Sunday, June 7, 2009

CVS Sunblock deal

Well, we have hit the swimming pools and lakes and now it is time to stock up on the sunscreen so I ran to CVS hoping to get the Banana Boat at around 7.19 however our prices started at 8.99 for spf15 and went up from there.

1 Red Bull for the hubby(2.50)
2 Banana Boat spf 50 (10.29 ea)
1 Gillette Fusion(7.99)

-5 off $30 purchase email q
(2)-2 Banana Boat
-4 Gillette
(2) 4 ECBs
(2) 2 ECBs

Total: 6.57 and received 11 ECBs (7 from BB and 4 from Gillette) - note hubby gave me the 2.50 for his Red Bull so my CVS OOP was really 4.07 not too bad I guess for sunscreen :) Hopefully the deals get better!

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