Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ok, I know I have been kind of MIA lately but honestly I am pretty stocked up so unless the deals are great, I am not going to worry about it. I did score some more of the 7th Genereation cleaners at Wags however I still have a 2 off 2 that I can't seem to find the cleaners anymore.... I did pick up a throat coolers at CVS - free after ECBs however the man said it was the only one they recieved on the truck just a little before I got there so I couldn't use the BOGO coupon....hmmmm

Then my sister got me to start a Facebook acct so I have been experimenting with that a little this week, catching up with some friends I haven't seen in quite a while. It really is a neat set up!
I did get a $10 off a $50 purchase for CVS so I am hoping they have some good things this next week- I am kind of scared to even look ahead at the adscans....

Anyway, hope you all are doing well and I have to say(my bday is next week) and my email has been jam packed with offers for me to go eat at---I have free icecream at Coldstone, Baskin Robbins, and Dairy Queen, free smoothie/julius at Smoothie King and Orange Julius, and free meals or desserts at tons of places like Texas Land and Cattle, Red Robin, El Chicos, Humperdinks, Taco Cabana...just to name a few...not sure where we will go :) It is nice to have choices!

So, as soon as I find some superb deals I will be sure to post!!!