Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yes, again! The trucks came in today so I went after the Loreal however they were still out. I asked one of the ladies stocking and she said that they would probably not have them for a couple of weeks- she said they usually do not get more of the sale item until the next few weeks after. So, no Loreal however I was determined to get to use the $10 off $50 I had just recieved from the magic coupon machine so here is what I did.

1 Skin Effects Eye Cream (15.99)
1 Skin Effects Cleanser (6.99)
4 Glade Glass Scents (yes they had more in!!!)(2.50 ea)
1 Glade Refill (2.99)
1 Glade Fan (7.99)
3 Candy bars (.50)(so I could use my ECBS- I had figured out the total wrong)
1 Crest Prohealth (3.49) (they finally got more of these!)
1 Biore Cleanser wash cloths (4.00 on clearance)

$10 off $50
-5 off Skin Effects CVS magic coupon
-4 off $20 Beauty Purchase CVS magic coupon
(4)-1 Glass Scents (from the others I bought)
-7.99 Glade Fan Buy a refill get a warmer
-1 Biore CVS magic coupon
-1 Biore MQ
9.99 ECB (adjusted to 9.97)
4.99 ECB

Total: 0OOP!!! WOOHOO and recieved 10 ECB from Glade, 5ECB from Skin Effects, and 3.49 ECB from Crest so yes, I lost 1.49 in ECBs however for all I got I think it is ok :-)

MY original transaction would have been:
1 Loreal (15.99) minus $2 CVS Q and $1 MQ= 12.99
1 Skin Effects (19.99) or (15.99 and 6.99) minus $5 CVS = 14.99 or 17.98
Glade Fan (7.99) minus BOGO =0
Glade Refill 2.99
Crest 3.49
This would total 50.45 or 53.44
or you could do another set of Glade Glass Scents 4 for 2.50ea- 4 for a total of $6 OOP

Anyway, on what I was planning (not knowing they would have more Glass Scents) I would have gotten 15.99 ECB, 3.49ECB. and (2) 5ECB or 10ECB and 5ECB if I wanted to add the Glass Scents too. ANyway it would have been better for me this way but I cannot do anything about supply :) I am not going to complain CVS has been really good to me!!!!

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