Saturday, February 7, 2009

CVS Trip 3

So I stopped by another CVS and found the Loreal!

2 Loreal (5.99 ea)
2 Bodi Heat 3pk (3.99ea)
1 Listerine with bonus (5.19 -3.00 sale= 2.19)

-3 Loreal
(2) -1 BodiHeat on pkg

Total 66 cents on GC and recieved 10 ECB Loreal and 6 ECB Bodi Heat

Thursday, February 5, 2009

CVS Trip 2

SO I went to CVS to check on the Gillete and Loreal- no Loreal but they did have Gillette conditioner. However is did not have tags so I figured it just wasn't marked however it rang up at 5.99. i still got it but just didn't turn out as great as I though it would be.


3 Gillette Conditioners(5.99 ea)

1 Benefiber tablets (6.49)


-3 Benefiber CVS

-2 Benefiber MQ

(3)-2 Gillette

Total:.46 OOP on GC and recieved 9ECBs

Trans 2:

Baby Aspirin (1.99)

6hr Energy(4.99)


Total :0OOP and recieved 1.99ECB and 4.99ECB


So, last night and today I began some breadmaking. After 3 loaves and 1 dozen muffins with banana bread, 4 loaves of potato wheat bread and 2 dozen banana strawberry muffins I am taking a break. I will be making 4 more loaves of honey wheat and a couple loaves of banana blueberry either later tonight or in the morning- we will see how the evening goes :). Not all loaves are shown as I gave some to a good friend of mine.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Been Krogering

this pic below is all the markdown stuff (minus the MetRX it is in the one above by mistake)
So, today was the last day of the sale- new ads come out tomorrow in this area. So, after taking the kids to Denny's we went shopping.


1 Danimals yogurt (2.00)

2 Blue Bonnet butter (.77ea)

1 Velveta (4.99)

1 Kroger hot dogs (.87)

1 baby carrots (.99)

1 Pizza rolls 40ct (2.99)

2 Green Giant Steamers (1.49)

2 Tropicana OJ (2.99ea)

2 Kraft Singles (1.99ea)

1 Kroger Milk 1/2 gall (reduced to .75)

1 Cottonelle toilet paper (1.19)

1 Croutons (reduced .79)

1 Box Fiber One Granola Bars (2.69)

1 MetRX bar (reduced .99)

1 Bag Choco Chex Mix (2.19)

1 Doz Eggs(1.49)

1 Buttermilk (reduced .50)

2 Promiseland Choco Mild (reduced.50)

2 bags organic bananas (.95ea)

2 4ct Steakhouse Potatoes (1.00 ea)


-.60 Chex cellfire Q

-5 Mega Event

(2) -.75 Cheese

-1 Danimals

--.35 Pizza Rolls

-.70 tripled Pizza rolls

-1.25 Tropicana Kroger mailed Q

-.50 Chex Mix

-.50 doubled chex

(2)-.50Green Giant

(2)-.50 doubled GG

-.50 Cottonelle

-.50 doubled Cottonelle

-.50 Fiber One

-.50 Doubled Fiber One

Total: 26.38 and just realized my -1 Velveta is not on there- will have to go back tomorrow when I am out and fix that. So really 25.38 OOP.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oriental Trading Company

I have never ordered from here but I know plenty of people who do so when i saw this blog: Amanda Saves: Oriental Trading $10 , I knew I had to try it out. Right now until midnight they are doing shipping of 3.99 and 24 valentine suckers for free with any order. Now, this cannot be combined with the $10 off code on Amanda's site but you can do 2 orders like I did and just spend a tiny bit extra and get the freebies. They have Christmas and Valentine stuff on sale so it wasn't hard finding stocking stuffers for next year and valentine's gifts for my Sunday School class and GA group. Check it out. But remember the 3.99 shipping ends today- but the $10 is good I believe through 2/9.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Free breakfast!!!

Did you watch the Big Game??? If you did you might of seen the commercial for Dennys. If not let me tell you what is going on. On Tuesday, Feb 3rd from 6am until 2pm every customer at Denny's will recieve a free grand slam breakfast as well as a coupon book for future orders.
I for one will be taking advantage of this one as we have a Denny's about 15 minutes away!

Denny's - Enjoy A Free Grand Slam (official Denny's site)
or you can check out the deal at fatwallet by going here

As if that wasn't enough IHOP's National Pancake Day is coming and from 7am until 10pm you can get a free short stack of pancakes(they do ask that you make a contribution to Children's Miracle Network. Check out the info with the link below!

IHOP National Pancake Day - February 24, 2009


OK, so I am giving it a go and we will see....hey, if I can get a few free giftcards why not!

So you want to try it with me? It seems to be pretty easy, just use their toolbar to search which you can download to IE or firefox or just go to the site sign in and search.

Let's try it together... just go to Swag Store and sign up. Simple enough and the possibilities are endless to how much you can earn.

I am joining after ~ Coupon Nerd ~ has been having so much success. So, take a look and see what you think.


Stopped into Wags to get a few of the rebate things and also my 3yr old a prize bc I had gotten daddy prizes (ie energy drinks and excedrin) at CVS and forgot to get her a little something.

1 Revlon age Defying concealer (9.99)
1 Oragel Plaque Reveal Rinse(2.99 on clearance)
1 Thermacare heat wrap 1ct(2.49)
2 Theraflu daytime(5 ea)
1 oragel training toothpaste(2.39 on clearance)
1 Sesame Street activity kit (2.50 on clearance)

-1 Oragel
-.55 Oragel toothpaste (in box)
-2 Revlon
(2)-1.50 Theraflu

Total 23.81 Used 19.54 and 2.45 on 2 sep GC and then had a balance of $3 OOP. Now I hope my rebate from last month will post soon so I can get the rest!

Will get 9.99 in rebate, 2.49 in rebate and 6 in rebate from today's purchase. Will also send for 2.99 on the oragel for rebate making the total rebate: 21.47. Not too bad!

CVS not quite ready?

So, I stopped into CVS- well a planned run and to my suprise they still had quite a bit!

1 Excedrin 10ct (2.49)
2 Ear Rinse (9.99ea)(yes this was supposed to be 7.99 but it was fixed later)
4 Glade Candle refills (2.50 ea)
1 Bodiheat (3.99)
1 6hr instant energy (4.99)
2 Stayfree Maxi(3.99 ea)

-5 off $40 purchase email
-2.50 Glade
-1 Glade
-1 Bodiheat
-3.99 stayfree

Total : .19OOP plus recieved 5ECB Glade and 2.49ECB Excedrin- none of the monthly ECBs printed.

Next Trans on Hubby's card

1 Contour Meter (30.00)
1 Buddies Soap (1.19)
1 6hr energy (4.99)

-5 off $15 purchase
-1 Buddies
-30 meter

Total: .18OOP and no ECB printed for energy drink

Since none of them printed, the cashier counted up the total ECBs earned(rounding the .99 to the next dollar) and came up with 37ECBs. He then printed out 37ECBs on the register(in 5ECB increments per my request.

So I used 35.75 ECBs and recieved 44.49 in ECBs. They were out of the Gillette and the loreal so hopefully I can get those later this week.