Sunday, October 12, 2008

Target 10/12

My son's bday party was today so on our way home we decided to run into Target to get something for dinner. I did fairly well.

Trans 1

2 18lb Purina Dog Food (9.99 ea- the dogs will apreciate this!)
3 TGIFridays complete skillet meals (6.00 on sale)
2 Revlon emry board pkgs (1.47 ea)
1 Revlon toe nail clippers (2.39)
3 Boxes Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (2.00 ea)
6 Ceasar wet dog food (.72 ea)

(3) -2 Target coupon off Skillet Meals
(3) -1 Skillet Meals MQ
(3) -1 Revlon Beauty Tools MQ
-3 off 2 Revlon Tools Target coupon
-1 off Revlon Tools Target coupon
(3) -.50 off Granola Bars Target coupon
-1 off 3 boxes Granola Bars MQ
(3) - .72 Little Ceasar BOGO MQ

Total : 37.54 OOP and recieved a $5 gift card. I will use this later this week to get the vitamin water deal - Buy 10 at 10/10 get a $5 giftcard. So I will purchase 10 and pay $5 OOP and get another giftcard! Don't forget to check for printable coupons that you can combine with the MQs! It makes for some awesome deals! Also I got from a CVS tearpad coupons for Buy 6 vitamin waters get 3 Powerade 32oz free so you could get 10 vitamin water and 3 powerade for 5 bucks! or you could buy 30 vitamin water and 15 powerades for 30 bucks and get 3 $5 giftcards which makes it just $15 for a total 45 bottles! ( I only have four coupons so I am not sure if I am going to do that one or not- I would have to get another coupon and that really is alot. But if you drink a lot of it it is a really good deal.

OK, I went back today- mainly to try out the vitamin water deal and make sure they would take the coupon- it did have a CVS logo on the front but it was a MQ. And, they did take it. It beeped saying the items were not there so she reread the coupon and overrided the computer.Here is what I did:

1 15ct glow bracelets (impulse buy for the three yr old)
10 vitamin waters(10/10)
3 powerade (.89 ea total of 2.67)

Buy 6 get 3 Powerade free - 2.67
$5 gc from the purina purchase

Total: 6.50 and recieved another $5 GC!

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