Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wags Mega Transactions

Here they go!
Trans 1
1 Chapstick Naturals

Total:2.15 OOP received 2RR

Trans 2
1 Chapstick (1.99)

Total:2.15 OOP received 2 RR

Trans 3
1 Softsoap Body Wash (3.99)
1 Skintimate Shave Gel (2.99)


Total: 4.31 OOP received free Q for SS and 3RR

Trans 4
1 Softsoap(3.99)
1Edge Shave Gel (2.99)
1 Chapstick (1.99)

-3.99 Softsoap

Total: 5.39 recieved 2RR and 3 RR- no ss free q as reported

returned SS thinking it was the wrong one

Total: -4.31

skintimate Shave Gel (2.99)


Total: 1.07 OOP recieved 3 RR

Trans 7
1 Softsoap bw(3.99)
1 Pizza Bites (.25 clearance)
1 Walitin Tabs (6.99)
1 Chapstick (1.99)


total: 7.22 OOP received free SS Q, 2 RR and will send for 6.99 rebate

Trans 8
1 Softsoap (3.99)
1 Edge Gel (2.99)
1 Animated fish bowl (2.00 clearance)

-3.99 SS

Total:3.24 OOP and received 3 RR, no SS q again so they must have fixed this on the catalina machines....oh well

Was that enough trans? :)
Total: 21.22 OOP
will get 6.99 rebate
and still have 8 RR
so 6.23 for 4 chapsticks, 2 skintimate cream, 2 edge gel, 3 Softsoap body wash, 1 allergy med, 1 box pizza bites and 1 animated fish bowl....sounds good to me (about $45 worth of stuff)


  1. Thank you so much for breaking it down. I now understand. Thanks again

  2. so which softsoap generated the FREE softsoap Q. i haven't tried this yet, but i am intrigued.

  3. all of the body washes are suppose to but earlier this week people were reporting getting a Free Q and then using it to pay for the next one and getting another free q - this was on Sunday. I am guessing Wags fixed it bc when I tried using the same one I had gotten the q from it did not give me one on the second. So basically you can buy one and get a free q but the free q is not rolling or at least not at the 2 Wags I tried. It does say on all the washes that they give a free q.
    The first Wags I went to did not have signs on the softsoap but the 2nd one had a sign on each variety of the body wash so it should work on any of them. So you can get 2 for $3 (is you use a -1 Q)which is still a pretty good deal.

  4. So i decided not to do the Softsoap deal. really don't use body wash, but would be willing to get a WHOLE BUNCH for free!!!! :)

    I love couponing!
    Look what I did gt tho