Friday, October 10, 2008

WAGS 10/5 - 10/11

Ok guys sorry for the wait but this week has been filled. I have spent the past 2 days scanning a few hundred pics for a family dvd I am going to start working on. And when I say days I mean only stopping for food, sleep and the occasional break.

Trans 1

2 Scrubbing Bubbles sprays (2.50 ea)
1 Scrub Bubbles Foam (3.99)
2 Pledge Wipes (3.49 ea)
Hannah Montanna trading cards (clearance .99 ea)
Disney magnet (clearance .24)
Crest 6.4 oz (1.99)
Visine (3.99)
Glade scented oil refill (1.99 ea)
Windex (2.50)
Walgreens Candy (clearance .42)

2 off Visine Printable
2 off Visine Easy Saver
1 off Crest
1 off Crest Easy Saver
1.99 off Refill B2G1
2 off Pledge
1.50 off pledge
2 off Scrubb Bubbles spray
1 off Scrubb Bubbles Spray
2 off Foamer
2 off Widex
4.50 RR
4.50 RR

Total:5.87 OOP plus will send for 9.50 in rebates so really I made 3.63!!!

Trans 2
Glade Wisp (5.99)

-5 off Wisp

Total .99 OOP recieved 3 RR

Trans 3
Listerine Bonus pack (4.79)

-.50 EAsy Saver
- .50 MQ
-3 RR
Total: .79OOP

Trans 4

2 6pk fruit punch (1.00 ea)
4 Glade carpet and room powder (1.99 ea)
4 Glade 4oz candles (1.99 ea)
2 Lindt Dark Chocolate Bars (2.29 ea)
1 Pert Plus (3.49)
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom cleaner aerosol (2.50)
2 Crest 6.4 oz (1.99)
Scrubbing Bubbles auto shower cleaner (19.99)
Glade Wisp (5.99)

(4) -1 Glade Carpet powder
(4) -1 Glade 4 oz candle
-.75 Lindt
- 2.29 Lindt BOGO
(2) -1 Lindt easy saver
-2.50 Pert easy saver
- 1.50 Pert MQ
- 2 Scrubbing Bubbles aero
(2) -1 easy saver Crest
(2) -1 Crest MQ
-10 Scrubbing Bubbles auto shower cleaner
-5 Glade Wisp

Total 22.26 OOP recieved 3 RR and will claim rebate on $19 and got a rain check on the fresh brush toilet kits so I can get them when they get more at this week's sale price. I didn't know Wags would do rainchecks but they do !!! The only exclusion is on RR. Good to know for the future. This was really more than I wanted to spend but we are stocked up on cleaners now and I will get it back so it is not a bad deal. And now I get to try out the Auto Shower Cleaner!!!

Trans 5 (next day)

Went back to see if they had anymore of the Wisp candles but to no avail the truck had been unloaded but items not stocked...

2 Lindt Choco Bars (2.49 ea)
2 Oxy Face Cleaner pads (4.99 ea)
2 Glade Gel Refills (1.99 ea)
1 Box of mini Gummi Bears (2.33)

(2) -1 Lindt Easy Saver
-.75 Lindt
-2.49 BOGO Lindt
-1.50 Oxy printable
- 1 Oxy
(2) -1 Glade (on box of warmer)

Total: 6.87 OOP - (was supposed to use a 3RR from last night but realized at the checkout it was not in my wallet - found it in the car on the console when I came out of the store) not too bad though for the ozy stuff- my son uses it.

Trans 2 (this evening)

2 Lindt bars (2.49 ea)
2 Smart Rinse (4.50 ea)

(2) -1 Lindt Easy Sver Coupon
-2.49 Lindt MQ BOGO
-.75 Lindt MQ
(2) - .50 Smart Rinse
3 RR

Total 5.08 OOP and recieved 4.50 RR. My son uses the Smart Rinse so it really turned out to be a good deal. Unfortunately they did not get any glade or scrubbing bubbles on the truck today but I do have the rainchecks so I can go back when they do get more in.


  1. Tiffany,

    Here's a brand new giveaway community site. It's free. You can list your own giveaway or enter to win on that's listed.

  2. Thanks Tiffany, I did go back up to Walgreens and told them that I forgot to have the cashier scan the in ad coupon and they said 'no problem' and gave me back $1.63 so making that final purchase of mine only .81 - I have a great Walgreens about 20 miles away. The ones in the bigger city about an hour away are horrible and rude and don't ever want to help you out. It's amazing the difference. If I had to go to the one in the city, I would have just wrote it off because they would have look at me funny and made me feel horrible for even wasting their time for something like that. But the one in the small town, they are super nice and even if the coupons beep, they just try the coupons another way until they finally get them to go through. If they beep in the city, they tell me they won't work and hand them back to me. Amazes me that small town people are smarter than the others - LOL! Love your sight!

  3. LOL - I meant *site! I must be tired tonight.

  4. Thanks for visiting the site! I am glad things worked out for you Michelle!