Friday, May 29, 2009


Didn't make it to WAGs last night- ( was going to go after my son's tennis practice but my husband so graciously offered to take him and wait with him so I could get things together for dinner and take care of the other kids instead of piling everyone in the car) so I made it out today. Nothing major to report. I did get my 8.99 (free after RR) calcium supp. The kids found a dora color wonder for 2.59 and a rare FunKey for 1.79. There were lots of tags throughout the store but not a lot of merchandise left. My advice check more than one store. My sister has been to several now and stocked up on some of the toys(she is a teacher) and there are good deals to be had if you can find them. Some I did see but were not in were Barbies (Hannah Montana and HSM) for around $3, care Bears for I believe it was .75 to 1.50, candy 75% off, lots of clearance make up- some wet and wild jumbo lip gloss for .75 as well as some nail color for .25-.50. Anyway, it is worth a quick stop if you need to stock up.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yes I know I spelled birthday wrong. LOL. But, I received an email yesterday that Burt's Bees is having their Burt Day and giving away 1,000 coupons for free lip balm a day for 25 days( I believe this started yesterday)!!! The give a way is between 9am and 12 noon EDT. Today's has not been done yet so start by clicking

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Word is wags is having awesome clearance deals- look for color wonder, fun keys, amp energy drinks all for around $2. That is not all- look all around the store for the orange clearance tags and diff stores have diff items so this is the time not to pass up a wags store when you see one- deals can be found on quite a few toys and games as well as food items. I am going today and hope to find some awesome deals- I will post if I do :)


I did make a run to CVS Monday night to get what was left of the deals and rainchecks for the others.

1 Diego Bandaid(2.99)
1 Enfamil can (4.99)
1 Good Start (10.99)
1 Revlon Nail color (3.99)
2 Coke 20oz (1.49 ea)
1 Wrigley's gum (.99)
1 Colgate Total (2.99)

-5 off 30
-2 ECB
-11 check Good Start
-5 check Enfamil
-1 Colgate
-1 Bandaid
(2)-1.49 Bandaid
-.99 Wrigleys

Total: 0 OOP and recieved 2ECBs bandadi, 2ECBs Colgate, 3ECBs Revlon

Trans 2

1 Bandaid Diego (2.99)

-1 Band Aid
2 Ecbs - adjusted down

Nothing OOP and received 2 ECBs

Hubby's card:(should have done these sep but oh well vacatin made me a little CVS rusty )
2 Bandaids(2.99 ea)
(2)-1 Bandaid
-2 ECBs

Total: 1.97 OOP on GC and recieved 4 ECBs

I'm Back

So sorry for the extended vacation from the blogging world, the deals at CVS and Wags have been lagging and then my family and I took a vacation. I am back now :)

We had a lot of fun not too far from home. We went to Glen Rose, TX and went to Dinosaur World, the Creation Evidence Museum, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Big Rock Park, the Granbury Drive In, the Memorial Day weekend festivities in Granbury, the Granbury old jail, then went to Dublin, Tx to the oldest working Dr Pepper plant, and to Lipan, Tx to the world's largest Cedar Rocking Chair- and some great brisket. Then went and spent a day at the lake. Whew, it really sounds like a lot but it was so relaxing and just what we needed as a family.Check out the pics!

Dinosaur World:

Dinosuar Valley State Park:

Big Rock Park:

Dublin, Tx

Rocking Chair in Lipan, Tx