Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Target Freebies!!!

So I went to Target just to et a few of the not to be missed deals!


2 (1.13 and 1.39lb) pk Steak (2.35 and 2.77)
4 cans Target Soup (.54 ea)
2 Motts applesauce (1.69 ea)
1 pk Dora big paint brushed (on clearance 1.28 and we needed some)

(2)-2 Steak Target Coupon
(2)-.50 Motts Target Coupon
(2)-.50 off 2 Soups Target Coupon
-.50 MQ for Motts (was supposed to be .55 but typed wrong- oh well)

Total: 4.44 I think that is awesome!

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