Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Did this transaction thanks to ~ Coupon Nerd ~ . If you haven't checked out her blog you really should! She has some great ideas-BTW I am working on the signature thing- it is so cool!


1 Glade Refill twin pk (3.99)

1 Glade Fan (7.99)- about this- the tag said 6.99 so I went ahead and got the 2pk refill to meet the $10 but at the checkout it rang up 7.99 so I could have gotten the cheaper refill! Oh well I have credit on that one now :-)


-7.99BO refill GO unit

1.59 ECB


Total: .43 OOP and recieved 5 ECBs

would have done this again but couldn't find my coupon- found it after I got home so will try again on Thursday!
ALSO did this trans on my husband's card for my hubby:
1 pk Niccorette Gum 100 piece (39.99)
-25 CVS Nicorrette Gum from magic coupon machine
-10 from here
Total : 4.99 OOP (did not have any ECBs for his acct- should have done the energy drink at 4.99 with 4.99 ECBs and then this one (he drinks the energy drinks too) Oh well! Considering how expensive this is usually, this was a great deal!!!

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  1. Thanks for the mention girl!!!!!

    I am going to go today and look for more Glade, can a girl ever truely have enough? LOL

    p.s.- how is the signature coming?