Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well here in the dallas/ft worth area, Kroger is running a double up to a dollar manufater coupon day on Sat! Wow haven't seen these in a while in this area and I am super excited!!!!!
I hope to drag out the coupons tomorrow in the hunt of the BIG DEALS - haha.
I will let you know if I find anything that is just so awesome you have to try it!
Also dont forget that Office Depot and Staples are doing their teacher days as well on Sat(check to see if your local stores are also scheduled this week or when they are by calling your store)! Should be a busy morning for me!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Here is a great deal done several ways!:

Kelloggs is running the buy 10 get a $10 rebate promo. Along with that Albertsons has a lot of their Kelloggs 10 for $30 (so $3 a box). That itself is not a great price but continue reading :) Then if you buy 10 not only do you get the check from Kelloggs but you can use the store coupon in the ad at Albertsons for another $10 off instantly. That brings your total to 20 minus the 10 rebate makes it now $10. But wait two options can happen from here. A few weeks ago Kelloggs released a bunch of coupons for $1 off 2 of various products along with the rebate form. Use 5 of these for whichever Kelloggs products you enjoy to make your total after rebate of $5 for 10 boxes of Kelloggs!!! Hold on though, if you are a Vocal Point mom you recently received qs for Rice Krispies which is also on the promo. Use your free box q to take 3 off and then the 5 -1qs to take another 5 off plus two of the above Kelloggs qs to take another $2 off and your qs are up to 10. What does that mean??? After your $10 rebate comes in your total OOP is NOTHING!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO sounds great.

Here is what I just did:
6 boxes Rice Krispies 18 oz ($3 ea)
2 boxes Nutrigrain bars (3 ea)
2 boxes Kelloggs Choco Chip cookies (Choco lovers and coconut cc) (3 ea)


-10 Albertsons store q
-3 free Krispies
(5)-1 Krispies
-1 off 2 nutrigrain
-1 off two cookies

Total OOP is $10 now to send in the rebate for $10 and nothing OOP :)


If you are still checking on my blog I want to apologize to you. I have def not been the best host this summer and I do not see it getting any better until Sept. Things have just been going 90mph and they are not slowing down until we start school at the end of August and get our schedule back. We have had lots of fun and lots of low cost fun this summer and due to that it has taken time from my blog.
I hope to get back into my routine soon and I do miss relaying the deals. I will post if I come accross something great that I dont see elsewhere. Honestly between Money Saving Mom and Coupon Nerd they keep you well stocked with the deals as do most of the blogs right now and I will get back to posting the reg deals when we get back on schedule. Every now and then though I will post -like I am about to do) a deal I have yet to see and think you will appreciate.
So please bear with me and accept my apologies for not keeping the blog updated.


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ok guys Staples teacher appreciation days are coming- check the following link to find out when it will be in your city or area!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


YAY freebies!

1 scissors (2.99)(they only had one left)
2 rulers (.99ea)
2 notebooks (.99ea)
2 folders (.05ea)
3 Pens (.99ea)
2 Glue (.99ea)

12 ECBs

Total: 0OOP and recieved 2.99ECB scissors, (3)1.98 ECBs from rulers, notebooks and glue, and 2.97ECBs from pens

Hubbys card (had 4 ECBs to roll)
2 Pens pkg (.99ea)
2 Notebooks (.99ea)
1 folder (.05)

used 4ECBs making the total .01 OOP and recieved (2) 1.98 ECBs from pens and notebooks...
so hapyy to get some deals finally!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th!

Ok, so I know I have been hit and miss here lately. I did go shoppin gat wags bc my rr were about to go bad but the deals have been so lacking. I got some clearance items along with the try me free organic shampoo and lotex products...but nothing to get all excited about spent about 17 in RR and an add $11 OOP and got back 3RR and rebate will come for 6.99. Not the best by far.
However my little girl is turning 4 on Sunday!!!! It is so hard to believe that it has been 4 years since she graced us with her presence :). Mind you, she was 2 months early! She scared us quite a bit at first but I am here to tell you she quickly caught up and is so super smart. However, she is our little miracle and she doesn't let us forget it LOL. I am sitting here thinking she is no tour baby anmore she is a pre k child! Wow that is a lot to take. My son is going into the 5th grade! Wow how time flies....sometimes much too fast.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a good weekend. I will try to get some pics up after this weekend of the fun birthday party at Nana's house :) We have a pinata!
Deals right now? well Target through tomorrow is having some awesome deals on strawberries, lunch meat and ice cream! Print out their grocery coupons either at home or their registry kiosks and save one dollar on Hillshire Farms lunch meat (2.99 this week) making it 1.99, Dreyers or Eddy's icecream (2.33 this week) making it 1.33!!! , and driscoll strawberries (1.99 this week) making it 99 cents! Awesome deals for just a weekend or for a gathering for the fourth! We def took part in those deals- had to get ice cream for the bday and strawberrrries for the 4th and lunch meat for the week! Don't miss out on them!
Well guys, I know I have been scarce and am hopin gto get back on my routine now so check back after the weekend. Also the free redbox movie code comes on Monday so be sure to check back!

HAPPY 4TH and Stay Safe!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's summertime

Well, here in Texas it is already hot close to 100 degrees all this week. So, for me that means summer! We have been to Bible School, Putt Putt, pet and ride a pony and will be going on so many more planned activities. How has your summer been going?
Due to the FUN activities, I have yet to step into a CVS or Wags this week (I know totally unlike me). But as the deals have been lagging so has my desire for making a special run to CVS and Wags. My ECBs don't expire until the 24th so I am good for a few days :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


RR expired same day so I had to get in there! Started with 9 RR

1 pkg dog bones (.75 clearance)
1 2pk Dove soap
2 Dove Go Fresh deod
2 Dove shampoo
3 dove reg deod
2 Gillette Mens body wash
1 purex 3 in 1 (5.99)
2 coppertone sun screen (on sale BOGO half off so made them 11 and 5)

-5 off $25 purchase
-1.50 Dove
(6)-1 Dove
(2)-1 Gillette
-1 Purex
(2)-3 Coppertone

Total : a little over 25 ( I was trying to be at 20 so I think I mistakenly counted my 5 off q twice in my head) Received 3RR from Purex, 2 RR from Gillette, and 10RR from Dove so total OOP would be about 10 bucks, I guess :) for me it is still 25 OOP LOL. But it is summer and with this and the CVS banana boat last week I think we are set for sunscreen maybe for the summer- I guess it depends on how much we are at the lake.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Topline Salvage

For those of you in the Grand Prairie/Arlington Area look up Topline Salvage....great deals are to be had

Most items are a great deal and though I spent 55 dollars what I got should have been well over that!

4 snack size Bugles (.25 ea)
4 snack size choco chip animal cookies (.25 ea)
4 snack size chex mix (.25 ea)
2 vienna creme cookie snack size (.25ea)
2 Slim Jim Beef Steak singles (.50 ea)
6 PopAlongs Organic chip/crakers (.50 ea)
2 organic toaster pastries(6ct) (1.00ea)
2 Organic breakfast bars (6 ct)(1.00 ea)
1 bag 17lb dog food (5.00)
1 75ct snack cups (1.00)
1 51 ct cups (.89)
3 large cans dog food (.89 ea)
3 boxes organic choco cookies sim to Teddy Grahams) (3/1.00)
2 boxes organic crackers (.50 ea)
2 snack size welch's fruit and yogurt snacks (.25 ea)
2 Popalongs snack size bag- organic (5/1.00)
10 bars Green and Blacks organic chocolate (1.00 ea)
3 bars Lindt white choco (1.00)
2 bars Lindt milk choco (.50)
1 bag beef jerky (1.00)
2 boxes Organic Cereal (1.00 ea)
4 Grandmas PB cookies 2 ct (,25 ea)
2 Organic Granola bars (1.00 ea)
1 Bag of organic triple choco cookies (1.00)
2 cokes in bottle fr Mexico- use real sugar (.89 ea)
2 Energy Shot drinks (1.00 ea)
3 energy drinks (3/1)
1 energy drink (1.00)

There maybe some things I left out but you get the picture...lots good food for cheap. These are all name brand items like: Brent and Sams, Cascadian Farms, Kashi, etc....too many to list but AWESOME deals!!!!!

Deals lacking

I am a little frustrated in the lack of some really good deals lately...I wonder if they are coming back or taking a summer holiday???

I did enjoy a roast chicken club from Arby's today. Remember everyday throughout the summer Wed is free day well free with purchase....just about every other week is free sandwich with drink...
I bought 5 milks (1.29 ea) and one DP- small (1.49) and got 6 clubs free (one for each of us) and only spent 7.57...not too bad for some awesome food!!!!!

This week has been extremely busy as we have been at VBS at church, tennis classes and karate classes that started back up this week...throw in running a few errands and the hour drive to VBS and hour back and you have for some full days!!!!


So, if you haven't heard by now the $5 off 25 purchase at Wags q is out. While there aren't any over the top awesome deals there are a few that might end up quite decent.....I do have an additional 8 RR to use as well so I am going tomorrow to fig out if I can make it work and get enough RR out of it to be worth it or just wait :)
the Dove deal may end up being a close money maker, and the purex is always put to good use, the gillette and head and shoulders is not too terrible.....well we shall see....

WOW at Albertson's

Well, I have to post about this deal even though I did it on the last day of the sale:

OK the deal was(and they might just run it again this is the 2nd time they have run it in a couple months so be on the look out!)
Buy 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal (selected var) get 3 boxes free plus 3 catalinas for 1 gall of milk on each plus get a box of pop tarts for 99 cents



7 boxes cereal (Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops)
7(-1) off certain boxes Kelloggs cereal

1 box pop tarts
99 cent q from Alb
-55 cent q from paper

Get 7 boxes cereal, 3 gall milk qs to use on any gall milk up to $3 value, and one box of poptarts for $7.45. That is a GOOD deal!!!

Also I used my rain check for the all meat oscar mayer hot dogs at 99 cents (limit 4)
bought 4 and used (2)-1 off 2 qs to get 4 pkgs for 1.98.....not too shabby!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

CVS Sunblock deal

Well, we have hit the swimming pools and lakes and now it is time to stock up on the sunscreen so I ran to CVS hoping to get the Banana Boat at around 7.19 however our prices started at 8.99 for spf15 and went up from there.

1 Red Bull for the hubby(2.50)
2 Banana Boat spf 50 (10.29 ea)
1 Gillette Fusion(7.99)

-5 off $30 purchase email q
(2)-2 Banana Boat
-4 Gillette
(2) 4 ECBs
(2) 2 ECBs

Total: 6.57 and received 11 ECBs (7 from BB and 4 from Gillette) - note hubby gave me the 2.50 for his Red Bull so my CVS OOP was really 4.07 not too bad I guess for sunscreen :) Hopefully the deals get better!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

National Doughnut Day

Krispy Kreme in honor of National Doughnut Day is giving a doughnut to each person who visits a participating Krispy Kreme on Friday, June 5th. Go to Krispy Kreme for more details.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summertime Goodies

Tomorrow here is the deal:

Arby's is doing a free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase

Sonic is giving out FREE rootbeer floats from 8 until midnight
Go to>FREE Float Night at SONIC®
for details

Also, check out these promos!
Sign your kids up at your local library for their summer reading club (here in Tx most public libraries do this) and the kids and adults can get some awesome prizes

Check out Barnes and Noble for a reading log. After the kids (1st- 6th grade) read 8 books they get to pick a free one from a selected list. Each child can do this twice!

Half Price Books also has a reading log and you record how much your child reads on the weekly list (last year they had to read 5 days for 15 minutes- this year I couldn't find a specific amount of days it just says 15 min a day- then turn them in each week at the store and they will give them a free $3 GC to Half Price Books!!!! The kids loved going each week and then getting to buy anywhere from 1-3 books each!>

Chuck E Cheese also has their reading rewards calendars along with many others that when filled up will allow your child to get 10 free tokens.

Where are the deals?

OK, besides the Ecotrin deal at Wags (free after RR) does anyone else see any deals????? I am having a hard time finding them!
I did use my rain check at CVS to buy the speed stick pro (2) and got (2) 4ECBs to replace 8ECBs about to expire and then bought some milk (2.69) and a Red Bull for the hubby with the other 4.99 about to expire and got 1 ECB in return......I have until the 24th to find soem more deals before the next set expire so hopefully they will have better deals next week!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Didn't make it to WAGs last night- ( was going to go after my son's tennis practice but my husband so graciously offered to take him and wait with him so I could get things together for dinner and take care of the other kids instead of piling everyone in the car) so I made it out today. Nothing major to report. I did get my 8.99 (free after RR) calcium supp. The kids found a dora color wonder for 2.59 and a rare FunKey for 1.79. There were lots of tags throughout the store but not a lot of merchandise left. My advice check more than one store. My sister has been to several now and stocked up on some of the toys(she is a teacher) and there are good deals to be had if you can find them. Some I did see but were not in were Barbies (Hannah Montana and HSM) for around $3, care Bears for I believe it was .75 to 1.50, candy 75% off, lots of clearance make up- some wet and wild jumbo lip gloss for .75 as well as some nail color for .25-.50. Anyway, it is worth a quick stop if you need to stock up.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yes I know I spelled birthday wrong. LOL. But, I received an email yesterday that Burt's Bees is having their Burt Day and giving away 1,000 coupons for free lip balm a day for 25 days( I believe this started yesterday)!!! The give a way is between 9am and 12 noon EDT. Today's has not been done yet so start by clicking

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Word is wags is having awesome clearance deals- look for color wonder, fun keys, amp energy drinks all for around $2. That is not all- look all around the store for the orange clearance tags and diff stores have diff items so this is the time not to pass up a wags store when you see one- deals can be found on quite a few toys and games as well as food items. I am going today and hope to find some awesome deals- I will post if I do :)


I did make a run to CVS Monday night to get what was left of the deals and rainchecks for the others.

1 Diego Bandaid(2.99)
1 Enfamil can (4.99)
1 Good Start (10.99)
1 Revlon Nail color (3.99)
2 Coke 20oz (1.49 ea)
1 Wrigley's gum (.99)
1 Colgate Total (2.99)

-5 off 30
-2 ECB
-11 check Good Start
-5 check Enfamil
-1 Colgate
-1 Bandaid
(2)-1.49 Bandaid
-.99 Wrigleys

Total: 0 OOP and recieved 2ECBs bandadi, 2ECBs Colgate, 3ECBs Revlon

Trans 2

1 Bandaid Diego (2.99)

-1 Band Aid
2 Ecbs - adjusted down

Nothing OOP and received 2 ECBs

Hubby's card:(should have done these sep but oh well vacatin made me a little CVS rusty )
2 Bandaids(2.99 ea)
(2)-1 Bandaid
-2 ECBs

Total: 1.97 OOP on GC and recieved 4 ECBs

I'm Back

So sorry for the extended vacation from the blogging world, the deals at CVS and Wags have been lagging and then my family and I took a vacation. I am back now :)

We had a lot of fun not too far from home. We went to Glen Rose, TX and went to Dinosaur World, the Creation Evidence Museum, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Big Rock Park, the Granbury Drive In, the Memorial Day weekend festivities in Granbury, the Granbury old jail, then went to Dublin, Tx to the oldest working Dr Pepper plant, and to Lipan, Tx to the world's largest Cedar Rocking Chair- and some great brisket. Then went and spent a day at the lake. Whew, it really sounds like a lot but it was so relaxing and just what we needed as a family.Check out the pics!

Dinosaur World:

Dinosuar Valley State Park:

Big Rock Park:

Dublin, Tx

Rocking Chair in Lipan, Tx

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ARBY'S Freebies!!!!

So last week was just a kick off for a summer long of freebies(you do have to sgn up for their Arby's® Extras. so you get the email bc you have to print out the flyer- and considering they will be doing this all month, go ahead and sign up now! click here)
(Note- I went today and no coupon was required!)

Here is the list for May:

May 13: Free Roast burger with soft drink purchase

May 20: Free Choco Malt Swirl Shake with any sandwich purchase

May 27: Free Reg Roast beef with soft drink purchase

Found this list which has the whole summer's freebies listed:

May 13th - Free RoastBurger with soft drink purchase
May 20th - Free Chocolate Malt Swirl Shake with sandwich purchase
May 27th- Free Regular Roast Beef with soft drink purchase
June 3rd- Free FruiTea with sandwich purchase
June 10th- Free Roast Chicken Club with soft drink purchase
June 17th- Free Regular Side Kicker with sandwich purchase
June 24th- Free Regular Roast Beef with soft drink purchase
July 1st- Free Regular Beef and Cheddar with soft drink purchase
July 8th- Free Orange Cream Shake with sandwich purchase
July 15th- Free Regular Roast Beef with soft drink purchase
July 22nd- Free RoastBurger with soft drink purchase
July 29th- Free FruiTea with sandwich purchase
August 5th- Free Regular Roast Beef with soft drink purchase
August 12th- Free Roast Chicken Club with soft drink purchase
August 19th- Free FruiTea with sandwich purchase
August 26th- Free Roast Beef 'n Cheddar with soft drink purchase

Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Code Monday!!

Ok, so this is the last of the free Monday weekly codes. The next free code will be on the first Monday of each month through the summer.
Here is your code: 6A43JK
As always, enjoy your movie!!!! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bearer of Bad News

I just received word that Redbox is discontinuing the Free Movie Mondays after May 11th. However once a month through this summer they will continue offering a free movie on the first Monday of the month. I will continue to keep you informed of the codes as I get them. So enjoy them while they are here. I personally am going to miss our family movie Monday but I guess $1 is not that much to pay for a night's rental :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


2 7Up 12 pk cans (3/10)
1 Dr Pepper 12 pk (3/10)
1 Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste (4.49)
2 Omega 3 choco bars (.24 ea)
2 V8 Fusion (2/6)
2 V8 (2/6)

(2)-1 7UP
-1 Colgate
(2)-2 Fusion
(2)-1 V8 ( one of these was rung at -2)

Total: 5.97 on GC and received 5RR from Dr Pepper and 4.50 from Colgate

2nd Trans
Colgate Sensitive (4.49)
-1 Colgate

Total: 3.49 on GC

HERE is the Link for FREE KFC

Happy Eating!!!

more details :)

Go to
KFC - Unthink what you thought about KFC

and you can print up to 4 coupons for a free 2pc grilled chicken plate with 2 sides and a biscuit. This coupon has to be printed by May 6th at 9:59 Central time. It is valid from may 5th through May 19th but it excludes Mother's Day. It is a barcoded coupon so it cannot be duplicated and only 4 printouts are allowed per computer- it will tell you that you have reached your limit if you try to print more.
Here are the site specific terms:
*Terms: Free offer good for 2 pieces of Kentucky Grilled Chicken™ (manager’s choice) and two individual sides and a biscuit at participating KFC restaurants located in the U.S., while supplies last. Limit one offer per coupon, one coupon per person during offer period. Must be redeemed in person. Not good with any other offers. No photocopied, mechanically reproduced or altered coupons accepted. Coupon can not be sold or traded. Valid only if printed from Applicable tax extra. Void where prohibited. By printing coupon, you agree that KFC is not responsible for any technical problems or malfunctions of computer systems, servers or printers or lost or unavailable network connections. You are limited to 4 online prints of coupon. Coupon fraud is punishable by law

Monday, May 4, 2009


Go to Arby's on May 6th and say "I'm parched. FruiTea me." and you will get one FruiTea for free. Choose from: Passion Fruit, Mandarin Peach, Diet Peach, and Diet Blackberry.


Tuesday, May 5th during the Oprah show she will give out a website that you can go to to get a coupon for a 2pc grilled chicken plate with one side and a biscuit- free. My sources say you can print out the q up to 4 times per computer!!!! So I will be watching the Oprah show to get the website and once I find it I will pass the info along to you!!! :)


My card:
1 CVS BRand Nicotine Gum 100 ct (29.99)my husband was out so this was a must have
3 boxes Kelloggs cereal (3/10)

-4 off 20 CVS Brand
(3)-1 Kellogs

Total:4.59 OOP on GC and received 5ECBs from Kelloggs

Trans 2

1 Zantrex 3 Energy shot (4.99)
1 Colgate max Fresh toothbrush(2.99)
1 Gluecerna Cereal (4.59)
1 Gluecerna 4pk shakes (5.99)

-5 Glucerna
-1.25 Glucerna

Total: 2.74 on GC and recieved 5 ECBs and 2 ECBs

Trans 3 on hubbys card- same as trans 2

candy 40 cents

used 8 ECBs and spent .39 on GC then received 5ECBs and 2 ECBs

Free Movie Code

Here it is, your Redbox Movie Code. valid today only:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Went in looking for the 7.99 ROC on sale for 3.99 but yet again they were out. Also looked for the dollar bandaids but no such luck either. The kids and I were thirsty after the bread bowl so we just spent a couple ECBs :)

2 Russell Stover's choco eggs 5pk (.19ea on clearance)
1 Gerber Banana toddler snack (3.29)
1 Oak Farms choco milk (1.19)

Used 2ECBs marked down to 1.89 and got it all free :)


Did you get your bread bowl??? I really though we would not get there in time. My daughter has karate from 11-1130 on Wed mornings so I said we will swing by after and just see. Sure enough they still had some. We got 2 Marinara and one Chicken Alfredo. I took one of the marinara's to my husband who was at work and my daughter and I split the Alfredo and my son had the other marinara. Needless to say we have leftovers :). I have to admit the Alfredo was our favorite. YUMMY! Thanks Domino's!


Rembrant Mouthwash (5.99)
Toxic Waste Sour Candy (.32 clearance)


Total: .34 on GC and recieved 6RR from Rembrant

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So next week stop by Lowe's, but make sure and register first, and make a planter for mom or gma!
Details: May 9th from 10am to 11am
Go to the link below to get registered!
While you are there sign up for the next clinic where the kids can make a first aid kit! They usually take down the registration forms the day of or before the clinic so best bet to go ahead and sign up now!

Home Depot

From 9am until noon kids can go to home depot and build a mini wheelbarrow (a perfect Mother's Day gift for gma's or mom's garden!) Take it home and have the kids paint it- maybe even put the kids' handprints on it for the little ones!
Go to:
for more info!

Next month make an organizer for dad or gpa!


Rembrant toothpaste (5.99)
2 Listerine Whitening mouthwash (2/$8)
Ecotrin (2 marked up to 2.25 so the q would work)
Crackers (.25 clearance- filler)
twizzlers (.75 clearance- filler)
Autozone refill (2.49)

(2)-1 Listerine
-2.25 Ecotrin
-2.49 Autozone

Total:3.74 on GC and recieved 6RR, 4RR, 2RR

Dominos Bread Bowl

Free Bread Bowl at participating Dominos (call ahead) from 11am- 2pm. They are giving away 100 bread bowls so once they are gone, that is it!

Monday, April 27, 2009


time for a free code- (sorry I so meant to put it up this AM)

Enjoy your movie(s) and stop by a KFC and get a piece of grilled chick on your way home!


Make sure and stop by a KFC to get a free piece of their NEW grilled chicken. I am going this afternoon for a snack. Each person gets one piece and it is YUMMY. If you haven't tried it yet NOW would be a good time :)


Garnier anti frizz serum (2.99)
Crest toothpaste (1.99)
5 Visine A (3.79ea)
1 Baind aid sheers (3.29)
4 Post Trail Mix Cereal (2.50ea)

-5 off 30 purchse CVS email q
(4)-2 Trail Mix IP q
(5)-3 Visine
-1 Band aid
-.50 Crest
-1 Garnier

Total:.74 on GC and recieved 1 ECB Crest, 2 ECB Garnier, 10 ECB bandaid/visine deal

Has anyone found the $1 Bandaids??? I couldn'e find them- cheapest I found is 3.29.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

CVS Hubby's card

2 Healthy Gums mouth wash (6.99ea)
4 Big Red Slimpack Gum (1.19ea)
2 Dove Deod trial size (2/$2)
1 CVS reuseable bag (1.00)

-4 off 20 CVS mailer
(2)-2 Healthy Gums
(4)-1.19 Free gum
(2)-1 Dove

Total: .10 OOP and recived 8ECBs from Healthy Gums

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wags Earth Day Deals

give 15% coupon first- they have to enter in employee discount at beg of transaction

2 Kraft Mac n Cheese Crackers 8oz (.76 each - clearance and discount!)
2 Glade Soy 4 oz candles (5.09)
1 Wags go green bag (.79)
1 erasers (.42 clear and disc)

-.79 Wags Bag- Earth Day Q
(2)-4 Glade IP
(2)-2 Wags Easy Saver Q

Total: .15 oop Woohoo!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


ok, it was time to use up some RR- we needed a few things and better to spend RR than oop :)

3 12pk Dr Pepper (3/11)
2 Just for Men hair color (6.99)
3 folders (.17 used for filler)
1 eraser pk (.50 filler)
1 6pk pencils(.25 used for filler) (all fillers were so I could use more qs-RR)

(2)-1.50 Just for Men Wags Easy Saver q
(2)-2 Just for Men MQ

Total: 1.82 on GC and received 5RR so yes I lost a bunch on that deal but the DP came out to 3 for 6 and my hubby was out of the Just for men(which I don't think he needs (I like the gray) but he has to have) SO used 17RR and only got 5 back so out 12RR and 1.82 (13.82 total) for 3 12pks and 2 JFM not too bad a deal :) Not my fav to do but sometimes it is just that way......I need to work on some rebate deals!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


3 Trans total (one made yest)

My card:
1 John Frieda Shampoo(5.00)
1 Biore strips (6.99)
1 Biore Skin preservation cleanser (6.99)
1 Bayer Aspirin (2)
1 Crest Prohealth (2.88)
1 Edge shave gel (2.89)

-4 Beauty CVS q
-4/$20 CVS mailer
-2 John Frieda
-2 Biore
-1 Biore
-2 CVS Biore
-.50 Crest

Total: 0 OOP and recieved 5ECBs Biore, 2ECBs Bayer, 2ECBs Crest, 2.89ECBs Edge

Hubbys card:
4 Purez laundry det (6.99ea)
3 Garnier hair color (5 ea)
1 Garnier Nutrisioniste cleanser (5)
2 Raisin Bran (2/4)

-4 off 20 Beauty
(2)-6.99Purex CVS BOGO
(2)-6.99 Purex BOGO mq
(2)-1 Raisin Bran
-1 Garnier
(3)-2 Garnier hair color
-3 off two hair care prod CVS Q

Total: .02 OOP and recieved 5ECBs

New Week Trans:
Crest Prohealth (2.88)
Edge Shave Gel(2.89)
Bayer Aspirin (2)
2 Enfamil Lipil Cans(4.99ea)
1 Good Start powder (10.99)
1 Red Bull (3.19)

-5 off $30 purchase (from magic q machine)
-.75 Crest
(2)-5 Enfamil
-11 Good Start

Total: .18OOP on GC and recieved 2ECBs Crest , 2ECBs Bayer, 2.89 ECBs Edge

Friday, April 17, 2009


another trans :)

1 Fiber tablets (2.49)
1 scunci hair bands (2)
chapstick natural (1.99)
2Mentos gum (2/2)

(2)-1 Mentos

Total: .50 OOP on GC and recieved 2RR from scunci, 2RR from chapstick, 2.50RR from fiber tabs

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Trip 1:
6 Dove deod trial size(.99)
Crest Prohealth 6oz (4.49)
scunci hairbands (2.00)
chapstick (2.00)
colgate Max Fresh toothbrush (3.29)

(5)-1 off any Dove Deod (would not allow me to use 6 qs)
-4.49 Crest free catalina q

Total: 2.32 on GC and received 6RR from Dove, 2RR from chapstick and 2 RRfrom scunci, and 3.50RR from Colgate
WAGS profit!!!!!

Trip 2:
Scuncci hairbands (2.00)
chapstick natural (2.00)

3.50 RR

total: .53 on GC and received (2) 2RR


went back with hubby's card to get the colgate sensitive (since that is what I use)

2 Colgate Sensitive (3.99 ea)

4.99ECB (this was the ECB that said 4.49 but rang up 4.99!)

Total: .41 on GC and received 7.98ECBs

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tax Day Freebies

Need some tax relief?

Maggie Moos is giving a free scoop of ice cream on tax day -

TGI Fridays is giving a $5 Bonus Bites GC when you purchase 15-25 in food or a $10GC for purchases over 25-

Cinnabon is giving a free cinibites from 5-8pm-

Taco Del Mar is giving a free taco- must register on their site for the coupon-

Hydromassage is giving a free massage -

will post more as I find them :)

Target Deals

Trans times 2 as they will not accept the same qs on one trans

1 All small and mighty (4.54)
1 V8 Fusion (2.99)

-1 All Target q
-2 All IP
-2 V8 IP

total: 2.74


OK, made it back out to CVS using my and my hubby's card (scroll down to the blue print if you are rolling with me on my hubby's card )

Trans 1 (my card)
1 Softsoap Scrub(4.99)
1 Airwick fresh mini (4.99)
1 Vitamin Water(1)
1 Kelloggs raisin bran (2)
2 white choco easter bunnies (.25 ea)
2 Sobe Waters (1.59 BOGO)

-3 off $15 purchase CVS mailer
-1.59CVS BOGO Sobe
-1.59 BOGO Sobe mq
-1 Kelloggs
-4 Airwick
-1 Vitamin Water

Total : .50 on GC and recieved 4.49ECBs Softsoap

Trans 2 Hubby's card

Vitamin water (1.00)
Kelloggs Raisin bran (2)
white choco bunny (1)
airwick mini (4.99)
softsoap scrub (4.99)
2 Sobe Life Waters (1.59 BOGO)
1 Juicy Fruit slim pack (1.19)

-3/$15 CVS mailer
-1 Vitamin Water
-1 Kelloggs
-4 AIrwick
-1 Softsoap
-1.59 BOGO Sobe CVS
-1.59 BOGO Sobe MQ
-1.19 Juicy Fruit
(2) 1.99 ECBs

Total:0 oop recieved 4.49 ECBs (if you don't have the CVS mailer and omit the bunny, kellogs, and airwick, it should turn out the same- 0OOP)


2 trips- both successful!

Trans 1:
2 Mentos Gum (2/$2 and you have to buy 2 to get this price)
1 Scuncci (sp?) hairbands (2)
1 Fiber One tabs (2.49)
2 Excedrin Migraine (4.79 BOGO)
chapstick Naturals (1.99)
contour monitor(14.99)

(2)-2 Excedrin
(2)-1 Mentos
-14.99 Contour

Total: 1.27 on GC and recieved 2RR chapstick, 2.49RR Fiber One, 2RR scuncci

Trans 2
Skintimate Shave Gel (2.99)
Fiber One Tabs (2.49)
2 Mentos Gum (2/$2)
Crest Prohealth (4.79)

(2)-1 Mentos
-4.79 Crest free q fr Contour
Total: 0 OOP...Woohoo- recieved 2.49RR from Fiber One and 3RR from Skintimate

Monday, April 13, 2009

Redbox Movie Monday

Your free code for today is: J89LA2


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well, they were already out of a few things so I will try a diff one tomorrow

2 Colgate Sensitive (3.99ea)
6 Wrigleys slim pack gum (1.19ea)
1 Good Start formula (10.99)
2 Pert Plus (2/5)

-5 off $30 email q
(2)-1 Colgate IP
(6) -1.19 free Wrigleys q
-11 Good start check
(2)-1 Pert

total: .37 on GC and recieved 2ECBs Pert and 7.98ECB Colgate so I made 5.19!!!!

beginner trans posted tomorrow when I use my hubby's card!!! (have 5 ECBs to roll)


Trans 1:

1 Contour meter (14.99)
2 One a day drink mixes (1.49ea)
2 Visine (3.99ea)
1 Colgate Total (3.49)

-14.99 Contour
-4 off 2 One a day
(2)-3 Visine
-1 Colgate

Total: .46 Used Gift card and received 3.49RR from Colgate and 3RR from Visine, received a Catalina for one free 6oz Crest Prohealth

Trans 2

Wags Water bottle (filled with goodies- tissues, pill box, colors, lotion) (.99)
Edge Shave Gel (2.99)
Crest Prohealth (4.79)

-4.79 Crest

Total: 1.06 and received 3 RR from Edge

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Ok, the first Wags I went to got a little crazy and I had no idea what happened or how until later when I had a chance to review the reciept. We were in a hurry and it all worked out well so I just went ahead so we could get to karate practice on time...Anyway here is what I did...

2 Schick Quattro 3pk razors (6.99)
1 Colgate Total (3.49)
1 Edge Shave GEl (2.99)
Cheetos (.50)

-6.99 Schick
-2 Oust
-1 Colgate
(2)-2 Wags Schick q (this would not register so she tried it manually and said it wasn't working so she adjusted the prices down to 4.99 so still (2) -2 basically
(then the -4 Schick q would not work so I purchased the filler and it still wouldn't work so I tried my 2 RR and those went thorough so...)
(3)-2 ok, now this is where it messed up when she was entering manually they did actually work so I got 6 off which covered the -4 that wouldn't scan and an additional 2

Total: 3.36 off GC and recieved 3 RR Edge and 3.49 Colgate and will get $1 rebate for Oust

Different wags:
2 Visine AC (3.99)
1 Skintimate

(2)-3 Visine

Total: 1.47 on GC and got (2) 3RR for Skintimate and Visine

Grand shopping total on GC of : 4.83 and recieved 9RR and 1 Rebate for a total profit of $6.17!!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Red Box Free Movie Monday!

Your code for a free movie, valid today only is: TS473G

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well the magic q machine at CVS gave me a 15 off a 75 purchase and my hubby's card a 10 off 100 purchase. I probably could have made the 15 off work but as I have been sick I couldn't really put together the transaction and stuck with the one I had worked out on paper this morning :) Still did really well! If you have been following the new scenarios and rolling with me, go down to the green and orange entries!

3 12pk Cokes (3/$11)
2 Easter baskets (1.99ea)
2 Easter grass (.79ea)
1 Skintimate (3.49)
2 Schick Intuition (9.99 each)
Glade air freshener (.99)

-9.99 CVS BOGO schick
(2)-4 Schick
-3 off 15 purchase
-1 Coke
-1 Glade CVS magic coupon machine

Total: .04 OOP and recieved 3.49ECBs Schick, 3ECBs Coke, 3.98ECBs basket, .79ECB grass (did not print out the other ECB so I took the receipt back in and the man just gave me .79 in change).
So I lost 17.99 ECBs and .04 cents and gained 11.26ECBs and .79 so a total loss of $5.94 (so basically 6 bucks for the 3 12pks of coke- I had to get these for our Easter family get together).

1 Good Start Formula (for donation) (10.99)
1 Easter Basket (1.99)
1 Skintimate (3.49)
1 Candy for filler (.50)
1 Coloring book - filler (.25clearance)

-3/$15 cvs mailer
11 formula check

Total: .25OOP on GC and received 3.49ECB and 1.98 ECB.

Trans 2
1 Easter Basket (1.99)
2 Easter Grass(.79 ea)
1 candy filler (.50) I thought i needed this bc I thought the Skintimate was 3.99 not 3.49 so I thought I would need a filler to use a 3.99ECB- guess I should have calculated better oh well, my hubby got some peanut M&Ms out of it LOL


Total:.63OOP on GC(if I had not gotten the candy it would have worked out better :) ) and received 1.99ECB and 1.58ECB.

So, from a 3ECB on hcard I turned it into (2)1.99ECBs and a 1.58ECB with just under a dollar added.

If you have been rolling with me and don't have some of the 3 off 15 and such but do have the 3 or 4 ECBs from last week do this:

For 3 -
1 Easter Basket (1.99)
2 Easter Grass (.79ea)
use 3 ECBs and have a total around .57 OOP and get a 1.99ECB and a 1.58 ECB
then use the 1.99 ECB to get another basket pay 0OOP and get a new 1.99ECB

use your 1.99 and your 1.58 to do the skintimate deal (you will either have to throw in a filler item and ay a little oop or have them adjust your ECBs sown and pay nothing OOP and receive a 3.49ECB for next week!!!

if you have a 4ECB from last week do this:
1 Eater Grass (.79)
1 Skintimate (3.49)

Use 4ECB and have a total OOP around .28 and get a 3.49 and a .79 ECB then do this:

2 Easter Baskets (1.99 ea)
1 Easter Grass(.79)

Use both 3.49 and .79 ECBs and pay .49OOP and get 3.98ECBs and .79ECB ( you could choose to leave out the easter grass and find a small filler of about a quarter and pay less OOP).

Come back next week and keep ROLLING your ECBs with me!

Target Gift Card Deal

Ok, need some mens razors? I have a pretty good deal for you:
Buy one Fusion power razor at 7.99 and one gillette series shave gel at 1.89 and get a $5 Target GC.


1 Fusion razor (7.99)
1 Shave gel (1.89)

-2 Fusion
-1 Shave Gel

Pay 6.88 plus tax and get a $5 GC making your total OOP = 1.88 Not too bad!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Albertsons Cereal Deal

The deal here is buy 4 Kellogs (select ones) for $14 get 3 free and a free box of Poptarts and then receive 3 Catalinas for 1 free gallon of milk ea. I was determined to make this work!

2 Cornflakes(3.50 ea)
2 Fruit Loops (3.50 ea)
2 Frosted Flakes (3.50 ea)
1 Apple Jacks (3.50)
1 Poptart (2.00)
2 doz med eggs (.88 ea)

(2)-1.50 off two Kellogs
-1 off any Kellogs
(would not let me use any more qs on the cereal)
-2 Poptarts instore q
(2)-.29 eggs in store q

Total: 11.18 and received 3 catalinas for 1 gal milk ea doesnt expire until beg of May. WOOHOO!!!

Note : there is a q this week for $1 off any Kelloggs cereal, depending on how many papers you get you could try using these to take anywhere from $4 if it only lets you take off one for each one actually purchased or up to $7 off . A great deal for all you get even if you only get 4 off!


Trans 1
30 digital prints (free after making an account on the photo part of
25 digital prints (6.24)
1 Clean and Clear Astringent (5.49)
2 Juicy Fruit Gum (1.19ea)
2 Rimmel Mascara (7.49ea)
1 Healthy Gums Mouthwash (6.99)

-5 off 25 purchase email Q
-6.24 (25 free prints mailer q)
(2)-1.19 Juicy Fruit
-7.49 Rimmel CVS Bogo
-7.49 Rimmel MQ
-2 mouthwash
Total: .04 and recieved 4 ECBs fr mouthwash

2 Healthy Gums mouthwash(6.99 ea)
(2)-2 mouthwash IP
(2)4.99 ECBS

Total:0 OOP and recieved 8 ECBS fr mouthwash

Wags More Trans!!!!

Trans 1
1 Skintimate shave gel
2RR from Chapstick

Total 1.07 OOP and recieved 3RR

Trans 2
6 Tyson Breaded Chicken strips (clearance .67)
8 2pk Corn Dogs (clearance .25ea)
3 Banquet Frozen meals (.35 ea clearance)
1 Chapstick Natural (1.99)
1 One a Day drink mix (1.49)
1 pk Juicy Fruit Gum (1.29)

-1 One a day
-1.19 Juicy Fruit
(3)-3 RR from shave gel purchases

Total: 2.32 and recieved 2RR and will do 1.49 Rebate on One a day

Not too bad!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wags Mega Transactions

Here they go!
Trans 1
1 Chapstick Naturals

Total:2.15 OOP received 2RR

Trans 2
1 Chapstick (1.99)

Total:2.15 OOP received 2 RR

Trans 3
1 Softsoap Body Wash (3.99)
1 Skintimate Shave Gel (2.99)


Total: 4.31 OOP received free Q for SS and 3RR

Trans 4
1 Softsoap(3.99)
1Edge Shave Gel (2.99)
1 Chapstick (1.99)

-3.99 Softsoap

Total: 5.39 recieved 2RR and 3 RR- no ss free q as reported

returned SS thinking it was the wrong one

Total: -4.31

skintimate Shave Gel (2.99)


Total: 1.07 OOP recieved 3 RR

Trans 7
1 Softsoap bw(3.99)
1 Pizza Bites (.25 clearance)
1 Walitin Tabs (6.99)
1 Chapstick (1.99)


total: 7.22 OOP received free SS Q, 2 RR and will send for 6.99 rebate

Trans 8
1 Softsoap (3.99)
1 Edge Gel (2.99)
1 Animated fish bowl (2.00 clearance)

-3.99 SS

Total:3.24 OOP and received 3 RR, no SS q again so they must have fixed this on the catalina machines....oh well

Was that enough trans? :)
Total: 21.22 OOP
will get 6.99 rebate
and still have 8 RR
so 6.23 for 4 chapsticks, 2 skintimate cream, 2 edge gel, 3 Softsoap body wash, 1 allergy med, 1 box pizza bites and 1 animated fish bowl....sounds good to me (about $45 worth of stuff)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last Wed Free Code

This is the last of the March Wednesday Movie Free Codes. So enjoy your movie! Check back on Mondays for the Free Code Monday!

Wednesday's code= MMM401

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wags Clearance Deal

3 Hot Pocket Calzones (.74 ea)
4 Michelinas Pasta and Chicken (.24 ea)
4 Michelina Mac n Cheese (.24 ea)
1 Michelina Mac n Beef (.24)
1 Pledge Sweeper (3.50)
1 Wags Cookie variety pk (1.00)
Vanilla Extract (1.00)
3 M&M ice cream singles (.34 ea)

-2 Pledge IP

Total: 8.89 OOP for about $30 worth of stuff!!!

Free Code Monday!!

Ready for your code? Remember it gives you a free movie (per credit card/debit card) for one night only- it is $1 a night after the first night so make sure and return it by 9om tomorrow!!!

The code is: 89ZQJ3

Happy Watching!!!

CVS: Rolling the ECBs

First I will start with the begginner scenario from last week:
Do you have your 3.49ECBs? If not you could start now!

Okay there are 2 ways to do this- each of them you loose about 50cents OOP

First way:
(through Monday only)
buy 2 paas easter egg coloring kits

Use 3.49ECBs and about 50 cents OOP and recieve 3.98ECBs so you have actually received that 50 cents back

Or what I did bc I didn't need 2 more Paas

1 Paas
1 Glade Lasting Impressions

use -4 Glade fr paper
(if you have a -1 CVS Q from the magic coupon machine you can use it but make sure and get a filler item so you can use your ECBs - a 50 cent cady bar will probably do)
3.49 ECBs

Pay: .53 OOP ( I put on my GC) and recieve 1.99 ECB from Paas and 1 ECB from Glade
I found my -1 CVS Glade Q when I got home- oh well so I have about 3 ECBs to carry until next week, I may go ahead back and get one more Paas tomorrow and just trade my 1.99 ECB for a new one :) Will let you know!

Trans- on my card!!!

1 Glade Sense and Spray (5.99)
2 Paas Egg Coloring (1.99 ea)
Accucheck Blood Glucose Moniter (9.99)

-4 Glade

Total: 1.04 on my GC andrecieved 9.99ECB Accucheck, 3.98 ECB Paas and 1 ECB Glade.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

WAGS Clearance

Heads Up! Wags is having a major clearance. I just went through the store looking tonight, they had a little of everything so be on the lookout. Some examples are Toms Mouthwash, Kids toothpaste, frozen foods, feminine products, snacks, and lots more.
I ended up getting a bunch of the Michellina's frozen mac n cheese and chicken with pasta for 24 cents each! Then got some of the hot pockets (i think) single packs of calzones for 74 cents. Talk about a deal! We even got some M&M ice cream singles for 34 cents- ate one right then and are saving one (for each of us) for tomorrow after dinner- they are so yummy!
I will post my trans tomorrow but for those of you heading to Wags check out the orange clearance tags you might just find a great deal!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


OK, made two trips in one :) Used one trans on my card and one with my hubby's.

Trans 1:
1 Crest Prohealth mouth wash (3.49)
2 CVS Throat Coolers (4.99ea)
1 Bag choco animal crackers 100cal pk (.69)
1 Suave Body wash (2.59)

-3 off $15 purchse CVS mailer
-2.59 Suave (cashier put in -3 since it was up to 3)
-.75 Crest

Total 0 OOP and recieved 15ecb Throat coolers (raincheck), 3.49 ECB Crest

Trans 2 Hubby's card

1 box Triscuit crackers (2.99)
1 Crest Prohealth mouth wash (3.49)
2 Diet Dr Pepper 20 oz (1.49 ea)
1 Coke 20 oz (1.49 ea)
1 Bunny and Chick marshmellow candy (1.99)
1 M&Ms (.50)
1 Suave Mens (2.69)

-5 off $15 purchase CVS Magic coupon machine
-.75 Crest
(2) -1.49 Dr Pepper internet promo
-1.49 Coke
-2.69 Suave
-2.99 Triscuit free coupon- kraft mailer

Total: .22 OOP on the GC and recieved 3.49 ECBS

Follow me as I turn 3.49 in ECBs on my hubby's card into free items. This will be a great time for a beginner as I try not to spend anything out of pocket and just roll the 3.49 ECBs each week. This is the only ECBs I have for my hubby's card so it will be a nice experiment for me! Stay tuned each week and let's roll together!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Movie Code

Ok, Redbox fans here is your free Code for Wednesday. Reminder this code is valid Wednesday only: MMM325

Enjoy your movie!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Movie Monday

Here it is, your code for Redbox Free Movie Monday: HG7W56
Enjoy your movie!!!
And check back on Wednesday for your next free code!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free Thomas

We went to Toys R Us today with the coupons reported by MoneySavingMom and got three free trains. We got a light and sounds Percy (reg 17.99!), a Thomas, and Peter Sam (both around 13 ea).
Around a 45 value for free! Talk about a great deal. My daughter played with them as soon as we got home.

Walmart suprises

Ok, I go to Walmart only on rare occasions but I had to try the Iams dog food deal bc that is our dog food brand of choice.

2 bags Smart Puppy Iams (5 ea)
1 broom (been using half of one since ours broke)(4.98)
dish brush made from recycled materials (1.25 clearance)
fabric softener (2.88)
liquid plumber (5.88 has on it a full rebate)
funkeys for my son (3.00 clearance- a great price usually 10.99- he paid me back for these)
2 donuts (.58 ea splurge buy for good kids)
Dr Pepper 2 liter (1.00)
BeechNut Toddler animal crackers (1.50)
BN micro meal (1.16)

(2)-5 Iams
(2)-1 BN

Total: 22.38 and will get 5.88 back from reabte and got 3 back fr son so really 13.50!