Friday, May 29, 2009


Didn't make it to WAGs last night- ( was going to go after my son's tennis practice but my husband so graciously offered to take him and wait with him so I could get things together for dinner and take care of the other kids instead of piling everyone in the car) so I made it out today. Nothing major to report. I did get my 8.99 (free after RR) calcium supp. The kids found a dora color wonder for 2.59 and a rare FunKey for 1.79. There were lots of tags throughout the store but not a lot of merchandise left. My advice check more than one store. My sister has been to several now and stocked up on some of the toys(she is a teacher) and there are good deals to be had if you can find them. Some I did see but were not in were Barbies (Hannah Montana and HSM) for around $3, care Bears for I believe it was .75 to 1.50, candy 75% off, lots of clearance make up- some wet and wild jumbo lip gloss for .75 as well as some nail color for .25-.50. Anyway, it is worth a quick stop if you need to stock up.

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