Saturday, October 4, 2008

Coupon at CVS

So, I have already done my CVSing early this week and decided to wait until Sunday to do another deal. But, today on our way to my son's football game I decided to stop to see if the magic coupon machine was working yet. However it was not. So I decided to make a small purchase to see what printed out on my reciept. I bought a Children's Illustrated Classic version of Frankenstein (getting into the Halloween season) for 75 cents and on my reciept I got $1 offf Revlon and then a $25 gc coupon with a transferred prescript. My ECBs from summer sales did print out- a whole 1.50 :-) All that couponing I didn't have to spend to much so it doesn't add up to give you a lot on the quarterly deals. I think I did alright with all the stuff I have gotten to make up for it! I was really hoping that I would get a 5/25 purchase coupon but it didn't print out. Oh well, just means I have to work out some really good deals for next week! I will get together a deal post and put it up tomorrow!

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