Saturday, September 6, 2008


So I am trying to finish up my rebate stuff so I can get it on my card....but they still have not recieved the Lypsil- maybe this Wed..I think I may just let it go, plus I spent my 2 $1 off a purchase that I was going to get it with today and ended up with a great deal.

4 Robitussin Max DM 5.49 on sale and BOGO
15 Z Sour tins on clearance for .24 each (great goody bag fillers)

used :
4 Robitussin coupons for $3 off
2- $1 off Walgreens coupons (RR from the excedrin deal)

Total : .77

Get this... I paid, the cashier handed me my change and bag and kept looking at the coupons. He said wait a minute... I replied they are valid coupons from the manufacture's website.
He then said you can't use all these together, you can only use one at a time. I said well they all went through. He said yes but I don't think they are supposed to be used like that. I then replied I have used the same kind of coupons the same way here before and never had a problem. He handed me my reciept and looked at me funny. He was new- I saw him last week and we had to do my transaction over 3 times bc he scanned one coupon twice and he couldn't void it and then bc he couldn't get one of the coupons to work bc of the previous void. The manager finally redid it himself and everything went well. (Maybe he remembered the deal I got last week on 4 bags of stuff for $20 and thought I looked suspicious- all my coupons are from the manufacture's site or from the paper though so I have nothing to worry about) Oh well....I think what threw him off was me walking away only havine spent 77 cents.

CVS Trip 2

Ok, decided to make a CVS run today- I am addicted I will admit it.
Transaction 1
1 Soft and Dri deod 2.99
2 ROC cleansing pads 7.99 each
1 Colgate toothbrush .99

2- $5 off Roc
1 off toothbrush
.75 off Soft and Dri
5 ECBs

Total 1.21 OOP
recieved 10 ECB from Roc and 2 ECB from Soft and Dri

Transaction 2
1 Right Guard Clinical Strength 6.99
1 Loreal Skin Genesis 5.99

1 off Skin Genesis
2/10 however it didn't scan and so she entered it manually and took off $5 (no complaints here)
5.99 in ECBs

Total .99 OOP
recieved 5.99 ECB and 5 ECB

Overall this trip made up for the one yest. and the cashier was a very nice one today!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Mail Came!!!

Today in the mail I got my passes for the State Fair- the teacher pass can be used anytime but the student is only on Thurs in Oct. I haven't been in forever so we should have fun!

Also I got my samples of the Pantene Pro V Shampoo.

BTW the Fiber One granola bar was delicious this morning!

Target snacks!

Ok, so we ran by Target while we were out.
I got :
4 boxes Poptarts
4boxes Cheese Its
4 Boxes Special K granola bars

2- $1/2 Poptarts
2-$1/2 Sunshine prod
2- $1/2 Special K prod
4- .50/1 Poptarts

spent just under $20 and got 3 gift card for $5 each. I will now send in the $10 Kellogs rebate.
Breakfast and snack are covered now!
I may go back and do the cookies...we shall see :-)


OK, so I am in the area they are testing the new ads for CVS as well as the Friday-Thurs week. So I went to CVS. I can't say I did great and if I had doneit a little different it may have worked out better but there were a couple of things that I wanted to get- a little more than I wanted to pay but that is how it goes some weeks. And the cashier wasn't the most pleasant of people either.

Here is what I got:

Transaction 1
1 Neutrogena Wave (13.99)
1Neutrogena Wave refill (7.99)
1 Roc Cleansing Cloths(8.99)
2 Schick Quatro disp. Razor packs (7.99 BOGO)
1 Right Guard Deod.(2.99)

$1 off Right Guard
$5 off Roc
2-$4 off Schick Quatro
$2 off Wave
$3 off Wave refill
2.58 ECB
5.99 ECB

Total 4.49 OOP
Normally I wouldn't spend that many ECBs in one transaction but I wanted the Wave product and I probably should have made 3 transactions but the cashier didn't really like me doing 2 or the coupons so it is what it is.
I earned 5 ECB for Neutrogena and 2 ECB from Right Guard

Transaction 2

1 Soft and Dri Deod (2.99)
1 Loreal Skin Genesis 25ct Cloths (5.99)
1 Colgate toothbrush (1.99)
1 Colgate toothbrush (.99) supposed to be BOGO- but did not ring up that way....didn't realize until just now

$1 off Colgate toothbrush
.75 off Soft and Dri
$1 off Loreal

Total .22 OOP

Not too bad for what I got...could have been a little better though. I do have a form for the wave product to get a free bag so that is a perk.
I still have to go back to do a few other transactions so I will watch things a little closer! :-)
I did take my friend with me today. She is just starting out and ended up spending 8 OOP and got a 5.99 ECB and a 2ECB so basically broke even ( we had some problems with the cashier taking some legit coupons so it threw our totals off a little) but now she is in the game! We are going to start a weekly CVS run.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ok, so I go to my mailbox and what do I find (besides the returned bill bc I sent it back to myself instead of the cable company)... My Fiber One samples box. In it was a sample of a Fiber One granola bar (these are so yummy! I am saving mine for breakfast in the morning) and a smple of Fiber One Cereal. I am so excited. I love going to the mailbox! Yest. I got the package of popcorn rice cakes from Orville Red. They were too yummy- I ended up giving half the bag to my 9yr old. He loved them. I can't wait for the mail tomorrow! I think this sample thing is so cool. I am getting to try out so many new things.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So I went to CVS. I had two different transactions I was ready to do however due to the sales some products were nonexistent at the time. Here is what I ended up getting:

4 Covergirl Outlast Lip products 9.99 ea
2 Covergirl Wetslicks Amazement 5.99 ea
3 Dawn .99 ea
1 Roc moisturizer 7.99
1 Colgate Max Fresh 2.99
1 CVS toothbrush 1.99
1 Jolt gum .99 *filler item for my hubby

The total came out to about $70 then for the coupons

$2/$10 purchase
(3) .50 coupon for Dawn(8/31)
1.00 off Colgate (All You mag)
(3) 1.00 off Covergirl Lip product(8/31)
1.99 off CVS toothbrush (got the coupon from the magic coupon machine when you scan your card)
$5 off Roc product (
(3) BOGO Coverdirl lip product (supposed to be 2 at 9.99 and 1 at 5.99 but he gave me 3 at 9.99- no complaints here!)(8/31)
(2) BOGO 9.99 CVS Sale
used a $5 ECB

Total was -.07 ( He had to add 7cents to make it come out $0 )

So I spent nothing and got a 5.99 ECB. I was supposed to get a 2ECB from the toothpaste but it didn't print out :( Oh well. I also have 7.99 toward the $30 Roc promotion for $10ECB.
Not too bad!


Ok, everyone has to start somewhere, right? So here it goes. My first official blog.
So for as long as I can remember my mom always cut out coupons. The Sunday coupons inserts got saved and then clipped in preparation for a trip to Kroger. So, when I got out on my own, a poor college student I followed suit. However, living in North Dallas I had three grocery stores with in minutes of me. Thus started the hunt! Get the ads match them with coupons and set out for several hours of shopping and saving. It worked. I would transfer prescriptions around to get the gift cards and save even more. My first child even got a ton of Winnie the Pooh stuff for practically free from Toys R Us with coupons for a product which had Geoffrey Bucks on it. I can't remember how many snack packs of pudding we ended up with but to say at least 60 is probably a little low. Guess what we gave out at Halloween? LOL Anyway, over the past few years I have done my couponing but not that well until lately. Thanks to I have discovered a new extreme version of this couponing world. The world of CVS and Walgreens. Over the past 4 weeks that I have started this new phase of my life I have discovered the art and thrill of getting great deals and spending very little if anything.
Thus the reason for the blog. I am excited and want to share what has worked for me. It is so much fun to leave CVS with bags full of items and spent only a few pennies if that after coupons, in store sales, and ECBs.
I will be posting all my deals as I find them as well as stories along the way. I look forward to blogging and hopefully someone reading this will get something out of it.