Friday, September 5, 2008


OK, so I am in the area they are testing the new ads for CVS as well as the Friday-Thurs week. So I went to CVS. I can't say I did great and if I had doneit a little different it may have worked out better but there were a couple of things that I wanted to get- a little more than I wanted to pay but that is how it goes some weeks. And the cashier wasn't the most pleasant of people either.

Here is what I got:

Transaction 1
1 Neutrogena Wave (13.99)
1Neutrogena Wave refill (7.99)
1 Roc Cleansing Cloths(8.99)
2 Schick Quatro disp. Razor packs (7.99 BOGO)
1 Right Guard Deod.(2.99)

$1 off Right Guard
$5 off Roc
2-$4 off Schick Quatro
$2 off Wave
$3 off Wave refill
2.58 ECB
5.99 ECB

Total 4.49 OOP
Normally I wouldn't spend that many ECBs in one transaction but I wanted the Wave product and I probably should have made 3 transactions but the cashier didn't really like me doing 2 or the coupons so it is what it is.
I earned 5 ECB for Neutrogena and 2 ECB from Right Guard

Transaction 2

1 Soft and Dri Deod (2.99)
1 Loreal Skin Genesis 25ct Cloths (5.99)
1 Colgate toothbrush (1.99)
1 Colgate toothbrush (.99) supposed to be BOGO- but did not ring up that way....didn't realize until just now

$1 off Colgate toothbrush
.75 off Soft and Dri
$1 off Loreal

Total .22 OOP

Not too bad for what I got...could have been a little better though. I do have a form for the wave product to get a free bag so that is a perk.
I still have to go back to do a few other transactions so I will watch things a little closer! :-)
I did take my friend with me today. She is just starting out and ended up spending 8 OOP and got a 5.99 ECB and a 2ECB so basically broke even ( we had some problems with the cashier taking some legit coupons so it threw our totals off a little) but now she is in the game! We are going to start a weekly CVS run.

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