Saturday, June 13, 2009


RR expired same day so I had to get in there! Started with 9 RR

1 pkg dog bones (.75 clearance)
1 2pk Dove soap
2 Dove Go Fresh deod
2 Dove shampoo
3 dove reg deod
2 Gillette Mens body wash
1 purex 3 in 1 (5.99)
2 coppertone sun screen (on sale BOGO half off so made them 11 and 5)

-5 off $25 purchase
-1.50 Dove
(6)-1 Dove
(2)-1 Gillette
-1 Purex
(2)-3 Coppertone

Total : a little over 25 ( I was trying to be at 20 so I think I mistakenly counted my 5 off q twice in my head) Received 3RR from Purex, 2 RR from Gillette, and 10RR from Dove so total OOP would be about 10 bucks, I guess :) for me it is still 25 OOP LOL. But it is summer and with this and the CVS banana boat last week I think we are set for sunscreen maybe for the summer- I guess it depends on how much we are at the lake.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Topline Salvage

For those of you in the Grand Prairie/Arlington Area look up Topline Salvage....great deals are to be had

Most items are a great deal and though I spent 55 dollars what I got should have been well over that!

4 snack size Bugles (.25 ea)
4 snack size choco chip animal cookies (.25 ea)
4 snack size chex mix (.25 ea)
2 vienna creme cookie snack size (.25ea)
2 Slim Jim Beef Steak singles (.50 ea)
6 PopAlongs Organic chip/crakers (.50 ea)
2 organic toaster pastries(6ct) (1.00ea)
2 Organic breakfast bars (6 ct)(1.00 ea)
1 bag 17lb dog food (5.00)
1 75ct snack cups (1.00)
1 51 ct cups (.89)
3 large cans dog food (.89 ea)
3 boxes organic choco cookies sim to Teddy Grahams) (3/1.00)
2 boxes organic crackers (.50 ea)
2 snack size welch's fruit and yogurt snacks (.25 ea)
2 Popalongs snack size bag- organic (5/1.00)
10 bars Green and Blacks organic chocolate (1.00 ea)
3 bars Lindt white choco (1.00)
2 bars Lindt milk choco (.50)
1 bag beef jerky (1.00)
2 boxes Organic Cereal (1.00 ea)
4 Grandmas PB cookies 2 ct (,25 ea)
2 Organic Granola bars (1.00 ea)
1 Bag of organic triple choco cookies (1.00)
2 cokes in bottle fr Mexico- use real sugar (.89 ea)
2 Energy Shot drinks (1.00 ea)
3 energy drinks (3/1)
1 energy drink (1.00)

There maybe some things I left out but you get the picture...lots good food for cheap. These are all name brand items like: Brent and Sams, Cascadian Farms, Kashi, etc....too many to list but AWESOME deals!!!!!

Deals lacking

I am a little frustrated in the lack of some really good deals lately...I wonder if they are coming back or taking a summer holiday???

I did enjoy a roast chicken club from Arby's today. Remember everyday throughout the summer Wed is free day well free with purchase....just about every other week is free sandwich with drink...
I bought 5 milks (1.29 ea) and one DP- small (1.49) and got 6 clubs free (one for each of us) and only spent 7.57...not too bad for some awesome food!!!!!

This week has been extremely busy as we have been at VBS at church, tennis classes and karate classes that started back up this week...throw in running a few errands and the hour drive to VBS and hour back and you have for some full days!!!!


So, if you haven't heard by now the $5 off 25 purchase at Wags q is out. While there aren't any over the top awesome deals there are a few that might end up quite decent.....I do have an additional 8 RR to use as well so I am going tomorrow to fig out if I can make it work and get enough RR out of it to be worth it or just wait :)
the Dove deal may end up being a close money maker, and the purex is always put to good use, the gillette and head and shoulders is not too terrible.....well we shall see....

WOW at Albertson's

Well, I have to post about this deal even though I did it on the last day of the sale:

OK the deal was(and they might just run it again this is the 2nd time they have run it in a couple months so be on the look out!)
Buy 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal (selected var) get 3 boxes free plus 3 catalinas for 1 gall of milk on each plus get a box of pop tarts for 99 cents



7 boxes cereal (Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops)
7(-1) off certain boxes Kelloggs cereal

1 box pop tarts
99 cent q from Alb
-55 cent q from paper

Get 7 boxes cereal, 3 gall milk qs to use on any gall milk up to $3 value, and one box of poptarts for $7.45. That is a GOOD deal!!!

Also I used my rain check for the all meat oscar mayer hot dogs at 99 cents (limit 4)
bought 4 and used (2)-1 off 2 qs to get 4 pkgs for 1.98.....not too shabby!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

CVS Sunblock deal

Well, we have hit the swimming pools and lakes and now it is time to stock up on the sunscreen so I ran to CVS hoping to get the Banana Boat at around 7.19 however our prices started at 8.99 for spf15 and went up from there.

1 Red Bull for the hubby(2.50)
2 Banana Boat spf 50 (10.29 ea)
1 Gillette Fusion(7.99)

-5 off $30 purchase email q
(2)-2 Banana Boat
-4 Gillette
(2) 4 ECBs
(2) 2 ECBs

Total: 6.57 and received 11 ECBs (7 from BB and 4 from Gillette) - note hubby gave me the 2.50 for his Red Bull so my CVS OOP was really 4.07 not too bad I guess for sunscreen :) Hopefully the deals get better!