Friday, November 21, 2008

Video from Santa

Check this site out here to create you child a video from Santa's webcam :-) It is too cute. You have to sign up for the disney family site but can elect if you want emails or not.


Short Trip - not much I wanted and wanted to pay OOP for so:

2 Crest Pro Spin Brush (4.99 ea)
2 BioInfusion Shampoo (2/$20)

(2)-2 Crest
(2)-3 Crest Wags Easy Saver
(2)-5 BioInfusion Wags Easy Saver

10.80 OOP and will submit Shampoo for $10 rebate.


Picked up a few things with the sale:

9 cans Green Giant veggies (3/$1)- did not realize the 6 limit so I put 3 on a second trans
2 Rath Bacon (5/$10)
1 2liter DP

Total: 8.08OOP

CVS Trip 5

Yes another trip....that would be the CVS addiction!!!

3 J&J First Aid Kits(.99 ea)
1 Blade Body Spray(3.49)

-2.97 First Aid ( others were reporting overage but my Q rang up 1.98 so I got another kit so I could use the full well 2.97 amount of coupon)
-2 Blade Beauty Mag Q


Total: .48 OOP and recieved 1ECB

This Week

Spending this week:

CVS: 0, .43, .41, .66, .48

Wags: 10.80


Albertson's:1.24, 9.70 , 8.08

VS: 16.22

So the total thus far is: 63.30 OOP. And have a 10ECB, 5ECB, (2)1ECB, 3.49ECB to carry over to the next week and a $10 rebate. So if I subtract that amount it brings me to $32.81 OOP!
Check out the links to see how much I got this week!!!


This could make for a nice deal:

Use 25% off code GET25 (this code is only good through next Wed)
Use free scarf code CTNSCARF
use -$10 Code ( you have to have a VS card for this one) FA810189
and buy one sweater

so you could get a $20 sweater for $15 plus a scarf and then pay shipping (5.99) and get it all for 10.99 plus tax!

or use the free slipper code and get sleepwear 25% off (it has to be from the flannel collection or the most wanted gifts collection.)
Anyway, just wanted to pass onthe new codes!!! The Official Site of Victoria's Secret

the scarf and slipper codes are on the site- you can look for other codes such as free shipping and other -10 codes at this site: Victoria's Secret Coupon Codes - Find Victoria's Secret Online Coupons & Codes at Dealio

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yes, again! The trucks came in today so I went after the Loreal however they were still out. I asked one of the ladies stocking and she said that they would probably not have them for a couple of weeks- she said they usually do not get more of the sale item until the next few weeks after. So, no Loreal however I was determined to get to use the $10 off $50 I had just recieved from the magic coupon machine so here is what I did.

1 Skin Effects Eye Cream (15.99)
1 Skin Effects Cleanser (6.99)
4 Glade Glass Scents (yes they had more in!!!)(2.50 ea)
1 Glade Refill (2.99)
1 Glade Fan (7.99)
3 Candy bars (.50)(so I could use my ECBS- I had figured out the total wrong)
1 Crest Prohealth (3.49) (they finally got more of these!)
1 Biore Cleanser wash cloths (4.00 on clearance)

$10 off $50
-5 off Skin Effects CVS magic coupon
-4 off $20 Beauty Purchase CVS magic coupon
(4)-1 Glass Scents (from the others I bought)
-7.99 Glade Fan Buy a refill get a warmer
-1 Biore CVS magic coupon
-1 Biore MQ
9.99 ECB (adjusted to 9.97)
4.99 ECB

Total: 0OOP!!! WOOHOO and recieved 10 ECB from Glade, 5ECB from Skin Effects, and 3.49 ECB from Crest so yes, I lost 1.49 in ECBs however for all I got I think it is ok :-)

MY original transaction would have been:
1 Loreal (15.99) minus $2 CVS Q and $1 MQ= 12.99
1 Skin Effects (19.99) or (15.99 and 6.99) minus $5 CVS = 14.99 or 17.98
Glade Fan (7.99) minus BOGO =0
Glade Refill 2.99
Crest 3.49
This would total 50.45 or 53.44
or you could do another set of Glade Glass Scents 4 for 2.50ea- 4 for a total of $6 OOP

Anyway, on what I was planning (not knowing they would have more Glass Scents) I would have gotten 15.99 ECB, 3.49ECB. and (2) 5ECB or 10ECB and 5ECB if I wanted to add the Glass Scents too. ANyway it would have been better for me this way but I cannot do anything about supply :) I am not going to complain CVS has been really good to me!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shopper's Hotline

Ok, a while ago I had an entry about Shopper's Hotline. If you are interested let me know. You can read the article here.

ANyway, so I saved my points and am now getting via mail a $25 debit card- just for scanning groceries and other purchases when I go to put them away. Takes very little time and I get paid to share what I buy with the research group. It really is an easy way to make money- you don't earn a whole lot fast (40 pts a week plus they have a survey each month you can do - very short- for an extra 15pts and then every quarter they give you an extra 200 pts if you uploaded your purchases each week(it auto uploads through phone on Sun late night- I think you can set up to do it through PC if you don't have a landline). Anyway, I have been doing this since June and have made about 1500 pts which at 1350 you can get a $25 Debit Card, at 675 you can get a $10 card or you can save up even more to 2500 and get a $50 card. I wanted to get the card for holiday shopping so I went ahead and ordered mine. As I said it is not a whole lot of money but the way we spend it (via couponing) it really is quite a bit for something that doesn't take that much time. You have to put your purchases away anyway, might as well scan the UPC.

If you are interested leave me a comment and I can email you the info you will need to see if you qualify.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Victoria's Secret

Her secret? Online Codes!!! I got in my sweater and bra purchase from a couple weeks ago and I love the sweater. So the offer now is a free perfume set and a free scarf- wasn't sure if I could combine the offer but it worked!!!

1 Scoop neck sweater ($19) Victoria's Secret - NEW! Cotton rib scoopneck sweater
1 Purfume set (29.50) Victoria's Secret - Atomizer coffret (It appears this is no longer valid- I must have caught it on the last day!
1 Scarf (28) Victoria's Secret -

fa813765 for free scarf
scent08 for perfume set
FA810189 $10 off any purchase

Total:16.22 (5.99 ship and 1.23 tax) Great deal- this will be under the tree for Christmas!!! Also you have to have an angels card for the last code but if you don't use Get30 to get 30% off your order. You can google codes for free shipping on orders over $50 but 5.99 was cheaper to pay than give up one of my $28 offer codes! It only took about a week to get the last order (actually less than that I think) so I am looking forward to getting this one! You can't beat a good price on VS stuff.
In Dec there is also a code for 10 off (the above code is only good through Nov)
Other codes: free slippers with sleepwear purchase:Fa813753 (exp 12-21)
free panty and $10 off a bra FA813729(12-21)
free scarf (above good through 12-21)


Did this transaction thanks to ~ Coupon Nerd ~ . If you haven't checked out her blog you really should! She has some great ideas-BTW I am working on the signature thing- it is so cool!


1 Glade Refill twin pk (3.99)

1 Glade Fan (7.99)- about this- the tag said 6.99 so I went ahead and got the 2pk refill to meet the $10 but at the checkout it rang up 7.99 so I could have gotten the cheaper refill! Oh well I have credit on that one now :-)


-7.99BO refill GO unit

1.59 ECB


Total: .43 OOP and recieved 5 ECBs

would have done this again but couldn't find my coupon- found it after I got home so will try again on Thursday!
ALSO did this trans on my husband's card for my hubby:
1 pk Niccorette Gum 100 piece (39.99)
-25 CVS Nicorrette Gum from magic coupon machine
-10 from here
Total : 4.99 OOP (did not have any ECBs for his acct- should have done the energy drink at 4.99 with 4.99 ECBs and then this one (he drinks the energy drinks too) Oh well! Considering how expensive this is usually, this was a great deal!!!


OK, last day before the sale ends and really wanted a .39/lb turkey


2 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 4pk (1.19 ea)

2 Toaster Strudel (2.00 ea)

1 Kroger cheese 8oz (1.67)

2 Domino Sugar (2.00 ea)

2 Quaker Quick Oats (1.50 ea)

2 Carnation Evap Milk (1.00 ea)

2 French's Worchestershire Sauce (1.45 ea)

1 Listerine (3.00)

1 Gallon Milk (2.50)

1 Jenny O Turkey (almost 10lbs) (3.74)

1 Kroger Med Eggs (1.27)

Discount Loaf Bread (.79)

1 Quaker Rice snack chips (1.00)


-.50 Cellfire Cottonelle

-.50 Cottonelle

(2)-.25 Cottonelle

(2)-.50 tripled Cottonelle

(2)-.35 Toaster Stridel

(2)-.70 tripled Toaster Strudel

-.45 Shortcuts Kroger Cheese

(2)-.35 Domino Sugar

(2)-.70 tripled sugar

-1 off 2 Quaker

-1 off 2 Carnation

(2)-1.45 Free French's

-.50 Listerine

-.50 doubled Listerine

-5 Mega Event

Total: 15.28 OOP savings of 68%!!!


Great deal on brown sugar so I ran back by.


2 Bags C&H brown sugar (3/$5)

2 3 pc dinnerware sets (29.99 ea)


(2)-.35 sugar

(2)-.70 tripled sugar

Total:1.24 OOP

Monday, November 17, 2008


Great Kleenex deal at CVS!!!

4 boxes Kleenex with Lotion (1.49 ea)

-1 off 3 Kleenex CVS magic coupon machine
(4) -.40 Kleenex MQ

I went to CVS to try and find the loreal or more glass scents but they were completely out. Will try again at the end of the week when the truck comes.

Albertsons Trip

1 Jimmy Dean Sausage (2.00)
5 2liter Coke (4/$5 and get one free)
Iceburg Lettuce (.89)
Clementine Oranges (2.99)
2 French's Worchestershire Sauce (1.69ea)
1 C&H Brown Sugar (3/$5)
2 Dish Sets (29.99 ea)

-.35 Sausage
-.70 sausage tripled
(2)-1.60 Free French's
-.35 Sugar
-.70 sugar tripled
(2) -29.99 coupon books filled for free dishes
-1 Wags RR

Total: $9.70 OOP
BTW the clementine oranges are sooooo yummy!!!!

CVS 11/16 week

Well, went for several things- unfortunately they were already out of the Loreal deal- will try a different one tonight.

6 Glade Glass Scents (2.50 ea)
2 4oz Jar Candles(2.50 ea)
2 jewelry dress up sets- plastic (.29 90% off Halloween)
1 Treat Bags (.09 Halloween)
1 2pk Enery drink (4.99)

3 BOGO Glass Scents
-1.50 on 2 4oz candles

Total:.66 OOP and recieved 10 ECB from Glade and 4.99 ECB from Energy drink.