Monday, October 6, 2008

CVS Week of 10/5

Ok, so a late night trip to CVS was lots of fun. Unfortunately they were out of several things but I still ended up with some great deals. Also met a very nice cashier who was very interested in the CVS and Walgreen coupon world. I referred him to and he was excited to share it with his wife and their 4 children. He was so nice and even found some of the Bic Soliel razors that were not on the shelf. A big thanks to him!

So Trans 1:

Bic Soliel Razor (5.99)
Vitamin Water (2.29)
Always Infinity (4.98)
2 Colgate Max Fresh (2.99 ea)
CVS Vitamin D

.50 off Always
(2) 1 off Colgate Max Fresh
2 off Bic
1.50 ECB
5.79 ECB

Total: .44 OOP and recieved 2.29 ECB from Water, 4 ECB from Colgate, 4 ECB from Bic, 4.98 ECB from Always and 2.99 ECB from the Vitamin D for a total of 18.26 in ECBs and only used 17.29 ECBS and 44 cents making a profit of 53 cents!

Then I did this transaction 4 times rolling my 4ECB:

Trans 2, 3, 4, and 5:

Bic Soliel Refill (5.99)

2 off Bic

OOP: 0 and recieved 4 ECB

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  1. Keep it up!
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