Thursday, February 26, 2009

Need some samples???

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joining email clubs and Birthday clubs

When it comes to resturants, they all want your business and if ou check around one of thm might have a deal good enough to take your money too :). I sign up with the email clubs at all rest.that ae with in a mile radius that I wold be willing to drive to. With my bday last month the offers tarted pouring in and I have to say some of them were awesome and I wanted to share them with you. Make sure and sign yourself as well as yor hubby and children up for any offers you can!

First off the best offer came from Texas Land and Cattle. Go toTEXAS LAND & CATTLE Steak House and at th bottom sign up for the club. They sent me a coupon through emailfor any entree up to $15 free (the waiter said to order whatever we liked and he would just tke 15 off at the end). That was such a great deal and the food was wonderful! It has since become my favorite place to go. We even splurged at Valentines and had the most awesome food- a four course dinner for my hubby and I for 39.99 with the coupon we got for V day through the email. We each got a salad (or soup), an appetizer to split, an entree for each of us(we each got the 12oz RibEye YUMMY!) and a side for each of us(a baked potato for us), and lastly a dessert to share (we got the brownie with ice cream).

If you have a Life's a Beach around you they also gave out a free entree coupon and was a great deal with as much food as you get on your plate there. Go to Life's a Beach and sign up for their email club. It really s a great place to take the kids as the whole back part is a beac (minus the water). In other words it is a big ok huge backyard of a sandbox and the kids can play and you can eat some really good food! Alot of these below also send you a coupon when you sign up- some do some don't but I got a coupon from all these places the month of my bday.

There really are plenty of rests. that offer free appetizers and dessets such as :

El Chico

Denny's :: Real breakfast 24/7which aso has a kids bday club

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Homepage go to Club Cantina

Texas Roadhouse

Boston Market :: Food For Life

Red Robin - Home

Cold Stone Creamery - The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience

Blizzard Fan Club - Dairy Queen

Smoothie King


Joe's Crab Shack - the Hippest Seafood Restaurant!

Dining Out at Ruby Tuesday Restaurant


Red Lobster Seafood Restaurants - Recipes and Live Lobster Delivery

Pappasito's Cantina - Legendary Tex-Mex!

Join Now - SONIC Cruisers®

Wacky Pack Kids' Birthday Club this one is from Sonic for the kids!

The Children's Place - Birthday Club Page ( ok this one is not food but 20% off childrens clothes is a great deal here!)

T.G.I. Friday's® Worldwide - Welcome

Chili's Grill & Bar

The fun comes in when you get to pick the best offers or the ones you like the most and use them. I didn't use all of these. I went to Texas Land and Cattle and Life's a Beach and then used the dairy queen BOGO blizzard coupon. I meant to use the Coldstone one as well- it is a free ice cream with mix in but I forgot and it expired. There are more places to sign up so if you have a fav restaurant find it's website and join the email club you never know what kind of coupon you will get. With this, I do advise having a seperate email acct for these emails as they do fill up your account quickly. You can sign up for a free acct such as hotmail.

Have you signed up yet? The new qs are out and just waiting to be loaded onto your shopper's card go to: - FREE Grocery Coupons that link to your grocery card to get signed up and while your at it make sure and stop at Cellfire - Mobile coupons for your cell phone and load their coupons on your card and stop at P&G eSAVER and load those coupons on your card. The great thing is that sometimes they offer coupons for the same poduct so you get double savings plus you can still use your paper coupons with these. It makes for some awesome deals.

I was up late last night and so I sat down at the computer and just started looking things up. I came across this one: Online Support Groups and Forums at DailyStrength
It is an awesome resource when you just need to blog about issues that maybe you don't know how to deal with at the time or just want advice from someone who has been there. They have over 500 different support groups. As I looked at one in particular I saw people with genuine hurts and needs getting to ask questions and seek wisdom from others in a very uplifting manner. It was comforting to read stories and be able to say I totally understand and that is so relevant to what I am going through or have been through. I guess it is always nice to know you are not alone in certain circumstances :), other people have been there and come through and now are there for support(of course God is always there and I totally don't want to discredit His role in our lives). I wanted to share this website with my readers, maybe you or someone you know is going through something physically, mentally or emotionally at this time and maybe this site would help. Or, maybe you have been through some difficulties in life and can share some support and knowledge with others. From what hve seen of the site so far it seems to be helping many.

Ok, How about another Sweepstakes..

Enter Boston Market – Fresh Start Sweepstakes to win $50,000 or maybe a gift card....If you eat at Boston Market save your reciept and enter the codes on it, however if you rarely eat there (like me) there is an alternate method of entry for free:

b. Free Method of Entry: If you would like to participate in this Promotion without making a purchase you may use the following Store Number, Ticket Number, and Date as your Code:Store Number: 0000
Ticket Number: 1111
Date: Today's date in a YYYY-MM-DD form

It is worth a try!

Iams Sweepstakes

Ok, so another enter and try to win... Go to Life's Better Sweepstakes and enter to win either:

• FREE obedience training for your dog/puppy(Prize will be awarded in the form of a gift card for training services in your area.)

• FREE Deluxe Cat Accessory package(Package includes: litter box hideaway, pet drinking fountain, electronic toy mouse, cat tree, a voucher for One Free 8-lb. Bag of IAMS® Cat Food)

You must register for Iams Pet Perks to be eligible and when I finished it told me I couldcome back April 1st and enter again.

Win $3,000?

Mr Clean 3x the cash sweepstakes

So it is a long shot but someone has to win right? Plus you could win one of the daily prizes which are a 2ctmagic eraser so why not give it a try...

Grand Prize: One winner will receive $3,000 cash.

First Prizes: Three winners each receive $1,000 cash.

Daily Prizes: One winner per day will receive a free 2 count Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power.
Go here to find out more and enter. Good luck and let me know if you win!

Monday, February 23, 2009

IHOP and other freebies

Don't forget to get your free shortstack of pancakes at IHOP tomorrow!! A donation of any size to the Children's Miracle Network is asked in leui of a cost of the pancakes. Find out more info here: IHOP National Pancake Day - February 24, 2009

Also don't forget to snag your q for 2 free tacos at Jack in the Box tomorrow.
Hang In There Jack - Two Free Tacos Coupon

If you haven't yet, sign up at for their newsletter- they send couponsout each mnth. i just received one for a free roast burger if I purchase a beverage. Not too bad of a deal! Click on this link: Arby's and go to Arby's extras. They also have a contest going on so maybe you will win!!!

Have you played the subway 3 point game? Click on this link and play: SUBWAY FRESHBUZZ™ . You just click on the 3 point game and enter your email. It is free up to 3 games a day and it will give you two free games each day. Once you get so many points you get a free game and can play 3 games each day! I haven't won anything yet, but I am hopeful!


Thanks to Couponnerd for posting about the Pringles!

6 cans Pringles (.45 ea)
1 Little Bear toothpaste (1.99)

(2)-.30 Pringles
-.55 toothpaste

Total:3.66, put .95 on GC and pd $2.71 OOP

So my GC is all gone and it is time to turn in the rebates so they can load more on. I will forfiet the Revlon lip creme as they were completely out of it at both Wag I went to and as I use my rebate amount from the previous month and it is gone I will go ahead and submit. I will le you know the total when I find out! :)


Took a quick trip to CVS on Sat (mommy daughter day)

1 Extreme 6hr Energy (4.99)
1 Colgate Toothpaste (2.99)
1 Small RS box of choc for my 3 yr old who I was spending a nice morning with alone (.75 clearance)

-1.50 Colgate

Total: just some change on the GC and recieved a 4.99 ECB and 3ECB