Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shopper's Hotline

Ok, a while ago I had an entry about Shopper's Hotline. If you are interested let me know. You can read the article here.

ANyway, so I saved my points and am now getting via mail a $25 debit card- just for scanning groceries and other purchases when I go to put them away. Takes very little time and I get paid to share what I buy with the research group. It really is an easy way to make money- you don't earn a whole lot fast (40 pts a week plus they have a survey each month you can do - very short- for an extra 15pts and then every quarter they give you an extra 200 pts if you uploaded your purchases each week(it auto uploads through phone on Sun late night- I think you can set up to do it through PC if you don't have a landline). Anyway, I have been doing this since June and have made about 1500 pts which at 1350 you can get a $25 Debit Card, at 675 you can get a $10 card or you can save up even more to 2500 and get a $50 card. I wanted to get the card for holiday shopping so I went ahead and ordered mine. As I said it is not a whole lot of money but the way we spend it (via couponing) it really is quite a bit for something that doesn't take that much time. You have to put your purchases away anyway, might as well scan the UPC.

If you are interested leave me a comment and I can email you the info you will need to see if you qualify.


  1. LOVE the new signaure.....YOU GO GIRL!

    could you send me the info on Shopper's Hotline? you've piqued my interest.


  2. THanks for the info. I'm interested in the Shopper's Hotline. Could you send me the info? Thanks,

  3. I'm you said, $25 might not seem like much, but pair it with some coupons and you can make it go a loooong way :)

    Please send me the sign up information at Thanks! :)