Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free Thomas

We went to Toys R Us today with the coupons reported by MoneySavingMom and got three free trains. We got a light and sounds Percy (reg 17.99!), a Thomas, and Peter Sam (both around 13 ea).
Around a 45 value for free! Talk about a great deal. My daughter played with them as soon as we got home.

Walmart suprises

Ok, I go to Walmart only on rare occasions but I had to try the Iams dog food deal bc that is our dog food brand of choice.

2 bags Smart Puppy Iams (5 ea)
1 broom (been using half of one since ours broke)(4.98)
dish brush made from recycled materials (1.25 clearance)
fabric softener (2.88)
liquid plumber (5.88 has on it a full rebate)
funkeys for my son (3.00 clearance- a great price usually 10.99- he paid me back for these)
2 donuts (.58 ea splurge buy for good kids)
Dr Pepper 2 liter (1.00)
BeechNut Toddler animal crackers (1.50)
BN micro meal (1.16)

(2)-5 Iams
(2)-1 BN

Total: 22.38 and will get 5.88 back from reabte and got 3 back fr son so really 13.50!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dentek Deal at Wags

Thanks to Couponnerd for the post about this wonderful deal!!

2 Dentek 90ct flossers (2.99 ea BOGO this week)

(2)-1 Dentek
-2.99 Wags BOGO

total: 1.07 on the GC Woohoo can't beat that price. My son uses these and so they will last him about 5 months- 6months for the 2 pks.

Dumpster Success

Ok, haven't done it in a while but went to the dumpsters today and guess what I found!!! Tons of Sunday newspapers with the inserts! These were unused papers just tossed and waiting for me to come and remove the inserts! All from this week I got 13 sets (of 3 booklets) of coupons plus a few from past weeks but those were just laying about. I am thinking Wed might be throw away paper day for some businesses or such so I might just have to start checking back on Weds. That would be so awesome!

Needless to say, Listerine is now calling out my name at Wags. I love Listerine! and free Listerine at Wags is such a great deal I am going to do that trans multiple times tomorrow at least that is the plan.
Anyway, just wanted to share my dumpster diving success. ( Now at this point you are either thinking this lady is completely nuts diving in dumpsters for coupons or this lady is brave and you are thinking of where you could try this out at. I mean 13 sets of coupons that is 39 booklets! :)(Just a note- no diving is actually involved nor icky trash stuff just looking if I can see and find so not even really digging- I guess it is more dumpster spotting)


So for those of you I let down by not posting the Wednesday March movie code for redbox, I am truly sorry. Today (or I guess yest. now ) was a crazy day. Someone hacked into my email account and sent out mass emails to all of my contacts. In trying to correct that situation I completely forgot about the redbox codes. Hopefully you were able to find them through their blog or another site. Couponnerd is always great about having them up as well. Her button is on the right side of your screen- if you haven't check her site out you definately should- it's great!
Anyway I will have the Monday code posted next week so please check back.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wags Listerine Deal

3 Listerine (3/$9)


Total 6.00 on GC and received 6RR

Trans 2

Hershey snack stix (clearance .99)
Advanced Memory Formula (19.99)
Wags Extra Strength (2.99)


Total: 7.97 on GC and will get 19.99 and 2.99 on card on rebate for March

CVS fun

No more Dry Idea at CVS :( Maybe more later this week...

2 Throat Coolers (4.99ea)


Total: .99 on GC and received 10ECBs from my raincheck back when they were doing the throat coolers for 4.99 and get it free after ECBs.

Trans 2 on Hubby's card:
CVS mouthwash (2.99)

-2.99 CVS q mailer

Total:0 OOP

Redbox Monday

OK here it is the code for a free movie from Redbox. It can only be used today, Monday. Make sure and check back on Wednesday for Movie Wednesday!!!


Happy watching! And remember if you have multiple credit cards or debit cards if you use the code on separate transactions you can get as many movies as you do credit cards!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Had to take part of the CVS freebies this week!

Irish Spring Body Wash (4.99)
2 Dry Idea (supposed to be 2.99 ea but one rang up 4.49)
CVS cotton balls (1.49)
Colgate MaxFresh (2.99)
2 boxes (small ones) Wheat Thins (1.00 ea)

-3 CVS Brand product (mailer q and got 1.51 in overage on this one since the cotton balls were only 1.49)
(2)-2 Dry Idea IP
-.50 Irish Spring
-1 off 2 Wheat Thins

Total:.47 on GC and got 2ECB Dry Idea, 4.99ECB Irish Spring, 2.99ECB Colgate.

Now, it has been reported and the bottom of my receipt verified you can get more than one on the Dry idea deal. However, I bought one reg and one unscented(the unscented is pictured on the flyer) and the reg rand up the 2.99 but the unscented rang up reg price and no ECBs. I saw the reg price on the reciept and asked to switch it. The manager told me the limit was one which that was fine but I wanted the sale price and he said I didn't et it bc of the limit. I will go to a diff one tomorrow and try again bc at the bottom it still says 1 needed for the ECBs and reported the limit being 3. I will verify tomorrow. At any point, I returned the wrong Dry Idea and the manager gave me back my 4.49 on a GC.