Thursday, March 26, 2009


OK, made two trips in one :) Used one trans on my card and one with my hubby's.

Trans 1:
1 Crest Prohealth mouth wash (3.49)
2 CVS Throat Coolers (4.99ea)
1 Bag choco animal crackers 100cal pk (.69)
1 Suave Body wash (2.59)

-3 off $15 purchse CVS mailer
-2.59 Suave (cashier put in -3 since it was up to 3)
-.75 Crest

Total 0 OOP and recieved 15ecb Throat coolers (raincheck), 3.49 ECB Crest

Trans 2 Hubby's card

1 box Triscuit crackers (2.99)
1 Crest Prohealth mouth wash (3.49)
2 Diet Dr Pepper 20 oz (1.49 ea)
1 Coke 20 oz (1.49 ea)
1 Bunny and Chick marshmellow candy (1.99)
1 M&Ms (.50)
1 Suave Mens (2.69)

-5 off $15 purchase CVS Magic coupon machine
-.75 Crest
(2) -1.49 Dr Pepper internet promo
-1.49 Coke
-2.69 Suave
-2.99 Triscuit free coupon- kraft mailer

Total: .22 OOP on the GC and recieved 3.49 ECBS

Follow me as I turn 3.49 in ECBs on my hubby's card into free items. This will be a great time for a beginner as I try not to spend anything out of pocket and just roll the 3.49 ECBs each week. This is the only ECBs I have for my hubby's card so it will be a nice experiment for me! Stay tuned each week and let's roll together!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Movie Code

Ok, Redbox fans here is your free Code for Wednesday. Reminder this code is valid Wednesday only: MMM325

Enjoy your movie!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Movie Monday

Here it is, your code for Redbox Free Movie Monday: HG7W56
Enjoy your movie!!!
And check back on Wednesday for your next free code!