Saturday, October 4, 2008

Coupon at CVS

So, I have already done my CVSing early this week and decided to wait until Sunday to do another deal. But, today on our way to my son's football game I decided to stop to see if the magic coupon machine was working yet. However it was not. So I decided to make a small purchase to see what printed out on my reciept. I bought a Children's Illustrated Classic version of Frankenstein (getting into the Halloween season) for 75 cents and on my reciept I got $1 offf Revlon and then a $25 gc coupon with a transferred prescript. My ECBs from summer sales did print out- a whole 1.50 :-) All that couponing I didn't have to spend to much so it doesn't add up to give you a lot on the quarterly deals. I think I did alright with all the stuff I have gotten to make up for it! I was really hoping that I would get a 5/25 purchase coupon but it didn't print out. Oh well, just means I have to work out some really good deals for next week! I will get together a deal post and put it up tomorrow!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Walgreens Fri and Sat

3 Transactions here that I made while my son was in karate class this evening.

Trans 1

2 Pert Shampoo (3.49 ea)
2 Infusium 23 (5.99ea)
1 Natural Instincts hair color (5.99)
Gillette Fusion razor (6.00)
Oral B Toothbrush (4.49)
4 Dove Chocolate Bars


(2) 1.50 off Pert
(2) 2.50 off Pert Oct Easy Saver Coupon
(2) 2 off Infusium
(1) 2 off Natural Instincts
.75 off Oral B
(2) BOGO Dove Bar coupons - walgreens ad
(4) 1 off Dove chocolate
5 off $20 coupon
2 RR
12.96 GC
Total :2.87 OOP recieved 4RR from Fusion, 8RR from Infusium/Nat Instincts, and 4.50RR from Oral B

OK this one I goofed- forgot to use the 4 off Fusion and then bought the wrong one- the manager went ahead and gave me 4RR but I didn't realize it was not the same until now and that I totally forgot the 4 dollar coupon!

Trans 2

4 Febreeze Room Spray (2.49 ea)
2 Child Tylenol Cold (4.99 ea)
1 Tylenol Cold (4.99)
2 Trident White (1.19 ea)
2 Gillette Shampoo (2/10)
1 Nivea Body Wash (4.99)
3 Clearance candy (.24 ea)
2 Jolt Energy Gum (.39 ea)
2 Pert Plus (3.49)

(4) 1 off Febreeze
(2) 1.50 off Child Tylenol Oct EAsy Saver
2 off 2 Child Tylenol
1 off Child Tylenol- color book coupon
1.50 off Tylenol Cold Easy Saver
1 off Tylenol Cold
(2) .55 of Trident White
BOGO Trident White - in ad
1 off Nivea Body Wash
(2) 2 off Gillette Shampoo
(2) 2.50 off Pert Easy Saver
(2) 1.50 off Pert
5 off 20 Purchase
4 RR, 8 RR, 4RR

Total: 1.93 OOP recieved 5RR from Tylenol, 5RR from Febreeze

Trans 3

2 Keebler Sandies Cookies (2/5)
1 Lypsil Berry (2.99)
1 Oral B Toothbrush (4.49)
2 Pert Plus (3.49)
2 Pepto tab (4.99)
1 Pepto Child tab (4.99)
2 Caramels (.33ea)

(3) .55 off Pepto
.75 off Oral B
(2) 2.50 off Pert Easy Saver
(2) 1.50 off Pert
(2) .55 off Sandies
5 off 20 Purchase
(3) 5RR

Total: 3.70 OOP recieved 4.50RR from Oral B, 2RR from Sandies

So I spent 8.50 OOP and still have (2) 4.50RR and a 2RR.
Not too bad for all the stuff I got!! I also will send in for the 4.99 Rebate on Nivea, 1.99 Rebate on Lypsil, 5 Rebate on Gillette Shampoo, and 10 GC on Pepto.


My mother in law passed away this evening. She was 59 years old and has two children, 6 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. She also had several sisters and many other family. They took her out of ICU this morning so the family could stay with her until she passed. She actually looked like they may get better yest am but then it went downhill yest. afternoon. We just got the call a little bit ago. Prayers for the family are very much appreciated.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check out This!

Ok, Since I will be MIA for a couple of days make sure and check out the deals on she always has great things on her site.


I know I had said I would work on some deals to post but unfortunately that will not happen today.
My husband's mother is in ICU and they are calling the family in. They do not expect her to make it much longer. Her liver is not working and her body is shutting down. We are about to leave for Athens (Tx) so I just wanted to let my readers know bc I probably will not have anything new up for a few days. Please pray for the family and for lack of pain on Sharon's (his mother) part.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Long Could it Take???

Ok, so I got coupons last week from my little dumpster diving excursion and more this weekend from my grandparents and parents. Today I decided to cut them out and get it organized. I thought, How long could it really take... a couple hours at most. Well, lets just say I still haven't finished. Yes I have taken brakes here and there but still! They are all cut out but I still have quite a few to put in piles. Next mission is to go through my binder (which is already full) and weed out the expired stuff. I am also going to have to ad more divisions such as brands (esp in the make up division). I am thinking about going to an accordian style file folder.... we will see. My hand is red and my back is sore but the majority of the grunt work is complete. I am going back out to the stores on Thursday so I want everything in order and be ready to save plenty of money. I will say it is going to be slightly more difficult with out the $2/$10 from CVS but I refuse to lie to get the $3/15. I am working on some deals for Walgreens and hopefully will get up some proposed transactions tomorrow.

Take a look at my pics to see just how many coupons came from aprox. 50-55 coupon sections!
These are the ones that are sorted.

These still remain. :-)

Monday, September 29, 2008


I want to take a moment to thank my grandparents for saving coupons for me. They gave me a huge stack yest. and I am excited to go through them tonight! The living room will be filled with coupons!!! It was great to see you yest. and I hope grandma is feelin geven better today. We had alot of fun talking with you!

Also a big thanks to my mom for the stack of coupons she has saved for me. I owe my coupon shopping habbits to me mom. She always (as far as I can remember) has clipped coupons and has instilled some very good financial habits in me. Thanks mom and dad for all you do for me and my kids! D and A were very excited at the bags of stuff. D got all of his work (school and chores) done as fast as he could to get to play with the Bakugan clips. I finally convinced A she could wait until tonight to take a bath with the Hannah Montana stuff!

CVS 9/28 - 10/4

These 2 transactions are using the $2/10 bc I did these on Sunday. Unfortunately they expired Sunday, so unless I recieve a coupon out of the little coupon machine no more $/$$ for CVS. I will just have to find some really good coupons! :-)

Transaction 1

Nestle Butterfinger (.50)
Gillette Fusion (9.99)

4 off Gillette

.53 OOP plus recieved 5 ECB

Transaction 2

2 Sunsilk hair creme (3.50)
2 Covergirl foundation (5.49)

(2) 1.50 off Sunsilk
BOGO Covergirl
1 off Covergirl

.53 OOP recieved 2 ECB from Sunsilk and 5.79 from Covergirl

*** Notice both OOP totals were .53- that was interesting!