Friday, October 10, 2008

Shopper's Hotline

I have been a member of shopper's hotline for several months now and love it. They send you a scanner and you just scan all the items and each week download your purchases (it does this automatically). Then, once you get enough points- based on completed scan weeks, you can get can get a gift card. Below is what the website says.

About Shoppers’ Hotline
Based in Chicago, Shoppers’ Hotline is the consumer market research panel of Information Resources Inc., one of America’s leading market research companies. Shoppers’ Hotline was started in a handful of consumer retail markets in 1979 and now, over 25 years later, Shoppers’ Hotline has over 100,000 household members and represents consumers across the United States.
By participating in Shoppers’ Hotline, you represent thousands of American households and provide manufacturers with valuable insights about consumer purchasing and attitudes.
We value your privacy and confidentiality just as much as the data you give us. That’s why a cornerstone of the Shoppers’ Hotline program is confidentiality. The personal information with which you provide us is never released or sold and the information regarding your buying habits is only used when combined with that of other Shoppers’ Hotline members.

***If you are interested in joining let me know by leaving a comment with your email address. I am not sure if they are taking new members right now but they are taking applications, and I just got an email for the October newsletter stating how to refer friends and family. So, I thought I would open it up to my valued readers. I have to give you some of my info so I only want to post it for those that are interested.


  1. Hi! I just started couponing last week and I must say I am HOOKED. :D I came across your site because I've been looking at a bunch of places that post Walgreens deals, and then saw this post. I'd be interested in learning more about Shopper's Hotline - my email is

    I'll be sure to bookmark your site for future reference! Thanks for all the great info!

  2. Thanks Erin for stopping by my site. I hope to have more deals up later in the week. I have sent you an email with the info for shoppers hotline.