Friday, March 6, 2009

CVS - finally

Ok, so I finally made it to CVS!

Slimquick (4.99)
Sprite (1.49)
1 Trial size Act (.99)
CVS Vit D(2.99)
Thomas musical toothbrush (clearance 2.50)

-1.49 Coke Rewards
-2.99 ECBs
-8 ECBs
Total: .48on GC
Recieved : .99 ECB Act,4.99ECB Slimquick, 2.99 ECB Vit D

*****Special Note: the limit on Act Trail is 2 so..****

Trans 2
1 ACT Trail (.99)

Total: 0 and recieved .99 ECB

Trans 3 (diff store)
1 Carnation Inst Break. (4.99)
-.75 Fr All You Mag
2.99 ECB

Put the change on my GC and recieved 4.99 ECB

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RedBox Wednesday

Ok, like I reported a couple of days ago Redbox is having free Wednesday codes throughout March. Want the code? You got it! Code: 75EA16
Happy movie watching!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Have you heard the Dillyeo????

Ok, so I got the $5 Dillyeo Giftcard deal and the $10 one as well. I never ended up using them..nothing I was really interested in was being offered. But, for today only get a $20 GC from Dillyeo. Go to Deals of the Day - $20 Gift Card to get the Giftcard...hopefully they will have a good deal before March 7th when it expires! I got my gc email this morning and almost forgot to post to spread the word!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Redbox Free Movie Wednesday!!

Have you heard the buzz??? Just got an email today the redbox will be posting a new code each Wednesday on their blog Redblog and you can get a free rental. So if you get the code on Mondays on your cell than check out Redblog on Wednesdays you will be able to get two free DVDs. With that said don't forget to turn them in the next day or a one dollar (plus tax) charge will appear on you credit card for each additional night. Also if you have more than one card guess what, just do separate transactions and get more DVDs. We got 4 tonight. One for each of us!
According to the email the free Wednesdays will be good through March!