Friday, September 26, 2008

Target Again!!!

Ok, off to target for some more Revlon!
4 Glade Wisps Candles (6.99)
2 Febreeze Noticables Starter Kits (5.99)
5 Revlon Emry Boards (1.47)
1 Revlon Nail Clipper (2.37)
3 Sets Halloween stamps (1.00)

(3) $3/2 Revlon Tools Target coupon
$1 off Revlon Tool
(2) Bogo Glade Wisps PC
(2) $5 Glade coupons
(2) $5 Febreeze Coupons

Total: 9.49 - used 3.77 GC and 5.72 OOP

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What... Dumpster Diving????

Ok, yes the thought of it makes you think YUCK! However, dumpster looking...maybe that sounds better? Still no....well I have to say after lots of contimplation I have to admit I tried it. And I love it!!!! Yes, maybe I am a little on the crazy side of things but I just thought, what is the harm in looking. So, I looked. Jackpot! Someone had been collecting newspapers all in bags and threw them out. I dumped out the bag and found COUPONS!!! Not just one or two sections but close to 40! Now, saying that about 10 were expired sets from 07 and early 08, however 30 to be exact were current. About 5 sets had been cut through just a few coupons here and there. But most were untouched. It seems a shame to get a Sunday paper and not utilize the gold (coupons) at which it contains, but so be it. I on the other hand will gladly take the coupons and the coupon leftovers! I was only there about 10 minutes so I figure I found about 3 sets of coupons per minute. Not too bad for an afternoon excursion. :-)