Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Been Krogering

this pic below is all the markdown stuff (minus the MetRX it is in the one above by mistake)
So, today was the last day of the sale- new ads come out tomorrow in this area. So, after taking the kids to Denny's we went shopping.


1 Danimals yogurt (2.00)

2 Blue Bonnet butter (.77ea)

1 Velveta (4.99)

1 Kroger hot dogs (.87)

1 baby carrots (.99)

1 Pizza rolls 40ct (2.99)

2 Green Giant Steamers (1.49)

2 Tropicana OJ (2.99ea)

2 Kraft Singles (1.99ea)

1 Kroger Milk 1/2 gall (reduced to .75)

1 Cottonelle toilet paper (1.19)

1 Croutons (reduced .79)

1 Box Fiber One Granola Bars (2.69)

1 MetRX bar (reduced .99)

1 Bag Choco Chex Mix (2.19)

1 Doz Eggs(1.49)

1 Buttermilk (reduced .50)

2 Promiseland Choco Mild (reduced.50)

2 bags organic bananas (.95ea)

2 4ct Steakhouse Potatoes (1.00 ea)


-.60 Chex cellfire Q

-5 Mega Event

(2) -.75 Cheese

-1 Danimals

--.35 Pizza Rolls

-.70 tripled Pizza rolls

-1.25 Tropicana Kroger mailed Q

-.50 Chex Mix

-.50 doubled chex

(2)-.50Green Giant

(2)-.50 doubled GG

-.50 Cottonelle

-.50 doubled Cottonelle

-.50 Fiber One

-.50 Doubled Fiber One

Total: 26.38 and just realized my -1 Velveta is not on there- will have to go back tomorrow when I am out and fix that. So really 25.38 OOP.


  1. i can't wait to go Krogering. we got snow yesterday, took me three hours to get home from work, so I didn't have the energy or composure to Kroger after that. Hopefully going tonight!


  2. Wow, I am sure you were plenty stressed after that drive..I wouldn't feel much like getting out either.
    I just got my new qs from shortcuts added to my card and hope to do some match ups tomorrow. I made a bunch of banana bread today with the organic bananas I got. I was just glad to find all the markdowns!