Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Went in looking for the 7.99 ROC on sale for 3.99 but yet again they were out. Also looked for the dollar bandaids but no such luck either. The kids and I were thirsty after the bread bowl so we just spent a couple ECBs :)

2 Russell Stover's choco eggs 5pk (.19ea on clearance)
1 Gerber Banana toddler snack (3.29)
1 Oak Farms choco milk (1.19)

Used 2ECBs marked down to 1.89 and got it all free :)


Did you get your bread bowl??? I really though we would not get there in time. My daughter has karate from 11-1130 on Wed mornings so I said we will swing by after and just see. Sure enough they still had some. We got 2 Marinara and one Chicken Alfredo. I took one of the marinara's to my husband who was at work and my daughter and I split the Alfredo and my son had the other marinara. Needless to say we have leftovers :). I have to admit the Alfredo was our favorite. YUMMY! Thanks Domino's!


Rembrant Mouthwash (5.99)
Toxic Waste Sour Candy (.32 clearance)


Total: .34 on GC and recieved 6RR from Rembrant

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So next week stop by Lowe's, but make sure and register first, and make a planter for mom or gma!
Details: May 9th from 10am to 11am
Go to the link below to get registered!
While you are there sign up for the next clinic where the kids can make a first aid kit! They usually take down the registration forms the day of or before the clinic so best bet to go ahead and sign up now!

Home Depot

From 9am until noon kids can go to home depot and build a mini wheelbarrow (a perfect Mother's Day gift for gma's or mom's garden!) Take it home and have the kids paint it- maybe even put the kids' handprints on it for the little ones!
Go to:
for more info!

Next month make an organizer for dad or gpa!


Rembrant toothpaste (5.99)
2 Listerine Whitening mouthwash (2/$8)
Ecotrin (2 marked up to 2.25 so the q would work)
Crackers (.25 clearance- filler)
twizzlers (.75 clearance- filler)
Autozone refill (2.49)

(2)-1 Listerine
-2.25 Ecotrin
-2.49 Autozone

Total:3.74 on GC and recieved 6RR, 4RR, 2RR

Dominos Bread Bowl

Free Bread Bowl at participating Dominos (call ahead) from 11am- 2pm. They are giving away 100 bread bowls so once they are gone, that is it!

Monday, April 27, 2009


time for a free code- (sorry I so meant to put it up this AM)

Enjoy your movie(s) and stop by a KFC and get a piece of grilled chick on your way home!


Make sure and stop by a KFC to get a free piece of their NEW grilled chicken. I am going this afternoon for a snack. Each person gets one piece and it is YUMMY. If you haven't tried it yet NOW would be a good time :)


Garnier anti frizz serum (2.99)
Crest toothpaste (1.99)
5 Visine A (3.79ea)
1 Baind aid sheers (3.29)
4 Post Trail Mix Cereal (2.50ea)

-5 off 30 purchse CVS email q
(4)-2 Trail Mix IP q
(5)-3 Visine
-1 Band aid
-.50 Crest
-1 Garnier

Total:.74 on GC and recieved 1 ECB Crest, 2 ECB Garnier, 10 ECB bandaid/visine deal

Has anyone found the $1 Bandaids??? I couldn'e find them- cheapest I found is 3.29.....