Saturday, March 14, 2009

What a Saving Day!!!!

So, my hubby and I stopped off at Target and scored some great deals!

4 pkg Sutton and Dodge Chuck Steak ( slightly over a pound each at 1.99/lb)
2 Purina One Can Dog food (1.27 ea)
1 bag of croutons (clearance .90)
6 cans MP Soup (.54 ea)

(4)-2 S&D Meat
(3)-.50 MP Soup
(2)-1.27 Free dog food (from inside the bag of Purina Puppy Chow which I bought with the 3.50 Q a couple weeks ago)

Total: 3.62- honestly that would have been a good deal on the meat alone!

Next stop WAGS

2 Huggies Gentle Care diapers (10 ea)
1 Huggies Wipes (6)
1 Sambucal cold med (12.99)

(3)-5 Huggies
-4 Sambucol IP
-10 Sam. Wags Q

Total: can't remember exact :) but it was righ tunder 10- I am thinking 9.88- and recieved a 10RR so even though I used my GC to pay I got back just a little more than I spent. Next week is time for the rebate stuff!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Quick trip to catch some freebies!

2 Lamisil Foot Powder (2.00 ea clearance)
1 True North Nuts (1.75 clearance)
2 Planters Nuttrition (BOGO 6.59)

(2)-2 Lamisil
-1 Tru North CVS Q
-6.59 Planters Free MQ from Kraft mailer

Total:.75 OOP and put that on the GC. Still have about 16 on my GC from my bday in Jan!

Target Freebies!!!

So I went to Target just to et a few of the not to be missed deals!


2 (1.13 and 1.39lb) pk Steak (2.35 and 2.77)
4 cans Target Soup (.54 ea)
2 Motts applesauce (1.69 ea)
1 pk Dora big paint brushed (on clearance 1.28 and we needed some)

(2)-2 Steak Target Coupon
(2)-.50 Motts Target Coupon
(2)-.50 off 2 Soups Target Coupon
-.50 MQ for Motts (was supposed to be .55 but typed wrong- oh well)

Total: 4.44 I think that is awesome!

Free Movie Code

As promised the free movie code for Redbox is: JBG123


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free movie Wednesday...

Are you ready for your free code??? Be here tomorrow and I will post it for you!!! I don't know about you but my kids can't wait to get a new movie to watch!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Free at Jack in the Box

So, the freebies continue at Jack and the Box. This Tuesday get a fry and a drink...nice afternoon snack I think!

Go to:and get your coupon

CVS Free Wipes

My hubby is trying to quit smoking so I had a q to get 25 off any of the nicorrette or commit products so I stopped by since I had ECBs expiring this week.


1 Huggies Baby Wipe (3.79)
1 Commit 72 Ct (41.99)
1 Skittles (.50)
2 Blade Energy Drinks (2/3)

-3 off $15 purchase (mailer q )
-25 Commit CVS q
-5 Commit MQ
-5 Huggies
-2 Blade CVS q(peelie)

Total: .49 on GC So I didn't earn anything from this trans but my hubby has been smoke free for 4 days and I am so proud of him!!!!

Red Box Free Movie Monday!

Ok, here it is the code for Monday is F3T9L6. Happy movie watching!