Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CVS Splurge Day

Ok, so I had 44ECBs to start today. My hubby came and watched the little one at her karate class and then had an all afternoon meeting at work. Due to some vehicle repair issues money is extremely tight this and next week so I told him to meet me at the CVS on the corner and he could pick up some snacks for the meeting. I was hoping to find the Mylanta which I did but it was sold out.
1 Snickers Protein bar (clearance .50)
1 Grandmas PB cookies (.59)
1 Kashi Go Lean bar(clearance .85)

Total:1.94 used a 2ECB priced down to 1.94 and got no ECBs back.

Trans 2 (diff CVS)

4 Snickers Protein (.50 ea- 75%off clearance)
1 CVS enviro paper towels (1.99)
2 CVS Throat coolers (4.99 ea)
1 Kids Hand Soap (2.00)

Used -1 Q for the paper towels from the magic q machine, used 14ECBs and .96 on my GC which now has a $20 balance. Did receive 10ECBs from throat coolers from the rain check I had.
About the soap- it was on clearance and has a stamp on the top- The kids stamp their palm then get one squirt of soap and wash until the stamp disappears. I thought it was cute- it has a little Octopus on it and it might help get the kids clean. So yes, I spent 6 extra ECBs and 1 on my GC and did not get the same ECBs back but sometimes you just have to splurge a little bit!

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    Thanks for the info on that extra html code, I will remove it so no one else has the issue.
    As for creation of the button, it was created in powerpoint and paint, then I had to upload it to photobucket. Once it was in photobucket I followed directions from an internet blog to get it coded and put on my blog. It wasn't too difficult, but required some trial and error.