Sunday, October 12, 2008

WAGS 10/12

So I decided to make a quick run into Walgreens today to get some of the dimatap promotion- Buy 3 at 3.99 ea and get 10RR. Since I had no RR left from last week I had to use OOP money
:-( Oh, well. Here is the transaction below.
I will be posting Wags and CVS deals as soon as I make it back so keep checking back to see what great deals I can get. BTW make sure and check out my Target section- they are having some pretty good deals this week as well.

Trans 1
3 Dimatap (3.99 ea)

(3) -2 off Dimatap printable

Total: 5.97 OOP but recieved a $10 RR to use next time!!! I will use it later this week with the soda deal and still looking into the rest. :-) OK, I goofed here- I totally forgot about the 4.50 RR I got last night on the Listerine! I could have had a better deal- I hate it when I do that :-( Well, now I have 14.50 in RR and a few more things to buy before I submit my rebate. The good news is that I am up to about 75 dollars on the rebate if not closer to 80!

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