Monday, March 9, 2009

CVS Free Wipes

My hubby is trying to quit smoking so I had a q to get 25 off any of the nicorrette or commit products so I stopped by since I had ECBs expiring this week.


1 Huggies Baby Wipe (3.79)
1 Commit 72 Ct (41.99)
1 Skittles (.50)
2 Blade Energy Drinks (2/3)

-3 off $15 purchase (mailer q )
-25 Commit CVS q
-5 Commit MQ
-5 Huggies
-2 Blade CVS q(peelie)

Total: .49 on GC So I didn't earn anything from this trans but my hubby has been smoke free for 4 days and I am so proud of him!!!!

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