Monday, September 29, 2008


I want to take a moment to thank my grandparents for saving coupons for me. They gave me a huge stack yest. and I am excited to go through them tonight! The living room will be filled with coupons!!! It was great to see you yest. and I hope grandma is feelin geven better today. We had alot of fun talking with you!

Also a big thanks to my mom for the stack of coupons she has saved for me. I owe my coupon shopping habbits to me mom. She always (as far as I can remember) has clipped coupons and has instilled some very good financial habits in me. Thanks mom and dad for all you do for me and my kids! D and A were very excited at the bags of stuff. D got all of his work (school and chores) done as fast as he could to get to play with the Bakugan clips. I finally convinced A she could wait until tonight to take a bath with the Hannah Montana stuff!

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