Thursday, October 16, 2008

CVS and Wags

OK, as usual, I got up to the stores only to discover some of the things I though I was going to get are either out of stock or a much higher price than others have been finding. So, I did come up iwth a few things. That is why I am reluctant to post something until I have tried it myself, I don't want to give out info only to have to go back and correct it. Anyway, I went to the CVS that I don't usually go to and of course I had problems. First of they don't accept any internet coupons no exceptions- I knew this going in so I didn't bring any to use. Secondly if it doesn't scan or if it beeps in error they will not override regardless- even if the picture clearly shows the item you are purchasing (which is what happened tonight so I had her remove the items from my purchase). Third, I have rarely seen any of them smile- it is weird. The other CVS just a little farther away is so different a whole different atmosphere. I like going to that one but I really though, ok it is later in the evening maybe it will be better. Was I wrong- oh well I will make sure and go to the other one from now on.

Here are the transactions:

Trans 1

4 2 liter Dr Peppers (4/$5)
2 Crest White Expressions (2/$6)
3 Kotex (3/$9)

(3) -1 Kotex
(2) -1 Crest

Total:4.27 OOP - I was going to use my 4.50RR but the lady would not adjust down and I was at the photo counter and of couse they had nothing in the dollar range with in sight plus there was a long line but I did recieve 2RR from the Crest, 2RR from the Dr Pepper, and 3RR from the Kotex. I also had notice the filter water pitchers were on sale for 7.99 (reg 9.99) and I did get the filter free after rebate last month so I decided to use RR to get a pitcher.

Trans 2

1 Walgreen's water pitcher (7.99)
1 Caramel (.33)

Total OOP:.89

Now for the CVS

Trans 1
3 Sobe Life Water (5/$5)
2 Gatorade (5/$5)
1 Swiffer Duster Kit (6.99)
1 Swiffer starter kit (7.99)
1 Colgate Advance toothpaste (3.49)
2 Cover Girl CLean Powders (5.49 ea)

-6.99 BOGO Swiffer get Duster free
-1.50 Colgate
-5.49 Cover Girl BOGO
-1 CoverGirl
-1 CVS Coupon for something else I was going to purchase but I had her take off after the MQ would not scan(she went ahead and used the coupon from CVS though I guess)
(2) -4 ECB
-4.98 ECB

Total: .20OOP and recieved 3ECB Gatorade, 3ECB from Covergirl, 5ECB from Swiffer, 2ECB from Colgate

Trans 2
1 Well Patch (5.99)

used 5ECB and paid: .99 OOP and recieved 5.99 ECB

I know these these transactions did not go exactly as planned and I spent more ECBs then I earned but overall the trips were decent. I am still looking for the Reinventing Beauty Book- the lady had said they were out a few days after they got them so I am hoping they will get more. She did show me where to look for them at though so I know they exist!

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