Saturday, April 4, 2009

Albertsons Cereal Deal

The deal here is buy 4 Kellogs (select ones) for $14 get 3 free and a free box of Poptarts and then receive 3 Catalinas for 1 free gallon of milk ea. I was determined to make this work!

2 Cornflakes(3.50 ea)
2 Fruit Loops (3.50 ea)
2 Frosted Flakes (3.50 ea)
1 Apple Jacks (3.50)
1 Poptart (2.00)
2 doz med eggs (.88 ea)

(2)-1.50 off two Kellogs
-1 off any Kellogs
(would not let me use any more qs on the cereal)
-2 Poptarts instore q
(2)-.29 eggs in store q

Total: 11.18 and received 3 catalinas for 1 gal milk ea doesnt expire until beg of May. WOOHOO!!!

Note : there is a q this week for $1 off any Kelloggs cereal, depending on how many papers you get you could try using these to take anywhere from $4 if it only lets you take off one for each one actually purchased or up to $7 off . A great deal for all you get even if you only get 4 off!

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