and 2 bottles of the complete MPS!!!
Getting things reasy fro Thursday- Can't wait!!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


2 $25 GC Amex
1 $50 GC Amex
2 card fees (3.95)
1 card fee (4.95)
2 RightGuard (7.99 ea)
1 Maybeline Mineral Found. (8.99)
1 Complete MPS (8.99)

-2 CVS
-3 Maybeline
-2 Complete
10 ECB
(2) 1 ECB
3.49 ECB

Total : 119.32 OOP and recieved 10 ECB from Amex, (2) 8.99 ECB from Maybeline and Complete. No ECBs printed from right guard so the cashier refunded 15.98 fand then rang up again for 1.98. So at that point my OOP is 105.32 with a total of 27.98 ECB and only spent 20.49 ECB.
The gift card total is $100 and so really only 5.32 OOP minus the ECBS is a profit of 22.67 or if you count the ECBs lost in total is still a profit of 2.17!!!! Can't wait until the Thanksgiving sale!!!!

Wags 11/23


2boxes RS Chocolates (8.99 ea)
2 Sure Deod (1.99 ea)
1 Venus Embrace Razor (9.49)
2 Excedrin Migraine (2/4.49)

(2)-2 RS
(2)-1.50 Sure EScat
(2)-1 Sure MQ
-4 Razor
-10 RS Wags ES
(2)-2 Excedrin

Total: 9.23 OOP and recieved 6 RR from Venus