Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well the magic q machine at CVS gave me a 15 off a 75 purchase and my hubby's card a 10 off 100 purchase. I probably could have made the 15 off work but as I have been sick I couldn't really put together the transaction and stuck with the one I had worked out on paper this morning :) Still did really well! If you have been following the new scenarios and rolling with me, go down to the green and orange entries!

3 12pk Cokes (3/$11)
2 Easter baskets (1.99ea)
2 Easter grass (.79ea)
1 Skintimate (3.49)
2 Schick Intuition (9.99 each)
Glade air freshener (.99)

-9.99 CVS BOGO schick
(2)-4 Schick
-3 off 15 purchase
-1 Coke
-1 Glade CVS magic coupon machine

Total: .04 OOP and recieved 3.49ECBs Schick, 3ECBs Coke, 3.98ECBs basket, .79ECB grass (did not print out the other ECB so I took the receipt back in and the man just gave me .79 in change).
So I lost 17.99 ECBs and .04 cents and gained 11.26ECBs and .79 so a total loss of $5.94 (so basically 6 bucks for the 3 12pks of coke- I had to get these for our Easter family get together).

1 Good Start Formula (for donation) (10.99)
1 Easter Basket (1.99)
1 Skintimate (3.49)
1 Candy for filler (.50)
1 Coloring book - filler (.25clearance)

-3/$15 cvs mailer
11 formula check

Total: .25OOP on GC and received 3.49ECB and 1.98 ECB.

Trans 2
1 Easter Basket (1.99)
2 Easter Grass(.79 ea)
1 candy filler (.50) I thought i needed this bc I thought the Skintimate was 3.99 not 3.49 so I thought I would need a filler to use a 3.99ECB- guess I should have calculated better oh well, my hubby got some peanut M&Ms out of it LOL


Total:.63OOP on GC(if I had not gotten the candy it would have worked out better :) ) and received 1.99ECB and 1.58ECB.

So, from a 3ECB on hcard I turned it into (2)1.99ECBs and a 1.58ECB with just under a dollar added.

If you have been rolling with me and don't have some of the 3 off 15 and such but do have the 3 or 4 ECBs from last week do this:

For 3 -
1 Easter Basket (1.99)
2 Easter Grass (.79ea)
use 3 ECBs and have a total around .57 OOP and get a 1.99ECB and a 1.58 ECB
then use the 1.99 ECB to get another basket pay 0OOP and get a new 1.99ECB

use your 1.99 and your 1.58 to do the skintimate deal (you will either have to throw in a filler item and ay a little oop or have them adjust your ECBs sown and pay nothing OOP and receive a 3.49ECB for next week!!!

if you have a 4ECB from last week do this:
1 Eater Grass (.79)
1 Skintimate (3.49)

Use 4ECB and have a total OOP around .28 and get a 3.49 and a .79 ECB then do this:

2 Easter Baskets (1.99 ea)
1 Easter Grass(.79)

Use both 3.49 and .79 ECBs and pay .49OOP and get 3.98ECBs and .79ECB ( you could choose to leave out the easter grass and find a small filler of about a quarter and pay less OOP).

Come back next week and keep ROLLING your ECBs with me!

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