Friday, October 17, 2008


Get some free samples here:


an election packet (printable for kids)

a free sample of Dove Hair care

$1 off Crest ProHealth at the link below:

$5 off Iams Natural Dog Food

Lysol Coupons (and more) go here and sign up for the newsletter

If you live in the DFW (Tx) metroplex you can go here and they have special deals on dining and entertainment (half price- you get a $50 gc for only $25)

Are you tired of going into stores at the Christmas holiday and the employees cannot say Merry Christmas? Well take a stand with the AFA (American Family Associtaion) by purchasing buttons to wear through the Christmas season. They say "It is ok to say Merry Christmas". You can find info on them with the link below.

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