Saturday, September 6, 2008


So I am trying to finish up my rebate stuff so I can get it on my card....but they still have not recieved the Lypsil- maybe this Wed..I think I may just let it go, plus I spent my 2 $1 off a purchase that I was going to get it with today and ended up with a great deal.

4 Robitussin Max DM 5.49 on sale and BOGO
15 Z Sour tins on clearance for .24 each (great goody bag fillers)

used :
4 Robitussin coupons for $3 off
2- $1 off Walgreens coupons (RR from the excedrin deal)

Total : .77

Get this... I paid, the cashier handed me my change and bag and kept looking at the coupons. He said wait a minute... I replied they are valid coupons from the manufacture's website.
He then said you can't use all these together, you can only use one at a time. I said well they all went through. He said yes but I don't think they are supposed to be used like that. I then replied I have used the same kind of coupons the same way here before and never had a problem. He handed me my reciept and looked at me funny. He was new- I saw him last week and we had to do my transaction over 3 times bc he scanned one coupon twice and he couldn't void it and then bc he couldn't get one of the coupons to work bc of the previous void. The manager finally redid it himself and everything went well. (Maybe he remembered the deal I got last week on 4 bags of stuff for $20 and thought I looked suspicious- all my coupons are from the manufacture's site or from the paper though so I have nothing to worry about) Oh well....I think what threw him off was me walking away only havine spent 77 cents.

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