Friday, October 17, 2008


Get some free samples here:


an election packet (printable for kids)

a free sample of Dove Hair care

$1 off Crest ProHealth at the link below:

$5 off Iams Natural Dog Food

Lysol Coupons (and more) go here and sign up for the newsletter

If you live in the DFW (Tx) metroplex you can go here and they have special deals on dining and entertainment (half price- you get a $50 gc for only $25)

Are you tired of going into stores at the Christmas holiday and the employees cannot say Merry Christmas? Well take a stand with the AFA (American Family Associtaion) by purchasing buttons to wear through the Christmas season. They say "It is ok to say Merry Christmas". You can find info on them with the link below.

Wags Coupon

Did you get your Wags $5 off a $25 purchase coupon? Use the link below to get to it.
I am not sure that I will be using this as I just went to Wags last night and did my major purchasing (of course!). Leave comments below with how you will use yours! Maybe you will inspire me :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

CVS and Wags

OK, as usual, I got up to the stores only to discover some of the things I though I was going to get are either out of stock or a much higher price than others have been finding. So, I did come up iwth a few things. That is why I am reluctant to post something until I have tried it myself, I don't want to give out info only to have to go back and correct it. Anyway, I went to the CVS that I don't usually go to and of course I had problems. First of they don't accept any internet coupons no exceptions- I knew this going in so I didn't bring any to use. Secondly if it doesn't scan or if it beeps in error they will not override regardless- even if the picture clearly shows the item you are purchasing (which is what happened tonight so I had her remove the items from my purchase). Third, I have rarely seen any of them smile- it is weird. The other CVS just a little farther away is so different a whole different atmosphere. I like going to that one but I really though, ok it is later in the evening maybe it will be better. Was I wrong- oh well I will make sure and go to the other one from now on.

Here are the transactions:

Trans 1

4 2 liter Dr Peppers (4/$5)
2 Crest White Expressions (2/$6)
3 Kotex (3/$9)

(3) -1 Kotex
(2) -1 Crest

Total:4.27 OOP - I was going to use my 4.50RR but the lady would not adjust down and I was at the photo counter and of couse they had nothing in the dollar range with in sight plus there was a long line but I did recieve 2RR from the Crest, 2RR from the Dr Pepper, and 3RR from the Kotex. I also had notice the filter water pitchers were on sale for 7.99 (reg 9.99) and I did get the filter free after rebate last month so I decided to use RR to get a pitcher.

Trans 2

1 Walgreen's water pitcher (7.99)
1 Caramel (.33)

Total OOP:.89

Now for the CVS

Trans 1
3 Sobe Life Water (5/$5)
2 Gatorade (5/$5)
1 Swiffer Duster Kit (6.99)
1 Swiffer starter kit (7.99)
1 Colgate Advance toothpaste (3.49)
2 Cover Girl CLean Powders (5.49 ea)

-6.99 BOGO Swiffer get Duster free
-1.50 Colgate
-5.49 Cover Girl BOGO
-1 CoverGirl
-1 CVS Coupon for something else I was going to purchase but I had her take off after the MQ would not scan(she went ahead and used the coupon from CVS though I guess)
(2) -4 ECB
-4.98 ECB

Total: .20OOP and recieved 3ECB Gatorade, 3ECB from Covergirl, 5ECB from Swiffer, 2ECB from Colgate

Trans 2
1 Well Patch (5.99)

used 5ECB and paid: .99 OOP and recieved 5.99 ECB

I know these these transactions did not go exactly as planned and I spent more ECBs then I earned but overall the trips were decent. I am still looking for the Reinventing Beauty Book- the lady had said they were out a few days after they got them so I am hoping they will get more. She did show me where to look for them at though so I know they exist!

Dunkin Donuts

Ok, I have to admit I am a sucker for Dunkin Donuts (the actual donuts not the coffee). I love a good choclate frosting filled powdered sugar covered donut. I can get them but I have to drive about an hour away.
I am not a coffee drinker and never have been, but if you are and live in the Dallas, Tx area, I just got an email saying they were giving away free med hot or iced coffees on Mondays in October. Also they advertised the 99 cent latte on weekdays from 2-5pm (as a note they are having for a limited time a pumpkin latte or you can pick from your other favorite flavors). Unfortunately no donut coupons or I would so be there!
My husband is the Krispy Kreme fanatic but me a good Dunkin Donut is what a real donut tastes like. Ok, maybe I am a bit silly but I grew up with Dunkin Donuts and a 24hr one at that. Then they all started disappearing but there was still one I could get to. Then I moved and no more, but one night on the way to Awanas I spied another one and my heart was happy again! However that is before we changed churches when we moved. So I do not drive that far to church anymore but every now and then I will go by and pick up a couple dozen donuts.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Walmart Samples

Go to the link below for some great samples from Walmart.

They are giving samples of Always Infinity, John Freida, Playtex, Stayfree, Benefiber, a free shopping list pad from PUR, Nicorrette and Kotex.


Do you have a teen or know a teen that likes free stuff? Check out this site:
It is a site geared to teens- some of the freebies are for those 14 and up only- varies with the freebie. I stumbled upon it when they were giving out the free bag when you purchase the Nuetrogena Wave. Just wanted to let those of you with teens in on it :).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Target 10/12

My son's bday party was today so on our way home we decided to run into Target to get something for dinner. I did fairly well.

Trans 1

2 18lb Purina Dog Food (9.99 ea- the dogs will apreciate this!)
3 TGIFridays complete skillet meals (6.00 on sale)
2 Revlon emry board pkgs (1.47 ea)
1 Revlon toe nail clippers (2.39)
3 Boxes Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (2.00 ea)
6 Ceasar wet dog food (.72 ea)

(3) -2 Target coupon off Skillet Meals
(3) -1 Skillet Meals MQ
(3) -1 Revlon Beauty Tools MQ
-3 off 2 Revlon Tools Target coupon
-1 off Revlon Tools Target coupon
(3) -.50 off Granola Bars Target coupon
-1 off 3 boxes Granola Bars MQ
(3) - .72 Little Ceasar BOGO MQ

Total : 37.54 OOP and recieved a $5 gift card. I will use this later this week to get the vitamin water deal - Buy 10 at 10/10 get a $5 giftcard. So I will purchase 10 and pay $5 OOP and get another giftcard! Don't forget to check for printable coupons that you can combine with the MQs! It makes for some awesome deals! Also I got from a CVS tearpad coupons for Buy 6 vitamin waters get 3 Powerade 32oz free so you could get 10 vitamin water and 3 powerade for 5 bucks! or you could buy 30 vitamin water and 15 powerades for 30 bucks and get 3 $5 giftcards which makes it just $15 for a total 45 bottles! ( I only have four coupons so I am not sure if I am going to do that one or not- I would have to get another coupon and that really is alot. But if you drink a lot of it it is a really good deal.

OK, I went back today- mainly to try out the vitamin water deal and make sure they would take the coupon- it did have a CVS logo on the front but it was a MQ. And, they did take it. It beeped saying the items were not there so she reread the coupon and overrided the computer.Here is what I did:

1 15ct glow bracelets (impulse buy for the three yr old)
10 vitamin waters(10/10)
3 powerade (.89 ea total of 2.67)

Buy 6 get 3 Powerade free - 2.67
$5 gc from the purina purchase

Total: 6.50 and recieved another $5 GC!

WAGS 10/12

So I decided to make a quick run into Walgreens today to get some of the dimatap promotion- Buy 3 at 3.99 ea and get 10RR. Since I had no RR left from last week I had to use OOP money
:-( Oh, well. Here is the transaction below.
I will be posting Wags and CVS deals as soon as I make it back so keep checking back to see what great deals I can get. BTW make sure and check out my Target section- they are having some pretty good deals this week as well.

Trans 1
3 Dimatap (3.99 ea)

(3) -2 off Dimatap printable

Total: 5.97 OOP but recieved a $10 RR to use next time!!! I will use it later this week with the soda deal and still looking into the rest. :-) OK, I goofed here- I totally forgot about the 4.50 RR I got last night on the Listerine! I could have had a better deal- I hate it when I do that :-( Well, now I have 14.50 in RR and a few more things to buy before I submit my rebate. The good news is that I am up to about 75 dollars on the rebate if not closer to 80!