Thursday, January 22, 2009

My New Years Endevour

My goal this year is to make my own bread- starting from grinding the grain. So, my big purchase is the Nutrimill Grain Mill and of course grain :) . I am very excited to start...just have to wait for the mill to be delivered and the grain and recipes and all the other ingredients!!! So right now I am researching what all I need to make loaves of bread from scratch that my family can enjoy and reap the health benefits from. Do you have recipes you love??? Please share! My goal next year will be to get the Bosch mixer!
I am so excited!!!!!

Children's Place

If you have a Children's Place outelt near you now is the time to go- winter apparel is on clearance and you get to take 50% off the lowest price! At the one in Grapevine Mills Mall they had some small coats (by small I mean for babies) on this sale as well. I got my son a couple of shirts and my daughter a complete winter outfit(pants, fleece jacket and shirt) for right at $10. I also got a couple of other solid color long sleeve shirts for her to match other outfits. Ask at teh counter about the 15% off coupon- I had forgotten mine yest and they gave me the discount anyway(it is a q you can use over again though a certain date so it is not one they collect). I will have to get pics posted of the cute clothes. If you have not tried Children's Place you really should. They have great quality clothes and when you can find them on a good sale day then they are sometimes even cheaper than a thrift store or a lower end clothing store. My daughter's closet is mostly Children's Place clothes! :)


If you are in the Grand Prairie, Tx area you need to try out a place called Topline Salvage. They have discounted prices on tons of items....saying that check the prices, some items like canned goods and cereal you do better on at a good sale at the grocery store. However, snack itmes like chips and cereal bars, granola bars, energy bars and other snack and juice items are a great deal. In fact they just got in a major shipment of organic items and said there is so much it will take a good week to get it all out. Organic is right up my alley so let me tell you what all I got for under $32!!!

2 jars sunflower oil (.99 ea)
2 bread mix (1.50 ea)
2 Cascadian Farms granola bars
2 Health Valley Organic toaster pastries (1.50 ea)
1 Cheese Puffs Organic
2 10 ct trash bags(.79 ea)
1 bag pretzels
1 30ct box fruitabu smooshed fruit (3.00)
4 BK onion ring chip snacks(.25 ea)
3 trail mix single serv (3/1.00)
Monkey Brains Ogranic Oatmeal
4 bags Kettle Chips
2 bags blue corn tortilla chips
1 big bag spicy blue corn tortilla chips
2 bags terra veggie chips(.25)
2 bags veggie sticks (single serv)
8 Kashi Go Lean bars (.25 ea)
5 Planters Peanuts Single serv(.20 ea)
1 Choco Sport bar
1 bag 51 ct foam cups
1 bag cheese balls
1 bag choco animal crackers
4 cans cranberry cocktail ocean spray(.25 ea)
1 bag pretzel flat chips
1 can sloppy joe(.99)
2 Bot Grape waters (.25ea)
1 Disney Photo Box (.99)
3 Single serv packs oreos golden (.15 ea)
1 zootons organic fruit gummies
4 organic nut trail mix bars (.25 ea)
Some of this I did give to a friend who is going all organic so some of it is not in the pic and there may be a couple of things I am forgeting :)

KB Toys

So the KB near us is closing its doors tomorrow, the clearance there is pretty good so check your nearsest store. They are offering 80% off impulse items, 70% off electronic itmes, and 60% off all other items.
I purchased several magnetic play sets (pirates, ocean, doll house, fairies) for 1.59 and play doh mini sets for .79, travel games (like connect four and guess who) for just under 2.50, a cupcake carrier for the little one for $5, craft sets for around $3, and hand held games for around 2.50. They still had quite a bit left so if you are near Grapevine, Tx it might be worth looking for some Easter or Valentine's Day gifts fro those special children in your life or maybe some goody bag stuffers for a little ones bday party....


If you still have the kashi coupons for $2 off the soft baked cereal bars now is a great time to use them at Target! Target has the soft baked bars on sale this week for 2.75. I did buy quite a few boxes at Walmart last week at 2.97 but I still had 6 coupons left so I used them to buy 6 more boxes. Grand total of .75 OOP on each box. If you have yet to try them they are yummy! My favorite is the strawberry but the blackberry is good as well. My hubby tried the apple so I will have to ask his opinion on that one!

Happy Eating!

BTW Bulk items went on clearance at target. They were 15% off so keep checking and look for items to use your Qs with. This could make some amazing deals!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Deals to be posted

I scored some great deals today at Target and a local salvage place. Due to the time I will be posting them tomorrow. Also KB toy stores are closing- ours is on Friday and I got some excellent deals there as well. Also, if you have a Children's Place nearby check and see where the nearest outlet is- they are offering 50 percent off already clearanced prices!!! I got some great deals and plan to share them with lots of pics tomorrow so be sure to check back then!

Monday, January 19, 2009


A lot of the Target clothes (well I know kids anyway) are on the 75% off rack. You can score the kids some robes and pajamas for right around $3 and they were putting out girls jeans as well for around $4 a pair. Our Target had quite a bit so don't forget to look the next time you are there!
I ended up getting the 3yr old a cute Elmo long Sleeve shirt that says Elmo Loves Hugs for $1.74!


Revlon Matte (4.99)
2 boxes Valentines(1.99ea)

(2)-1 Wags Valtines Q

Total: 7.56 on GC and will get rebate on 4.99 - valentines were a good deal so I let the kids pick their cards out today- ended up with Hello Kitty and Extreme Sports.

CVS Trip 2

Where are the throat coolers???? LOL they have been out since the sale started...guess I need to get a raincheck!

2 St Ives body Lotion (2.99 ea)
2 Excedrin Express (1.99ea)
3 American Greetings cards (.99 ea)
1 CVS allergy (3.79)

(2)-2 St Ives
-3 off 2 body lotions CVS reciept Q
(2)-2 Excedrin
3.99 ECB

Total: 1.79 on GC that my sis got me so nothing oop for me! Recieved: 3.79ECB CVS allergy and 3 ECB from American greetings- this is a good deal if you get the .99 cards(with Valentine's around the corner good timing) they end up free after ECBs!


I want to take just a sec to thank my family esp my mom for an awesome bday lunch yest. All the food was great and it was very nice to spend time with everyone. Thanks to all for the gifts as well.
One of my sisters gave me a $25 GC to CVS- ok so no more OOP for a long time:) or maybe I will get something that is not an ECB deal- ok that would be hard but maybe:)
I also got to show my mom how to put coupons on her Kroger card and that was fun- I told my grandmother about it and will have to see about helping her out on it next time.
Anyway, I had a great day and wanted to tell my family thanks for being such a great family. I am blessed!


Ok, I am back at it..nothing really special but still a good deal.

1 Rogaine for Men(will either donate this item or use it as a gag gift)(19.99)
2 Natural Instincts Hair Color (5.99 ea)
2 J&J Buddies Soaps(1.19ea)
1 Nutratrim Gum (3.99)
1 Huggies Wipes(64ct)(3.49)
1 Nestle Good Start(will donate)(10.99)
2 Maybeline Minerals Cosmetics (7.99 and 8.99)
1 20oz Coke (1.49)

-10 off $50 purchase CVS reciept Q
-15 Rogaine websiteQ
-5 off 2 Natural Instincts newspaperQ
-2 J&J printableQ
-11 Nestle formula check- mailed
-1.49 Coke Q from mycokerewards
-.75 Huggies wipes Q mailer
-2 Huggies wipes CVS reciept Q

Total:.07 OOP Woohoo and earned 3.99ECB Nutratrim, 10ECB Maybeline, 2ECB natural instincts, 5 ECB Rogaine
I still have to go back a do a few more deals that I wasn't prepared for. Will let you know when I do :)