Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Check out This!

Ok, Since I will be MIA for a couple of days make sure and check out the deals on she always has great things on her site.

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  1. Tiffany,
    I just got caught up on your blogs! Am I forgiven now?

    Okay, the day that you went dumpster diving....I declined your gracious offer to bond with you at the dumpster. Well, as you will recall my husband was at the park where you were diving at. And you know Barry, he can't be left out of anything. So, he brings home no coupons, 2 magazines that I already had and some other kind of nerd magazine that only he would read. At first, this kinda ticked me off....if you are gonna dumpster dive then do it right! But, I guess his heart was in the right place.
    Well, keep up the good work! I am going today to see what I can find at CVS. Talk to you tonight!