Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ruby Davis Jonas Johnson

Ruby went home to be with the Lord today. She was a lovely lady and a true blessing to all who knew her. She is now in God's presence, preceeded in death by her mother, father, first husband and two sisters. Left here on Earth, meeting her one day in Heaven, are her children, grandchildren, sisters, husband, nieces and nephews, otherfamily members, and many friends.
We are sad because we are at a loss but we rejoice that she is no longer suffering and has met with her Heavenly Father who she will spend eternity with.

New background

OK, is the newbackground ok??? I know it is a little dark so if I use bright colors can you see it alright? Let me know if you have problems- I want my readers to be happy!!!

Kohls doorbuster deals

Well, Kohl's was having some good doorbuster deals and since Russell Newman in Denton is not having their annual pajama sale, the kids need a couple of pajamas.

Set of 2 Footie Pajamas- Minnie Mouse (11.90)
pair of black slacks (7.60)on clearance- just realized the size on the hanger did not match the pants so I will have to exchange tomorrow
jewelry set kids (4.99)
Gloves (1.75)
2 Gloves (3.20)
chapstick (2.89)set of 6
trouser socks (3.15) for a set of 3
pajama pants- boys(7.49)
purse (9.20 - on clearance from 48!)
cute outfit for the 3 yrs old (10.40- sale from 30)

Total minus an extra 15% off a nice lady in front of me gave me and then a $5 off any trans from the email: 52.94 and 2.93 (2 transactions)


Well, went out for some couponing fun...

3 J&J Travel First Aid Kits (.99 ea)
1 Schick singld razor pack (5.79)
2 Universal remotes (9.99)

-$3 off 2 J&J First Aid
-1 CVS J&J
-4 Schick
(2)-9.99 Remotes (raincheck from Thanksgiving)

Total: .97 OOP and recieved 5ECB from Schick and a coupon for $3 off $15- must be used in 3 days though

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ruby came out of surgery and all went well. She is not out of the woods as far as the surgery goes but they were able to do what they needed. The dr said she has a chance now so we now have to wait and see how she does and if she becomes responsive. Thank you for your prayers today and please keep praying for her and the family.


Okay, I am loving Victoria Secret these days almost as much as CVS. Let me tell what I just got...

I purchased a v neck sweater and recieved a free scarf then I had a cert with $10 off anything and a bday cert for $10 off so I paid only 6.22 for a sweater and scarf from VS.

Wow!!! I am so excited.

Urgent prayer request

My hubby's aunt (Ruby) is about to undergo brain surgery to drain the fluid that she is having aournd the brain- she also between last night and today had a stroke. The dr said there is some brain damage but they are not sure how much. The family has not been able to see her today bc they have been running tests. So, if you could say a quick prayer for her the family would really appreciate it.

Took a Break

Ok, sorry for the few day vacation but things have been a little crazy around our house and I haven't been able to blog.
First of all I want to ask for prayer for my hubby's aunt. She is in the hospital in the ICU and they are not sure what all is wrong. She is not breathing on her own and is on a ventalator. She will be on this for max of 12 days and then they have to decide what to do from there. She was resposive to pain yest. so that was a good sign but otherwise has been unresponsive. She has a major infection in her blood which is attacking the white blood cells and they are not sure where that came from. Also they think she might have had a small stroke. She is septic at this point. They will run some tests today to see if they can figure out what is wrong. Oh, and when they wre putting in the tubes for breathing they accidentally broke her shoulder. Anyway, just prayer that God's will be done. My hubby's mom died less than a couple of months ago and so this is going to be a hard Christmas regardless and the family is really praying that she can pull out of this and have a full recovery. Hopefully we will know more later today. We went to the hospital yest to see her and be with the family. She did not look good- very swollen but our God is greater than anything and if it is His will she can fully recover. I will let you all know as I know.

I did do some shopping- after this weekend I really have taken quite a break. I went to CVS and started the Schick deal- I will go back Fri night to finish and did the energy drink deal. I paid 8.99 ECBs and used (2) 4 off Schick- the single packs were only 5.99 and paid 0 OOP.
Have not been to Wags this week. I am waiting on the recharge of my GC- I did give my hubby the 6RR I had so he could get some Red Bulls on Sun. We took the oldest daughter and her friend to Six Flags and Magic Time Machine on Sunday for her 16th bday. We all had a blast. Captain Jack Sparrow was our waiter and he was truly magnificent!

Well, I hope all is well with all of you and hopefully I will get some more posted tonight...thanks for your patience.