Saturday, April 4, 2009

Albertsons Cereal Deal

The deal here is buy 4 Kellogs (select ones) for $14 get 3 free and a free box of Poptarts and then receive 3 Catalinas for 1 free gallon of milk ea. I was determined to make this work!

2 Cornflakes(3.50 ea)
2 Fruit Loops (3.50 ea)
2 Frosted Flakes (3.50 ea)
1 Apple Jacks (3.50)
1 Poptart (2.00)
2 doz med eggs (.88 ea)

(2)-1.50 off two Kellogs
-1 off any Kellogs
(would not let me use any more qs on the cereal)
-2 Poptarts instore q
(2)-.29 eggs in store q

Total: 11.18 and received 3 catalinas for 1 gal milk ea doesnt expire until beg of May. WOOHOO!!!

Note : there is a q this week for $1 off any Kelloggs cereal, depending on how many papers you get you could try using these to take anywhere from $4 if it only lets you take off one for each one actually purchased or up to $7 off . A great deal for all you get even if you only get 4 off!


Trans 1
30 digital prints (free after making an account on the photo part of
25 digital prints (6.24)
1 Clean and Clear Astringent (5.49)
2 Juicy Fruit Gum (1.19ea)
2 Rimmel Mascara (7.49ea)
1 Healthy Gums Mouthwash (6.99)

-5 off 25 purchase email Q
-6.24 (25 free prints mailer q)
(2)-1.19 Juicy Fruit
-7.49 Rimmel CVS Bogo
-7.49 Rimmel MQ
-2 mouthwash
Total: .04 and recieved 4 ECBs fr mouthwash

2 Healthy Gums mouthwash(6.99 ea)
(2)-2 mouthwash IP
(2)4.99 ECBS

Total:0 OOP and recieved 8 ECBS fr mouthwash

Wags More Trans!!!!

Trans 1
1 Skintimate shave gel
2RR from Chapstick

Total 1.07 OOP and recieved 3RR

Trans 2
6 Tyson Breaded Chicken strips (clearance .67)
8 2pk Corn Dogs (clearance .25ea)
3 Banquet Frozen meals (.35 ea clearance)
1 Chapstick Natural (1.99)
1 One a Day drink mix (1.49)
1 pk Juicy Fruit Gum (1.29)

-1 One a day
-1.19 Juicy Fruit
(3)-3 RR from shave gel purchases

Total: 2.32 and recieved 2RR and will do 1.49 Rebate on One a day

Not too bad!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wags Mega Transactions

Here they go!
Trans 1
1 Chapstick Naturals

Total:2.15 OOP received 2RR

Trans 2
1 Chapstick (1.99)

Total:2.15 OOP received 2 RR

Trans 3
1 Softsoap Body Wash (3.99)
1 Skintimate Shave Gel (2.99)


Total: 4.31 OOP received free Q for SS and 3RR

Trans 4
1 Softsoap(3.99)
1Edge Shave Gel (2.99)
1 Chapstick (1.99)

-3.99 Softsoap

Total: 5.39 recieved 2RR and 3 RR- no ss free q as reported

returned SS thinking it was the wrong one

Total: -4.31

skintimate Shave Gel (2.99)


Total: 1.07 OOP recieved 3 RR

Trans 7
1 Softsoap bw(3.99)
1 Pizza Bites (.25 clearance)
1 Walitin Tabs (6.99)
1 Chapstick (1.99)


total: 7.22 OOP received free SS Q, 2 RR and will send for 6.99 rebate

Trans 8
1 Softsoap (3.99)
1 Edge Gel (2.99)
1 Animated fish bowl (2.00 clearance)

-3.99 SS

Total:3.24 OOP and received 3 RR, no SS q again so they must have fixed this on the catalina machines....oh well

Was that enough trans? :)
Total: 21.22 OOP
will get 6.99 rebate
and still have 8 RR
so 6.23 for 4 chapsticks, 2 skintimate cream, 2 edge gel, 3 Softsoap body wash, 1 allergy med, 1 box pizza bites and 1 animated fish bowl....sounds good to me (about $45 worth of stuff)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last Wed Free Code

This is the last of the March Wednesday Movie Free Codes. So enjoy your movie! Check back on Mondays for the Free Code Monday!

Wednesday's code= MMM401

Monday, March 30, 2009

Wags Clearance Deal

3 Hot Pocket Calzones (.74 ea)
4 Michelinas Pasta and Chicken (.24 ea)
4 Michelina Mac n Cheese (.24 ea)
1 Michelina Mac n Beef (.24)
1 Pledge Sweeper (3.50)
1 Wags Cookie variety pk (1.00)
Vanilla Extract (1.00)
3 M&M ice cream singles (.34 ea)

-2 Pledge IP

Total: 8.89 OOP for about $30 worth of stuff!!!

Free Code Monday!!

Ready for your code? Remember it gives you a free movie (per credit card/debit card) for one night only- it is $1 a night after the first night so make sure and return it by 9om tomorrow!!!

The code is: 89ZQJ3

Happy Watching!!!

CVS: Rolling the ECBs

First I will start with the begginner scenario from last week:
Do you have your 3.49ECBs? If not you could start now!

Okay there are 2 ways to do this- each of them you loose about 50cents OOP

First way:
(through Monday only)
buy 2 paas easter egg coloring kits

Use 3.49ECBs and about 50 cents OOP and recieve 3.98ECBs so you have actually received that 50 cents back

Or what I did bc I didn't need 2 more Paas

1 Paas
1 Glade Lasting Impressions

use -4 Glade fr paper
(if you have a -1 CVS Q from the magic coupon machine you can use it but make sure and get a filler item so you can use your ECBs - a 50 cent cady bar will probably do)
3.49 ECBs

Pay: .53 OOP ( I put on my GC) and recieve 1.99 ECB from Paas and 1 ECB from Glade
I found my -1 CVS Glade Q when I got home- oh well so I have about 3 ECBs to carry until next week, I may go ahead back and get one more Paas tomorrow and just trade my 1.99 ECB for a new one :) Will let you know!

Trans- on my card!!!

1 Glade Sense and Spray (5.99)
2 Paas Egg Coloring (1.99 ea)
Accucheck Blood Glucose Moniter (9.99)

-4 Glade

Total: 1.04 on my GC andrecieved 9.99ECB Accucheck, 3.98 ECB Paas and 1 ECB Glade.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

WAGS Clearance

Heads Up! Wags is having a major clearance. I just went through the store looking tonight, they had a little of everything so be on the lookout. Some examples are Toms Mouthwash, Kids toothpaste, frozen foods, feminine products, snacks, and lots more.
I ended up getting a bunch of the Michellina's frozen mac n cheese and chicken with pasta for 24 cents each! Then got some of the hot pockets (i think) single packs of calzones for 74 cents. Talk about a deal! We even got some M&M ice cream singles for 34 cents- ate one right then and are saving one (for each of us) for tomorrow after dinner- they are so yummy!
I will post my trans tomorrow but for those of you heading to Wags check out the orange clearance tags you might just find a great deal!