Friday, February 13, 2009

Chuck E Cheese and Old Navy

It is almost Valentines Day so I wanted to share a couple of things real quick.

Chuck E Cheese has printable valentines here: (scroll down to Chuck E Cheese valentines) and you get 5 tokens when you turn them in a Chuck E Cheese- it does say with food purchase but my CEC doesn't make you purchase anything with offers like that. They are redeemable through the beginning of March.

Also you still have time to make it to Old Navy to get your child a coloring sheet of valentines. Bring it back tomorrow and they get a $5 GC to use on any purchase. We went by today and picked them up and will be back in the morning to redeem. The lady also said they would have little candies and tattoos in the morning for the kids.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CVS Splurge Day

Ok, so I had 44ECBs to start today. My hubby came and watched the little one at her karate class and then had an all afternoon meeting at work. Due to some vehicle repair issues money is extremely tight this and next week so I told him to meet me at the CVS on the corner and he could pick up some snacks for the meeting. I was hoping to find the Mylanta which I did but it was sold out.
1 Snickers Protein bar (clearance .50)
1 Grandmas PB cookies (.59)
1 Kashi Go Lean bar(clearance .85)

Total:1.94 used a 2ECB priced down to 1.94 and got no ECBs back.

Trans 2 (diff CVS)

4 Snickers Protein (.50 ea- 75%off clearance)
1 CVS enviro paper towels (1.99)
2 CVS Throat coolers (4.99 ea)
1 Kids Hand Soap (2.00)

Used -1 Q for the paper towels from the magic q machine, used 14ECBs and .96 on my GC which now has a $20 balance. Did receive 10ECBs from throat coolers from the rain check I had.
About the soap- it was on clearance and has a stamp on the top- The kids stamp their palm then get one squirt of soap and wash until the stamp disappears. I thought it was cute- it has a little Octopus on it and it might help get the kids clean. So yes, I spent 6 extra ECBs and 1 on my GC and did not get the same ECBs back but sometimes you just have to splurge a little bit!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kroger saved 100%

Talk about a crazy night at Kroger. I had not finished clipping all my Qs so I was doing that while the cashier rang up my items. That will teach me! So, I missed seeing that I got the wrong buns so the 2nd -$3 didn't come up but I also missed that he applied my whole RX coupon before he had rand up any Qs. So when the Qs hit a negative number he voided them off and handed them back to me. Anyway I got my reciept very puzzled and then saw my RX had come off first instead of waiting and doing it last so my coupons would be taken off and then use what I needed on the RX part (my hubby and son both had to gtmeds this week- total of copay was $17 and recieved a $25 RX coupon on my and my hubby's card- I did this on two different ones so I could take advantage of the coupons loaded on our cards). Anyway they told me customer service had closed earlyan iwould have to come back in the morn to fix it. So, I went back this morning and the lady let me switch out my bread and added up all the qs and gave me the cash back on it! So, I got$13.85 back! Anyway bc I used a RX coupon the total savings on the reciept said 99% bc I did end up paying .05 but after she gave me back the money I saved 100% paying nothing out of pocket! Here is what I did:(I have noted completely free items, * denotes Daytona item)

1Diet DP 20 oz (1.39) -free after q
2 Gaterades (1.00 ea)*- .70 after daytona
1 Diet DP 2 Liter (1.25) free after q
1 Chef Boy R Dee ravioli (.88)* .58 after daytona
3 Chef Boy R Dee micro cups (.88 ea)* .69 for all 3 after q and daytona
3 Totinos Pizza Rolls (1.25 ea)- free after qs and daytona*
Iams Naturals Cat Food (5.29) .29 after q
Cheerios 14oz (3.19) free after q
2 Kroger Hot Dog Buns (1.00 ea)* .70 after daytona
1 Kroger Hamburger Buns (1.00)* .45 after q and daytona
Betty Crocker Cake Mix (1.50) free after q
2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (1.79 ea)* 1.98 after q and daytona
2 French's Mustard (1.39 ea)- free after q and catalina
2 Quaker Quakes (.99ea) free after q
Boost Kid Essentials (11.99) free after q
2 Gogurt (2.00ea) 1.20 for 2 after qs
Colgate Total Toothpaste (2.50) free after q
3 Grand's Biscuits (1.27 ea)* .41 for 3 after daytona and qs
1 Yoplait YoPlus (2.00) free plus money maker after q
1 Corn Tortillas (1.49)
3 hunts Manwhich(1.00 ea)* I really can't remember what q I used! :)

Coupons:(fyi- my Kroger triples qs up to .39 and doubles from .40-.50)
(2)-3 Daytona Event
-1.39 Dr Pepper free 20 mailer
-1.69 Dr Pepper free 2 liter mailer
(3)-.35 Chef Boy
(3)-.70 tripled Chef
-.50 Totinos
(3)-.35 Totinos
(3)-.70 tripled Totinos
-5 Iams mailer
-3.19 Cheerios Free Q Kroger mailer
-.25 Kroger Buns K Mailer
-1.50 Betty Crocker Cake mix Kroger mailer
-.50 Betty CrockerFruit Snack
-.50 doubled betty Crocker
(2)-.50 Mustard
(2) -.50 Mustard doubled
-1 Quaker Quakes
-.50 Quaker Quakes
-.50 Quaker doubled
-11.99 Kid Essentials free Q mailer
-.75 Gogurt Shortcuts
-1 Gogurt
-.35 yoplait kids
-.70 yoplait tripled
-1.50 Colgate
-1 Colgate Kroger mailer
-1 Grands Pillsbury q booklet
(2)-.25 Grands
(2)-.50 tripled Grands
-1 YoPlus
-1.50 Yo Plus IP q
-? Hunts manwhich on two

Total: 8.08 used from RX money- supposed to have 13.80 left on RX but have the cash instead- used it to get a new air filter for the van! No money spent out of my pocket. Also recieved a $1 off next purchase from French's.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Did you get a newspaper today??? If you haven't yet you might want to pick up a couple. It is packed with coupons- 4 sections worth, yes one is small but one is quite large o it balances out. Usually I get one and my gma saves hers for me but 2 just wasn't going tobe enough this time and I won't see her until this weekend so I had to get another for use right away!
Of course I can get the for $1 for the Denton paper so just for the -4 on Gillette it is so worth it!

Wags 2/8


1 Gillette (8.99)
2 Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner (2/$5)
1 Windex wipes (2.50)
1 Paper (1.00)

-3 off SCrubbing Bubbles IP
-1.50 Windex IP
- 4 Gillette

total: 9.65 on GC still have $2 on GC and recieved 6RR- will get rebate on Scrubbing Bubbles and Windex for another 3 and still have the revlon lip to get free after rebate!

CVS 2/8

Hoping to find the discounted Mylanta but it was still reg price at my store. I have 45ECBs to spend!!! Plus another 22 still on my GC!

2 boxes Ritz (1.00 ea)
1 box oreos (1.00)
1 Gillette Fusion (7.99)
1 3pk CVS enviro paper towels (1.99)
1 Glade room spray (.99)

-2 off Ritz
-1 CVS paper towels (from magic coupon machine)
-4 Gillete
-1 Glade magic coupon machine
5ECBs priced down to 4.97

Total 0 OOP and recieved 4ECBs