Monday, March 30, 2009

CVS: Rolling the ECBs

First I will start with the begginner scenario from last week:
Do you have your 3.49ECBs? If not you could start now!

Okay there are 2 ways to do this- each of them you loose about 50cents OOP

First way:
(through Monday only)
buy 2 paas easter egg coloring kits

Use 3.49ECBs and about 50 cents OOP and recieve 3.98ECBs so you have actually received that 50 cents back

Or what I did bc I didn't need 2 more Paas

1 Paas
1 Glade Lasting Impressions

use -4 Glade fr paper
(if you have a -1 CVS Q from the magic coupon machine you can use it but make sure and get a filler item so you can use your ECBs - a 50 cent cady bar will probably do)
3.49 ECBs

Pay: .53 OOP ( I put on my GC) and recieve 1.99 ECB from Paas and 1 ECB from Glade
I found my -1 CVS Glade Q when I got home- oh well so I have about 3 ECBs to carry until next week, I may go ahead back and get one more Paas tomorrow and just trade my 1.99 ECB for a new one :) Will let you know!

Trans- on my card!!!

1 Glade Sense and Spray (5.99)
2 Paas Egg Coloring (1.99 ea)
Accucheck Blood Glucose Moniter (9.99)

-4 Glade

Total: 1.04 on my GC andrecieved 9.99ECB Accucheck, 3.98 ECB Paas and 1 ECB Glade.

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