Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ok, everyone has to start somewhere, right? So here it goes. My first official blog.
So for as long as I can remember my mom always cut out coupons. The Sunday coupons inserts got saved and then clipped in preparation for a trip to Kroger. So, when I got out on my own, a poor college student I followed suit. However, living in North Dallas I had three grocery stores with in minutes of me. Thus started the hunt! Get the ads match them with coupons and set out for several hours of shopping and saving. It worked. I would transfer prescriptions around to get the gift cards and save even more. My first child even got a ton of Winnie the Pooh stuff for practically free from Toys R Us with coupons for a product which had Geoffrey Bucks on it. I can't remember how many snack packs of pudding we ended up with but to say at least 60 is probably a little low. Guess what we gave out at Halloween? LOL Anyway, over the past few years I have done my couponing but not that well until lately. Thanks to I have discovered a new extreme version of this couponing world. The world of CVS and Walgreens. Over the past 4 weeks that I have started this new phase of my life I have discovered the art and thrill of getting great deals and spending very little if anything.
Thus the reason for the blog. I am excited and want to share what has worked for me. It is so much fun to leave CVS with bags full of items and spent only a few pennies if that after coupons, in store sales, and ECBs.
I will be posting all my deals as I find them as well as stories along the way. I look forward to blogging and hopefully someone reading this will get something out of it.

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