Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Long Could it Take???

Ok, so I got coupons last week from my little dumpster diving excursion and more this weekend from my grandparents and parents. Today I decided to cut them out and get it organized. I thought, How long could it really take... a couple hours at most. Well, lets just say I still haven't finished. Yes I have taken brakes here and there but still! They are all cut out but I still have quite a few to put in piles. Next mission is to go through my binder (which is already full) and weed out the expired stuff. I am also going to have to ad more divisions such as brands (esp in the make up division). I am thinking about going to an accordian style file folder.... we will see. My hand is red and my back is sore but the majority of the grunt work is complete. I am going back out to the stores on Thursday so I want everything in order and be ready to save plenty of money. I will say it is going to be slightly more difficult with out the $2/$10 from CVS but I refuse to lie to get the $3/15. I am working on some deals for Walgreens and hopefully will get up some proposed transactions tomorrow.

Take a look at my pics to see just how many coupons came from aprox. 50-55 coupon sections!
These are the ones that are sorted.

These still remain. :-)

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